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Garden of the Old Rugged Cross A-G
1591 Gadsden Highway
Birmingham Alabama 35235 Show map

Phone: 205-322-0543

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Garden of the Old Rugged Cross is a section of Jefferson Memorial Gardens East. Jefferson Memorial Gardens East is located on approximately 100 acres, several blocks of which fronts U. S. Highway 11 or Gadsden Highway. The cemetery was founded in 1949 and it is privately owned. It is an active cemetery providing resting places for some 650 citizens each year. It is well maintained and has a full time staff providing excellent care to those in need of their services. Only one section in the cemetery has above ground monuments. This transcription is a complete and accurate accounting of the legible markers in this section. This transcription was conducted by me during September, 2008. Information in parenthesis is from the monument itself while information in brackets has been supplied by the transcriber. If I can determine that a person is deceased and an obituary indicates they were buried here, I will add the death date in brackets or if buried elsewhere, I will try to provide that information as well.

-Carl W. Dykes

(Editor’s Notes: Items in quotation marks are from the memorial. Military information is from the memorial unless otherwise specified. Items in parenthesis have been added by the editor from other sources. U. S. Army enlistments are available but U. S. Navy and U. S. Marine Corps enlistments are not. If an ancestor served in either of these two branches, it would be hard to determine that to any certainty based on records currently available. There is some information available which is taken from the muster rolls of U. S. Carriers and Marine Detachments on some ships during the war but the data sometimes does not contain enough personal data to positively identify any individual unless there is some other corroborating evidence.)

Abbott, Floy Lu (West); b. (Jun 02)1904 d. (Feb 07)1996, w/o Worley Gaines Abbott, (d/o James F. West), (Native of Georgia)
Abbott, (Worley) Gaines; b. (Dec 07)1906 d. (Oct)1985, (s/o John Stanley Abbott)
Abercrombie, Grace Walker; b. May 17, 1907 d. Apr 16, 1992, w/o William Oscar Abercrombie, Jr.
Abercrombie, Mary Archie (Cummings); b. (Sep 10)1902 d. (Nov 14)1971, w/o Samuel Edward Abercrombie, (married Jun 09, 1926)
Abercrombie, Samuel (Edward); b. (Sep 26)1900 d. (Jun 13)1977, (s/o Isaac Alexander Abercrombie)
Abercrombie, William Oscar Jr.; b. Jul 25, 1910 d. Oct 09, 1998
Abts, David George; b. Dec 13, 1927 d. May 28, 2003, "Veteran of Korean War."
Abts, Luticia Jane; b. May 30, 1936 d. (living), w/o David George Abts, "Beloved Wife and Mother."
Acker, Frances L. (Scoggins); b. (Jun 05)1915 d. (Oct 24)1995, w/o Horace G. Acker
Acker, Horace G.; b. (Jun 30)1892 d. (Aug)1980, (s/o Brock Pelham Acker)
Adams, Houston Bernard; b. Jan 20, 1922 d. Jun 16, 1990, U. S. Air Force, WWII, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army Air Corps at Craig Field, Selma, AL on Nov 02, 1942)
Adams, Mildred (Elaine Hoyle); b. 1912 d. 1970, w/o Thomas Lee Adams
Adams, Thomas (Lee); b. (Jul 19)1904 d. (Oct 02)1994
Aderholt, Katie B.; b. (May 24)1895 d. (Oct)1982, "Our Mother."
Aders, Helen Dacus; b. (Apr 28)1916 d. (Dec 19)2002, w/o Henry Ford Aders
Aders, (Henry) Ford; b. (Jan 02)1916 d. (Mar)1987, (s/o Henry L. Aders)
Airhart, Thomas A.; b. Jun 13, 1920 d. Dec 10, 1966, "In Loving Memory."
Alexander, Irene S.; b. 1919 d. (living), w/o Joseph P. Alexander, "Eastern Star Symbol."
Alexander, Joseph P. "Joe" ; b. (Nov 12)1912 d. (Apr)1979, (s/o John H. Alexander)
Alexander, John C.; b. Nov 12, 1909 d. Nov 19, 1962, (s/o John H. Alexander)
Alexander, John H.; b. 1876 d. 1957
Alexander, Katie L.; b. (Mar 13)1913 d. (Mar 26)2002, w/o Samuel M. Alexander
Alexander, Margaret P.; b. 1886 d. 1977, w/o John H. Alexander
Alexander, Robert J.; b. Nov 19, 1936 d. Sep 17, 1963, In Loving Memory."
Alexander, Samuel M.; b. Jan 26, 1910 d. Aug 08, 1998, Technical Sergeant, U. S. Army, WWII, Purple Heart Medal
Anderson, John J. Rev.; b. (Dec 06)1932 d. (Oct)1967
Andrews, Geraldine G.; b. (May 17)1921 d. (Apr 16, 2009), w/o William G. Andrews
Andrews, John H. "Jack"; b. Apr 29, 1949 d. Apr 16, 1986
Andrews, Robert C.; b. (Jul 28)1924 d. (May)1972
Andrews, William G.; b. (Feb 15)1919 d. 1986
Angel, Lola J.; b. (Sep 10)1907 d. (Aug 29)1993, w/o Silas W. Angel
Angel, Silas W.; b. (Jun 16)1902 d. (Apr)1985, (Native of Florida)
Annello, Brenda G.; b. (Oct 20)1949 d. (Apr)1987
Anthony, Mary Denny; b. Sep 14, 1913 d. May 12, 1994
Archer, Kendra Kee; b. Jan 25, 1962 d. Nov 01, 1984
Arthur, Arvey (Robinson); b. Sep 29, 1908 d. May 25, 1994, w/o Robert C. Arthur
Arthur, Kathryn Arvey; b.& d. Oct 01, 1941, "Our Baby."
Arthur, Robert C.; b. (Nov 28)1908 d. (Dec)1970
Artz, Janet Sue; b. 1936 d. 1965
Atkins, Annie Mae (Green); b. Jan 10, 1894 d. Aug 21, 1993, (w/o Alonzo Roy Atkins)
Atkins, (Alonzo) Roy; b. (Jan 07)1897 d. (Feb 06)1959, (s/o William Matthew Atkins), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL), (Native of Mississippi)
Atkins, Macey (Ledbetter); b. Aug 21, 1917 d. Aug 17, 2000, (w/o Robert L. Atkins)
Atkins, Robert L.; b. Mar 09, 1919 d. Nov 19, 2000, Motor Machinist Mate Third Class, U. S. Navy, WWII
Atkins, Voncile B.; b. (Feb 13)1923 d. (Mar)1976, "Eastern Star Symbol."
Badger, Ruby Aileen; b. 1928 d. 1968, "In Loving Memory."
Baggett, Mack E.; b. Jan 12, 1928 d. Nov 21, 1987
Bailey, Herman M. "Buck."; b. (Dec 04)1910 d. (Mar 04)1990
Bailey, Lois A.; b. (Mar 04)1915 d. (Oct 03)1989, w/o Herman M. Bailey
Baker, Bertha Jane "Bert" "Corn"; b. Dec 18, 1936 d. Aug 11, 2008, w/o Glenn E. Baker, (d/o Ed Corn), (Career with Southern Company Services)
Baker, Glenn E.; b. Feb 12, 1931 d. (living)
Baker, Robert Lee; b. Dec 17, 1900 d. Jul 10, 1968, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Shelby County, AL)
Baker, Wylline Webb; b. Apr 24, 1907 d. Feb 18, 1999, w/o Robert Lee Baker
Baldwin, Geraldine W.; b. Jun 16, 1926 d. Jul 02, 1990, w/o Lester G. Baldwin, "In Loving Memory."
Baldwin, Henry (Grady); b. Apr 08, 1890 d. Aug 04, 1959, (s/o Clifford Baldwin), Alabama, Private First Class, MG Company, 321st Infantry, (U. S. Army), WWI, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL)
Baldwin, Julia S.; b. Apr 04, 1905 d. Jun 17, 1986, w/o Henry Grady Baldwin, "Precious Memory."
Baldwin, Lester G.; b. Apr 18, 1920 d. Oct 30, 1984, Senior Master Sergeant, U. S. Air Force, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army Air Corps at Fort McPherson, Georgia on Dec 06, 1941), "In Loving Memory."
Ballard, Ruby Price; b. May 04, 1909 d. Dec 24, 1973
Ballenger, Alberta (Wright); b. Feb 19, 1916 d. Apr 30, 1999, w/o Preston Eugene Ballenger, married Jul 21, 1934
Ballenger, Billy Wayne; b. Nov 17, 1946 d. Jul 20, 1998, (s/o Preston Eugene Ballenger)
Ballenger, Nancy Emma (Spreight); b. (Jun 08)1893 d. (Dec 07)1984, w/o Robert Deward Ballenger,( married May 10, 1911), (Native of Georgia)
Ballenger, Preston (Eugene); b. Apr 21, 1915 d. Sep 20, 2004, (s/o Robert Duard Ballenger), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Apr 22, 1941), (Native of Georgia)
Ballenger, Robert (Duard); b. (Nov 27)1891 d. (Oct 05)1974, (s/o Robert Albert Ballenger), (Native of Georgia)
Ballman, Howard L.; b. (Apr 28)1923 d. (Mar 09)1998, "Masonic Symbol.", (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Indianapolis, Indiana on Apr 12, 1946), (Native of Indiana)
Ballman, Mildred ( C. Hite); b. 1922 d. 1972, w/o Howard L. Ballman, (d/o William C. Hite)
Barber, (Aaron) Arthur; b. (Dec 15)1887 d. (May 04)1962, (s/o Moses F. Barber)
Barber, Grace (Norred); b. (Apr 10)1903 d. (Jul)1975, w/o Aaron Arthur Barber
Barber, Louise S.; b. 1923 d. 1964, "Beloved Mother."
Barksdale, Burrell; b. Aug 18, 1891 d. Apr 14, 1959, (s/o Robert C. Barksdale), Alabama, Private, 323rd Infantry, (U. S. Army), WWI, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Limestone County, AL)
Barksdale, Margaret B (Mulholland).; b. (Jun 28)1919 d. (Jul 02)2002, w/o Wesley B. Barksdale, married Jul 13, 1941, Jefferson County, AL), (d/o Thomas A. Mulholland)
Barksdale, Ellen C.; b. Oct 28, 1920 d. (living), w/o John W. Barksdale
Barksdale, John W.; b. Oct 23, 1919 d. Mar 03, 1978
Barksdale, Minnie B. (Lindsey); b. 1896 d. 1967, w/o Burrell Barksdale
Barksdale, Wesley B.; b. Oct 02, 1918 d. Jul 29, 2003, (s/o Burrell Barksdale), U. S. Army, WWII
Barnett, Charles L. Sr. Dr.; b. Nov 09, 1929 d. Sep 25, 1985, "Seal of the Presbyterian Church."
Barnett, Jewell Gravette; b. Sep 13, 1924 d. (living), w/o Phelan T. Barnett Jr., "Beloved Wife and Mother."
Barnett, Leota L.(Ollie); b. (Jul 04)1908 d. (May)1985, w/o Terry R. Barnett
Barnett, Peggy Bryant; b. Apr 04, 1933 d. Oct 29, 2009, w/o Charles L. Barnett, Sr., "Seal of the Presbyterian Church."
Barnett, Phelan T. Jr.; b. Nov 11, 1924 d. (living), Radioman First Class, U. S. Navy
Barnett, Terry R.; b. (Dec 22)1908 d. d. (Jul 17)1994
Bass, Betty C.; b. Mar 21, 1928 d. (living), w/o Oron L. Bass Sr., married Nov 24, 1945, "Eastern Star Symbol."
Bass, Oron L. Sr.; b. Apr 26, 1926 d. Jun 11, 2002, "Masonic Symbol."
Baswell, Thomas (Lee) "Tom"; b. Feb 21, 1894 d. Aug 26, 1965, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Etowah County, AL)
Bates, George W.; b. Oct 24, 1908 d. Jun 20, 1958
Bates, Mary V.; b. Apr 03, 1912 d. Dec 31, 2007, w/o George W. Bates
Baty, Ethel Nix; b. Apr 29, 1925 d. Feb 28, 2000, w/o Thomas Olen Baty, "In God’s Care."
Baty, Thomas Olen; b. Apr 04, 1919 d. Nov 20, 1995, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Aug 17, 1944), "In God’s Care."
Baysinger, Luella Cheshire; b. Sep 02, 1904 d. Jan 23, 1973
Beasley, Beverly Ann; b.& d. Jun 02, 1962, "Our Baby."
Beason, Conrad (Ray); b. Jun 20, 1937 d. Oct 27, 1995, (s/o L. E. Beason), U. S. Army, (Career in Electronics)
Beaty, Delilah (Kathryn Ingram); b. (Oct 19)1901 d. (Mar 10)1980, w/o Eugene McKinley Beaty, married Jun 09, 1927, Jefferson County, AL)
Beaty, Eugene (McKinley); b. (Mar 09)1900 d. 1990
Beavers, James David; b. Nov 23, 1931 d. Jun 06, 1973, Alabama, Sergeant, U. S. Army, Retired, Korea, Vietnam
Beck, Russell K.; b. Apr 25, 1932 d. Nov 29, 1996, "Masonic Symbol."
Beckett, Donna K.; b. Oct 04, 1944 d. (living), w/o Thomas E. Beckett Jr., married Aug 30, 1968
Beckett, Thomas E. Jr.; b. Sep 11, 1943 d. Feb 15, 2008
Belcher, Bertha (V. Smith); b. Jun 24, 1900 d. Sep 07, 1979, w/o James Ross Belcher
Belcher, James Ross; b. Feb 25, 1896 d. Oct 13, 1972, (s/o Wesley Isaiah Belcher), Alabama, Private, U. S. Army, WWI, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL)
Bell, Arthur (Miller); b. (Mar 22, 1884)1885 d. 1961, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL)
Bell, Barbara (Clark); b. Jun 01, 1927 d. Apr 17, 1999, w/o Willie G. Bell, (Native of England)
Bell, Mabel Dean (Harper); b. May 16, 1921 d. Nov 05, 1996, w/o Patrick V. Bell
Bell, Patrick V.; b. Nov 26, 1905 d. Mar 09, 1978, U. S. Navy, WWII
Bell, Tennie H.; b. 1883 d. 1971, w/o Arthur M. Bell, (Native of Tennessee)
Bell, Willie G.; b. Oct 12, 1921 d. (living)
Bentley, Alfred (Monroe); b. (Apr 03)1911 d. (Jan 08)1957, (s/o Howard M. Bentley)
Bentley, Dorothy V.; b. (Jul 17)1934 d. (Feb 09)2005, w/o James A. Bentley
Bentley, Howard M.; b. 1886 d. 1962, (s/o Simon J. Bentley)
Bentley, James A.; b. (May 08)1928 d. (Apr 21)2006
Bentley, Mabel G.; b. (Mar 11)1912 d. (Dec 07)1995, w/o Alfred Monroe Bentley
Bentley, Myrtice (Florence Armstrong); b. 1888 d. 1961, w/o Howard M. Bentley, (d/o William Armstrong)
Berry, Carrie Anderson; b. Jan 02, 1888 d. Oct 07, 1957, "Beloved Mother."
Berry, James Thomas; b. Dec 15, 1914 d. Jun 25, 1982, First Sergeant, 476th AAA Bn, U. S. Army, WWII, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Dec 11, 1942)
Berry, Virginia B.; b. Apr 12, 1927 d. (living), w/o William Edward Berry, "Beloved Wife and Mother."
Berry, William Edward; b. Oct 13, 1926 d. Apr 29, 1997, (s/o Cyler Cleo Berry), U. S. Navy, WWII
Berry, Winifred Barber; b. Feb 19, 1921 d. (Dec 16, 1996), (Death date is from the Social Security Death Data Base)
Bevill, Betty S.; b. Dec 23, 1932 d. (living), w/o Edward C. Bevill
Bevill, Edward C.; b. Oct 19, 1930 d. May 27, 1996
Blackwell, Kathy Lee; b. Apr 07, 1956 d. Apr 08, 1956
Blackwell, Ray E.; b. Nov 20, 1926 d. Oct 23, 2003
Blackwell, Ruby L.; b. 1923 d. 1959
Bolton, Mary R.; b. (Dec 11)1914 d. (Nov)1981, "In Loving Memory."
Bonner, Alta Lorraine; b. May 13, 1922 d. Dec 13, 1990, w/o Reagan Edward Bonner Jr., "Beloved Wife and Mother."
Bonner, James Guy; b. Jun 10, 1956 d. Jun 08, 1992, "Loving Son."
Bonner, Reagan Edward Jr.; b. Dec 16, 1917 d. Aug 01, 2007, U. S. Army, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McPherson, GA on Oct 11, 1944), "Beloved Husband and Father."
Bookout, John (Steven); b. (Apr 28)1912 d. (May 15)1997
Bookout, Mae Ellen; b. 1914 d. (living), w/o John Steven Bookout
Boone, Ella Mae; b. (Nov 20)1913 d. (Jan 02)2005, w/o Johnny E. Boone
Boone, Johnny E.; b. (Nov 06)1919 d. (Jan)1991, "Masonic Symbol."
Bostick, Richard H.; b. (Dec 10)1949 d. (Jun)1992, "Masonic Symbol."
Bowen, Edna Mae (White); b. Feb 13, 1919 d. Mar 08, 1988, w/o Norman Eugene Bowen, Corporal, U. S. Army, WWII, (Enlisted in the Women’s Army Corps at Fort McClellan, AL on Feb 18, 1943)
Bowen, Norman (Eugene); b. Jun 27, 1917 d. Jan 17, 1998, (s/o Marvin Eugene Bowen), Technician Fourth Grade, U. S. Army, WWII, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Jan 08, 1941)
Bowers, Bonnie S.; b. 1928 d. (living), w/o Eligha S. Bowers Jr.
Bowers, Eligha S. Jr.; b. (Apr 01)1921 d. (Jul)1981
Bowman, Josephine P.; b. Aug 15, 1925 d. Dec 27, 1988, w/o Wesley C. Bowman, "Beloved Wife."
Bowman, Wesley C.; b. Apr 19, 1921 d. Dec 14, 1990, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Jul 20, 1942), "Beloved Husband."
Boyd, Rhonda Coggins; b. Dec 11, 1960 d. May 20, 1993, "We Love You."
Bradford, Lisala T.; b. Feb 13, 1912 d. Jul 09, 1997, w/o Paul E. Bradford
Bradford, Paul E.; b. Sep 02, 1912 d. Jun 11, 1999, "Masonic Symbol."
Bradley, Dortha M. (Payne); b. 1921 d. (living), w/o James Virgil Bradley, (married Nov 03, 1940)
Bradley, James (Virgil); b. (Apr 08)1918 d. (Nov 17)1994, (s/o James Albert Bradley)
Brand, Charles Wayne; b. May 07, 1944 d. Apr 04, 2001, "This is a day which the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it."
Brand, Linda Brown; b. Feb 23, 1948 d. (living), w/o Charles Wayne Brand
Bray, Georgia R.; b. (Jan 22)1892 d. (Mar)1976
Braswell, (Lottie) Mae (Parsons); b. (Jan 16)1908 d. (Feb 24)2001, w/o Stanley F. Braswell, (d/o Thomas Greeley Parsons), "Mother."
Braswell, (Lowell) Ross; b. (May 12)1940 d. (Mar 30)1993, s/o Stanley F. Braswell, "Son."
Braswell, Stanley F.; b. (Nov 25)1907 d. (May)1957, "Masonic Symbol."
Brewer, Annie R.; b. Jun 04, 1934 d. May 02, 2002, "Beloved Wife, Mother and Grandmother."
Brewer, Benjamin E.; b. (Apr 03)1886 d. (Jun)1975
Brewer, Gwynn P.; b. 1931 d. (living), w/o Max R. Brewer
Brewer, Leola "Buster"; b. 1894 d. 1966, w/o Benjamin E. Brewer
Brewer, Max R.; b. (Jul 27)1930 d. (Oct 05)1996
Brinson, (Robert) Charles; b. Oct 23, 1889 d. Aug 24, 1961, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jenkins County, GA) (Native of North Carolina), "Pop."
Brinson, Sarah M.; b. Jan 07, 1897 d. Feb 21, 1984, w/o R. Charles Brinson, "Mom."
Brinson, William J.; b. Jul 02, 1893 d. Mar 20, 1977, U. S. Army
Broome, Alene (Harbin); b. Sep 10, 1923 d. Mar 31, 2006, w/o Robert Earl Broome, (d/o Floyd G. Harbin)
Broome, Hestel G.; b. Aug 03, 1923 d. (living), w/o Otis Lee Broome
Broome, Otis Lee; b. Mar 14, 1920 d. Jun 03, 1993, (s/o Everett Lewis Broome), "Masonic Symbol."
Broome, Robert (Earl); b. Sep 30, 1925 d. Feb 17, 2005, (s/o Everett Lewis Broome)
Brown, Barney R.; b. (Oct 16)1916 d. (Aug 16)2000
Brown, Dewey A.; b. 1905 d. 1960, "In Loving Memory."
Brown, E. Wayne Jr.; b. Dec 15, 1959 d. Apr 16, 2004, "Beloved Son."
Brown, Henry D.; b. Nov 17, 1917 d. Oct 21, 2008, "Loving Husband and Father."
Brown, Lola M.; b. (Aug 30)1901 d. (Jun 09)1999, w/o Dewey A. Brown, "In Loving Memory."
Brown, Lucille T.; b. Mar 15, 1920 d. May 01, 2003, w/o Henry D. Brown, "Loving Wife and Mother."
Brown, (Elmina) "Mina" Peterson; b. (Apr 04)1914 d. (Jul 18)2009, w/o Barney R. Brown
Brown, Phyliss I.; b. (May 14)1950 d. (Nov)1985, (Native of Ohio)
Brown, Shawn Joseph; b. Mar 27, 1971 d. Mar 30, 1989
Bryan, James R. Jr. "Bud"; b. Dec 29, 1940 d. Jan 21, 1997
Bryan, Robert Weston; b. Sep 19, 1901 d. Mar 01, 1979
Bryant, Forest Lanelle; b. 1914 d. 1965
Bunch, Eleanor Head; b. May 28, 1918 d. Sep 23, 1972
Burch, Ruth H.; b. 1916 d. (living), w/o Willard S. Burch
Burch, Willard S.; b. (Apr 10)1910 d. (May)1986, (Native of Mississippi)
Burdick, Harold; b. (Jun 01)1919 d. (Oct 13)1989
Burke, Bertha K.; b. Aug 11, 1915 d. Dec 27, 1995, w/o Emmett O. Burke
Burke, Emmett O.; b. Dec 29, 1910 d. Jun 21, 1957
Burns, Claudie R.; b. Mar 05, 1912 d. May 01, 1997
Burns, Ruby L.; b. Nov 29, 1913 d. Jan 31, 1997, w/o Claudie R. Burns
Bush, (Oren Alexander) "Alex"; b. (Sep 19)1893 d. (Aug 10)1970, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL), (Native of South Carolina)
Bush, Claude (Alexander); b. (Aug 14)1914 d. (Jul 28)1995, (s/o Oren Alexander Bush)
Bush, Hazel B. (Johnson); b. (Oct 03)1921 d. (Feb 24)1988, w/o Claude Alexander Bush, (Native of Georgia)
Bush, Nevada (Lee Hale); b. (Feb 28)1895 d. (Sep)1979, w/o Oren Alexander Bush, (married Nov 26, 1913, Birmingham, AL), (d/o John H. Hale), (Native of Georgia)
Bush, William (Lee); b. Oct 01, 1888 d. Jan 06, 1956, Alabama, Sergeant First Class, Camp Hospital 110, (U. S. Army), WWI
Butler, Howard J.; b. Aug 24, 1929 d. Jul 31, 2001
Butler, Walter; b. Aug 03, 1919 d. Dec 19, 1991
Butts, George (Warren); b. 1901 d. (Jul 13)1959, (s/o Joseph Dallas Butts), (Native of Mississippi)
Bynum, Fred (Lee); b. (Feb 14)1919 d. (Jun 08)2009, (s/o Fred Otto Bynum)
Bynum, Virginia (Eades); b. (Jul 24)1917 d. (Dec 02)1974, w/o Fred Lee Bynum
Caldwell, Louise "Lula"; b. 1895 d. 1966, w/o Thomas F. Caldwell
Caldwell, Thomas F.; b. Sep 28, 1900 d. Apr 05, 1964, Alabama, Corporal, U. S. Army, WWI
Calhoun, Ernette Cantrell; b. Dec 27, 1934 d. (living), w/o Thomas Edwin Calhoun, married Sep 04, 1953
Calhoun, Thomas Edwin; b. Sep 19, 1927 d. Jun 02, 2007
Calvin, Susan McDowell; b. Jul 14, 1961 d. (living), w/o Walter D. Calvin, "Together in Christ."
Calvin, Walter D.; b. Feb 17, 1946 d. Dec 11, 1995
Camp, William Alton; b. Dec 23, 1930 d. Apr 09, 1960
Campbell, Elbert J.; b. Jan 31, 1911 d. Feb 26, 1982
Campbell, Gary Louis; b. Apr 24, 1946 d. Aug 14, 1993, Specialist Fourth Class, U. S. Army, Vietnam
Campbell, Mary Etress; b. Jan 14, 1920 d. Nov 07, 1997, w/o Elbert J. Campbell
Canas, Anthony Phillip "Tony"; b. Feb 10, 1962 d. Nov 23, 1988
Candresse, Kathryn Mayo; b. May 29, 1953 d. Aug 07, 2008, (w/o Thierry Candresse), (d/o John C. Mayo), (Career as Researcher and teacher in Microbiology at The University of Bordeaux, France)
Cantley, Allyne M.; b. Apr 25, 1913 d. Jun 06, 1974, w/o Robert J. Cantley
Cantley, Robert J.; b. Oct 06, 1911 d. May 01, 1987
Capps, Charlotte (Marquess); b. Feb 20, 1951 d. Mar 11, 2000, (w/o Michael D. Capps), (d/o Jim Marquess), "In Loving Memory of Our Wife and Mother."
Caraway, Elvin B.; b. 1912 d. 1957
Carden, Mary Lynn; b. May 22, 1965 d. Oct 17, 1983, "Our Precious Angel."
Carnes, Infant; b.& d. Jul 29, 1961
Carnes, Laura M.; b. (Aug 12)1879 d. (Jun 15)1970, "Beloved Mother."
Carr, Evelyn H.; b. (Dec 14)1907 d. (Jun)1986, w/o George W. Carr
Carr, George Douglas; b. Feb 22, 1932 d. Jul 28, 1979, U. S. Army, Korea
Carr, George W.; b. (Dec 27)1903 d. (Dec)1970
Carr, James (Christopher); b. (Dec 24)1885 d. (Nov)1976, (s/o Robert Bryant Carr), Sergeant, U. S. Army
Carroll, Joseph H.; b. Sep 17, 1888 d. Nov 12, 1976, (s/o Joel T. Carroll), "Papa."
Carroll, Minnie L.; b. Aug 10, 1893 d. Feb 01, 1988, w/o Joseph H. Carroll
Carroll, Nellie Y.; b. Aug 31, 1899 d. Jul 26, 1973, w/o Paul Jones Carroll
Carroll, Paul Jones; b. Jul 25, 1897 d. Nov 14, 1962, Alabama, Private, U. S. Army, WWI, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL)
Carson, Bertram (Lee); b. (Jul 01)1918 d. (May)1969, (s/o Bertram Leigh Carson), "Loving Parents."
Carson, Charlie Frances (King); b. (Aug 26)1918 d. (Jan 07)2005, w/o Bertram Lee Carson, (Native of Mississippi)
Carter, Henry Lee; b. Jul 23, 1927 d. May 30, 1971
Carter, Inez Virginia; b. Nov 20, 1927 d. Sep 26, 2005, w/o Henry L. Carter
Carter, Mary Jo; b. Aug 06, 1949 d. (living), w/o Maxwell B. Carter
Carter, Maxwell B.; b. Jan 03, 1947 d. Dec 11, 2004
Carter, Wilma Cofield; b. Feb 16, 1930 d. Oct 26, 2008
Cash, Dora (Estelle Black); b. Nov 21, 1898 d. Jul 14, 1988, w/o Orien H. Cash, (married Jun 02, 1920, Jefferson County, AL), (d/o John Hugh Black), "Eastern Star Symbol."
Cash, Michael A.; b.& d. Apr 02, 1954
Cash, (Harvey) Orien; b. Aug 16, 1898 d. Feb 13, 1975, (s/o Colquitt Columbus Cash), "Masonic Symbol.", (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL)
Casper, Dale (Leonard).; b. (Mar 08)1920 d. (Mar 30)1963, (s/o John Casper), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army Air Corps at Fort Crook, NB on Jan 09, 1942), (Native of Nebraska), "In Loving Memory."
Cazer, Mark Alan; b. Nov 05, 1961 d. Jun 09, 1984
Chandler, Robert L.; b. (May 28)1903 d. (Dec)1984
Chandler, Vera; b. 1919 d. 1971, w/o Robert L. Chandler
Chappell, John (Edgar) Jr.; b. Jul 17, 1918 d. Feb 17, 1956, (s/o John Edgar Chappell Sr.), Alabama, Corporal, 808 Air Engineer Squadron, U. S. Army Air Corps, WWII, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Apr 26, 1945)
Chappelle, Howard; b. 1908 d. 1964
Chappelle, Lois G.; b. (Jul 02)1904 d. (Jun)1987, w/o Howard Chappelle
Chavers, Lena W.; b. (May 06)1927 d. (Sep 07)1989, w/o Thomas W. Chavers
Chavers, Thomas W.; b. (Sep 25)1919 d. (Oct)1981
Cheshire, Marie E.; b. Feb 20, 1925 d. Jan 31, 2010, "Loving Wife and Mother."
Cheshire, Robert A. Sr.; b. Jan 24, 1876 d. Apr 28, 1957, Alabama, Private, Company M, 5th U. S. Volunteer Infantry, Spanish American War
Clay, Mary Ollie; b. (May 18)1914 d. (Jan 23)1997, w/o William E. Clay Sr.
Clay, William E. Sr.; b. (Dec 04)1904 d. (Jan)1985, (s/o Murphy Clay)
Click, Hazel W.; b. (Oct 16, 1897)1898 d. (Mar)1974, "Our Beloved Mother."
Clifton, Alma (Aliene Hickman); b. 1895 d. 1965, w/o Henry Bass Clifton, Sr., (Native of Georgia), "In Loving Memory."
Clifton, Henry (Bass) Sr.; b. (Feb 09)1891 d. (Dec 09)1978, (s/o James Thomas Clifton), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL)
Clifton, "Lula" (Maude Haigler); b. (Aug 28)1921 d. (Dec)1985, "In Loving Memory."
Cline, A. Marie "Mamaw"; b. Mar 31, 1938 d. Jun 08, 1998
Cobb, Harry (Lee); b. (Jul 21)1903 d. (Nov 11)1960, (s/o James Marion Cobb)
Coggins, Floyd E.; b. Oct 13, 1930 d. Jul 28, 1957
Coggins, Mary S.; b. (Sep 12, 1899)1898 d. (Sep 25)1987, w/o Walter F. Coggins Sr.
Coggins, (Audrey) Nadine G.; b. (Nov 30)1929 d. (Oct 15)1994, w/o Walter F. Coggins Jr.
Coggins, Walter F. Jr.; b. (Jun 11)1928 d. (Apr)1983
Coggins, Walter F. Sr.; b. (Jan 06)1888 d. (Mar)1969
Coggins, William H.; b. Jun 05, 1939 d. Apr 08, 1971, Tennessee, Seaman, U. S. Navy
Cole, (Captain) C. "Cap."; b. Sep 27, 1892 d. May 15, 1972, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in DeKalb County, AL)
Cole, Emily B.; b. Aug 08, 1917 d. Feb 06, 1997, w/o Jack Cole
Cole, Harriett (Augusta Jackson); b. Oct 20, 1894 d. Aug 11, 1994, w/o Captain C. Cole
Cole, Irene; b. 1913 d. 2002, w/o Tom W. Cole, "Home At Last."
Cole, Jack; b. May 16, 1917 d. (living)
Cole, Tom W.; b. 1904 d. 1986
Coleman, Barbara (Burns); b. (Jul 22)1916 d. (Feb 13)2003, w/o John D. Coleman, "Eastern Star Symbol."
Coleman, Claude (Kerneth); b. (Sep 29)1897 d. (Oct)1973, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Marion County, AL)
Coleman, John D.; b. (Jun 17)1909 d. (Nov)1980, "Masonic Symbol."
Coleman, Willie Lou; b. (Sep 16)1901 d. (Nov)1982, w/o Claude K. Coleman
Collett, Ann C. Pogue; b. 1945 d. 1989, "Beloved Wife and Mother."
Collins, Homer R.; b. 1905 d. 1963, (s/o Thomas C. Collins), (Native of Tennessee)
Collins, Lola M.; b. (Apr 18)1906 d. (Oct 28)1995, w/o Ray T. Collins
Collins, Loretta (Higginbotham); b. Jul 02, 1910 d. Sep 19, 1996, w/o Homer R. Collins
Collins, Ray T.; b. (Nov 29)1907 d. (Feb 14)1997
Colvin, Beatrice C.; b. (Nov 13, 1903)1901 d. (Oct)1982, w/o Henry Clay Colvin
Colvin, Henry (Clay Jr.); b. (Jun 11)1896 d. (Apr)1971, (Henry Clay Colvin Sr.)
Cook, Annice W.; b. Oct 01, 1886 d. Jan 06, 1963, w/o Raymond C. Cook, "Mama."
Cook, Martha E.; b. 1930 d. (living), w/o Preston E. Cook, married Mar 31, 1949
Cook, Melvin R.; b. Apr 15, 1917 d. Mar 11, 1998, U. S. Army
Cook, Peggy Hall; b. May 25, 1957 d. Dec 02, 2001, "Beloved Wife and Mother.", "Endless Love."
Cook, Preston E.; b. (Sep 27)1919 d. (Jun 26)1984, (s/o James E. Cook)
Cook, Raymond C.; b. Aug 06, 1886 d. Jun 17, 1962, "Daddy."
Cooper, Almath (Quentin); b. (Jul 13)1921 d. (Jan 29)1983, (s/o Joseph Monroe Cooper), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army Air Corps at Fort McPherson, GA on Dec 29, 1943)
Cooper, Ava F.; b. 1922 d. (living), w/o Almath Quentin Cooper
Cooper, Dalton W.; b. Aug 12, 1918 d. Aug 04, 1984, Private First Class, U. S. Army, WWII, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Sep 09, 1941)
Cooper, Earl L.; b. Apr 21, 1905 d. Dec 30, 1956, Alabama, Corporal, 20th Depot Supply Squadron, U. S. Army Air Corps, WWII
Corley, Agnes Galloway; b. Mar 20, 1916 d. Nov 02, 1967, w/o Jasper Lawrence Corley, "Home With God."
Corley, Clara Cain; b. Oct 01, 1920 d. Jan 21, 2008, "God Is My Salvation."
Corley, Jasper Lawrence; b. Oct 07, 1912 d. May 18, 1992, "God’s Faithful Servant."
Corley, Lindsay Lawrence; b. Sep 26, 1974 d. May 13, 1979, "Our Very Precious Loving Son."
Cornelius, Frances R.; b. (Sep 03)1930 d. (Jan 27)2007, w/o James E. Cornelius
Cornelius, James E.; b. (Sep 24)1929 d. (Sep 17)2001
Corvin, Jerry Wayne; b. Mar 27, 1952 d. Feb 15, 2001, "In Loving Memory."
Coshatt, (Loyd) John T. "Tom"; b. Oct 06, 1920 d. Nov 14, 1988, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on May 12, 1943)
Coshatt, Minnie L.; b. Dec 12, 1920 d. Feb 20, 1999, w/o Loyd John T. Coshatt
Cosselman, Elizabeth; b. 1886 d. 1958
Coulter, Helena M.; b. 1890 d. 1965, w/o John L. Coulter
Coulter, John (Lewis); b. (Mar 23)1881 d. 1960, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Etowah County, AL)
Coulter, Ronald Lewis P.E.; b. Jan 23, 1923 d. (living)
Coulter, Virginia Mae; b. Dec 11, 1923 d. Jul 01, 2007, w/o Ronald Lewis Coulter, married Aug 22, 1942
Courtney, Hiram Douglas "Beau"; b. Sep 01, 1965 d. Dec 13, 2005, "Nothing is impossible with God." Luke 1:37, "If you believe you will receive whatever you ask for a prayer." Matt 21:22
Crabtree, Lee E.; b. Aug 02, 1922 d. Oct 07, 1973, Oklahoma, Master Sergeant, U. S. Army Reserve, WWII, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Tulsa, OK on Nov 18, 1942)
Craiger, Debra K.; b. Jan 18, 1956 d. Jul 26, 1995
Crawford, Lorine W.; b. 1907 d. 1957, w/o Thomas B. Crawford
Crawford, Thomas B.; b. (Apr 19)1901 d. (Feb)1971
Crenshaw, Helene P.; b. (Mar 23)1917 d. (Aug 03)1988, w/o Joseph E. Crenshaw
Crenshaw, Joseph E.; b. (Dec 27)1910 d. (Apr 26, 1995), (Native of Texas)
Crider, Celia T.; b. (Apr 03)1911 d. (Sep 12)1998, w/o Arthur L. Crider
Crider, Arthur L.; b. (Feb 18)1909 d. (Oct 23)1997
Crim, Alice (Vernon); b. Jul 16, 1926 d. May 22, 1994, w/o Charles H. Crim
Crim, Charles (Henry); b. May 27, 1926 d. Oct 01, 2003, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McPherson, GA on Oct 13, 1944)
Crocker, Ella F.; b. Jul 25, 1890 d. Aug 26, 1966
Crocker, Owen L.; b. (Dec 10)1905 d. (Mar)1974
Crocker, Myrtle E.; b. (Aug 29)1906 d. (Sep)1986, w/o Owen L. Crocker
Crow, Morris Bradford; b. Mar 03, 1965 d. Sep 22, 1998, "Our beloved son Brad."
Crump, Dwight (Alexander); b. Dec 17, 1915 d. Mar 14, 2002
Crump, Vonnie Lee ("Jewell" McMahan); b. Dec 31, 1915 d. Nov 30, 1999, w/o Dwight Alexander Crump, married Jul 24, 1937, (d/o Ossie Bernard McMahan)
Curl, Effie (Frances Jones); b. (Feb 03)1914 d. (May)1962, w/o Joseph Washington Curl Jr., (married Aug 31, 1931, Jefferson County, AL), (d/o John William Jones), "Beloved Mother."
Curl, Joseph (Washington Jr.); b. (Nov 25)1911 d. (Dec)1962, (s/o Joseph Washington Curl Sr.) "Beloved Father."
Cushen, Alvin G.; b. (Nov 28)1914 d. (Apr)1966
Cushen, Dorothy A.; b. (Jun 07)1920 d. (Apr 21)1988, w/o Alvin G. Cushen
Cushen, James Alvin; b. (Jul 13)1942 d. (Mar)1986
Cushen, Sharyn Brown; b. 1945 d. (living), w/o James Alvin Cushen
Cushen, William H.; b. Mar 10, 1925 d. Feb 13, 1991, Pattern Maker Second Class, U. S. Navy, WWII
Dahlke, Bonnie Jean; b.& d. Sep 29, 1954, "The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord." Job 1:21
Dahlke, (Mary) Kathryn A.; b. (Aug 08)1921 d. (Feb 23)2002, w/o Paul O. Dahlke
Dahlke, Lynn A.; b. Jul 05, 1949 d. Dec 22, 2002
Dahlke, Paul O.; b. (Jun 21)1921 d. (Oct)1987, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army Air Corps at Fort McClellan, AL on Sep 16, 1942)
Daniel, Earl (Edgar); b. (Oct 14)1902 d. (Dec 03)1976
Daniel, James W. Sr.; b. May 22, 1914 d. Jul 19, 1994, "Our beloved Husband, Father and Grandfather."
Daniel, "Ricky"; b. Jun 22, 1957 d. Mar 27, 1975, "Our beloved son and brother."
Daniels, Hattie Alma; b. Jul 08, 1907 d. Aug 22, 1979, "In Loving Memory."
Darby, (Esther) Ethel (Jackson); b. Dec 03, 1895 d. Oct 28, 1983, w/o Seltzer Darby, (married Aug 18, 1918, Montgomery County, AL)
Darby, Seltzer; b. Oct 02, 1880 d. Aug 09, 1957, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Montgomery County, AL
Davey, Audrey Beason; b. Feb 29, 1912 d. Sep 05, 1986, w/o Stanley Gordon Davey, "Beloved Wife and Mother."
Davey, Stanley Gordon; b. Jul 31, 1898 d. Apr 29, 1978, U. S. Marine Corps, WWI & WWII
Davis, Emma (Midori Robinson); b. Jan 10, 1925 d. Nov 27, 2004, (d/o William John Robinson), (Native of Japan), "Gone Home.", "Beloved Mother and Grandmother."
Davis, Ernest Lane Jr.; b. Jul 18, 1917 d. Jun 20, 1981, U. S. Marine Corps, WWII
Davis, Ernest Lane Sr.; b. (Jun 18)1894 d. (Oct)1968, (s/o James Ardit Davis), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Shelby County, AL)
Davis, Fred T.; b. May 09, 1913 d. Jan 28, 1998, "Peppy."
Davis, Gloria Fix; b. Oct 09, 1936 d. (living), w/o Marshall Ray Davis
Davis, Gracie C.; b. Apr 01, 1917 d. (living), w/o Fred T. Davis, "Mamoo."
Davis, James O.; b. Dec 02, 1948 d. Jun 22, 1999
Davis, Louis W.; b. Apr 13, 1916 d. Jan 03, 1979
Davis, Marshall Ray; b. May 09, 1933 d. Nov 19, 1993
Davis, Nora L. "Sue"; b. 1912 d. 1986, w/o Thomas Jefferson Davis, married Apr 04, 1953
Davis, "Sula" (Ahsula Lois McEwen); b. (Sep 19)1896 d. (Sep)1983, w/o Ernest Lane Davis Sr., (married Jun 14, 1916, Shelby County, AL), (d/o John Thomas McEwen)
Davis, Thomas Jefferson "Jeff"; b. (Jul 28)1914 d. (Jun 12)2001
Dearen, Ida Lenora (Manley); b. 1907 d. 1968, w/o John Garland Dearen
Dearen, John (Garland); b. (Feb 28)1905 d. (Mar)1978, (s/o John Lindley Dearen)
Deason, Barbara J.; b. 1935 d. (living), w/o John F. Deason Jr., "married 44 years"
Deason, John (Friedman) Jr.; b. (Jul 06)1926 d. (Jul 11)1995, (s/o John Friedman Deason Sr.), "Only Sleeping", (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Dec 05, 1944)
Deaton, Bradford E.; b. Apr 25, 1911 d. Nov 27, 2001
DeFoor, Maggie (Moore); b. May 28, 1900 d. Sep 07, 1976, w/o William Clifford DeFoor, (married Jul 20, 1919, Gordon County, GA), (d/o William Moses Moore)
DeFoor, William Clifford; b. Oct 10, 1898 d. Mar 22, 1978, (s/o William W. Defoor), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Fulton County, GA)
Dendy, Dove P.; b. Nov 12, 1903 d. Aug 14, 1975, w/o Robert Jeptha Dendy
Dendy, Robert (Jeptha) "Jep"; b. Jul 16, 1899 d. Sep 02, 1988, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Marshall County, AL)
Denny, Howard M.; b. Sep 29, 1920 d. Jan 09, 1996, Corporal, U. S. Army, WWII, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Aug 13, 1941)
Denny, Lois Ray; b. Apr 28, 1923 d. (living), w/o Howard M. Denny, married Apr 01, 1945
Densmore, Ausburn Q.; b. 1885 d. 1963
DeRieux, Barbara A.; b. Nov 01, 1910 d. Feb 16, 1998, w/o Robert S. DeRieux
DeRieux, Fredric R.; b. Dec 23, 1937 d. Dec 26, 1974, "A devoted Father and Son."
DeRieux, Robert S.; b. Jul 15, 1909 d. Mar 03, 1988
Deshazo, Manon Jr.; b. Sep 02, 1916 d. Apr 11, 1970
Deshazo, Wilma Yates; b. Jun 09, 1920 d. Apr 20, 1986, w/o Manon Deshazo Jr.
Dexter, June B.; b. May 18, 1923 d. (living), w/o Oliver F. Dexter, married Dec 06, 1944, "Beloved Wife and Mother."
Dexter, Oliver F.; b. Feb 13, 1918 d. Oct 20, 1995, Staff Sergeant, U. S. Army, WWII, "Pearl Harbor Survivor."
Dickinson, Jan Marie; b.& d. May 01, 1957, "Our Daugher."
Dickinson, John N.; b. Feb 07, 1925 d. May 12, 1972, Alabama, Private First Class, U. S. Army, WWII
Dickinson, Louie L.; b. Dec 18, 1918 d. Sep 01, 1964, Alabama, Technician Fifth Grade, 729 ORD Light Maintenance Company, (U. S. Army), WWII, Purple Heart Medal
Dickinson, William R. V.; b. 1888 d. 1956
Dobson, William W.; b. Nov 23, 1890 d. Jun 08, 1957, Alabama, Sergeant, Company I, 117th Infantry, (U. S. Army), WWI
Dollar, Jimmie M. Halpin; b. Aug 28, 1924 d. Jun 09, 2002, w/o Velt King Dollar, (married Nov 16, 1945, Calhoun County, AL) (d/o James Dallas Halpin)
Dollar, Velt (King); b. Jul 22, 1918 d. (living), (s/o Monroe Grant Dollar)
Donaghe, Harold G.; b. Dec 26, 1922 d. May 27, 1966, Private First Class, (U. S. Army), Headquarters Company, 501st Parachute Regiment, WWII, Bronze Star Medal w/1 Oak Leaf Cluster, Purple Heart Medal w/1 Oak Leaf Cluster
Dover, Edith E.; b. (Jan 10)1913 d. (Sep 09)1991, w/o Edward S. Dover, (Native of Illinois)
Dover, Edward S.; b. 1904 d. 1969
Doyle, Lawrence A.; b. Apr 26, 1929 d. Oct 26, 1998
Drake, Bennie F.; b. Feb 09, 1924 d. Oct 15, 2001, "U. S. Marine Corps Symbol."
Drake, Sara Ann; b. Apr 04, 1925 d. Feb 02, 1998, w/o Bennie F. Drake, married Aug 23, 1949, "Proverbs 31."
Driver, Irma H.; b. (May 11)1938 d. (Oct)1983, w/o James E. Driver
Driver, James E.; b. (Aug 18)1934 d. (Nov 02)2003
Duke, Bobby A. Jr. "Bubba"; b. Mar 20, 1955 d. Jul 29, 1974, (s/o Bobby A. Duke Sr.), "He was all the love our hearts could hold."
Duke, Bobby A. Sr.; b. Oct 08, 1932 d. Apr 11, 2001, (s/o Herman A. Duke)
Duke, Cornelia B.; b. Apr 10, 1920 d. May 22, 1998, w/o Dwight Duke
Duke, Doris R.; b. Nov 25, 1933 d. (living), w/o Bobby A. Duke, Sr.
Duke, Dwight; b. Apr 11, 1914 d. Sep 17, 1991
Duke, Herman A.; b. Mar 30, 1913 d. Jan 07, 1983
Duke, Henry M.; b. Nov 12, 1921 d. Jul 31, 1985
Duke, Myrtle (Chappell); b. Mar 16, 1912 d. Dec 14, 2004, w/o Herman A. Duke
Duke, Reba J.; b. Jun 09, 1920 d. (living), w/o Henry M. Duke
Dunn, Eddie F.; b. 1956 d. 1972, "Our Loved."
Dunn, Shirley Underwood; b. 1937 d. 1962, "Beloved Daughter."
Dutton, (Duesler) D. C.; b. (Oct 07)1909 d. (May)1975
Dutton, Gertrude; b. 1897 d. 1967, "Beloved Mother."
Dutton, Irene; b. 1909 d. 1996, w/o Duesler C. Dutton
Dutton, James Hoyt; b. Aug 15, 1930 d. Jun 05, 1968
Dykes, (John) Morgan; b. (Sep 19)1915 d. (Apr 21)1980, (s/o Wilson Hubbard Dykes), (Career with Pepsi Cola Company)
Dykes, Loyce (Rice); b. (May 02)1913 d. (Jul 18)1995, (w/o John Morgan Dykes, married Oct 16, 1932)
East, Kava Tindal; b. Apr 01, 1917 d. Sep 11, 2008, w/o (1) R. Leland Tindal and (2) T. Leonard East
East, Velma W.; b. Dec 06, 1905 d. Sep 30, 1968
Echols, Doris J.; b. Sep 11, 1926 d. Apr 10, 2002, w/o Grady Echols, "Beloved Wife."
Echols, Grady; b. Nov 17, 1926 d. Mar 15, 1995, Seaman Third Class, U. S. Navy, WWII
Echols, Myrtle Lou; b. Oct 17, 1892 d. Oct 04, 1975
Edge, Edward E.; b. 1869 d. 1958
Edwards, Anna S.; b. 1889 d. 1972, w/o William E. Edwards
Edwards, Cora E.; b. 1880 d. 1964, "Beloved Sister."
Edwards, Vicki Lee; b. Jul 13, 1954 d. May 24, 1962, "Our Daughter."
Edwards, William E.; b. 1878 d. 1961
Ellis, Linda Kaye; b. Nov 24, 1946 d. Jul 06, 1991, (d/o Russell David Love)
Elsberry, Howard S.; b. Jun 30, 1918 d. Dec 08, 2003, U. S. Army, 3rd Army. WWII
Elsberry, Louise E.; b. Aug 05, 1920 d. Dec 03, 1990, w/o Howard S. Elsberry, married Apr 16, 1946, "Beloved Wife, Mother and Grandmother."
Erickson, Axel E.; b. Oct 18, 1914 d. Nov 19, 1995
Esslinger, Charles Burton; b. (May 09)1899 d. (Jun)1982
Esslinger, Katherine; b. Sep 17, 1960 d. Jul 05, 1975, "Forever Smiling.", "Our Beloved Daughter and Sister."
Esslinger, Ruby B.; b. 1895 d. 1968
Everidge, Marjorie I.; b. Dec 03, 1932 d. (living), w/o Paul F. Everidge
Everidge, Paul F.; b. Aug 15, 1929 d. May 07, 2000, "Masonic Symbol."
Fahrer, Ida S.; b. 1885 d. 1964, "Mother."
Falkner, Donald M.; b. (Mar 21)1909 d. (May 12)2005
Falkner, Earnest Sr.; b. Jul 20, 1901 d. Jun 26, 1958
Falkner, Frankie (Rawlins); b. Sep 25, 1905 d. Sep 10, 2003, w/o Earnest Falkner Sr.
Falkner, Inez C.; b. (Feb 09)1912 d. (Jul 17)2001, w/o Donald M. Falkner
Falkner, Ruth (Ida Bell); b. (May 22)1917 d. (Oct 09)2000, w/o Arlon Sanford Falkner
Falkner, (Arlon) Sanford; b. (Feb 17)1912 d. (Feb 21, 1988), (s/o William Ussery Falkner), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McPherson, GA on Mar 30, 1944)
Farley, Floyd Oneil; b. Nov 22, 1923 d. Aug 25, 1988, Corporal, U. S. Army, WWII, "Masonic Symbol."
Farley, Mary Haines; b. Apr 28, 1918 d. Nov 03, 2002, w/o Floyd Oneil Farley, "Loving Wife and Mother.", "Registered Nurse.", "Eastern Star Symbol."
Fendley, Cindy Lynne; b. Jun 10, 1963 d. Jun 11, 1963, "Our Baby."
Fendley, Della Moore; b. Mar 15, 1903 d. Sep 04, 1994, w/o James Monroe Fendley II, "Eastern Star Symbol."
Fendley, James Monroe II; b. (Sep 12, 1885)1888 d. (Jan 17)1948, "Masonic Symbol.", (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Blount County, AL)
Farley, Lorine H.; b. 1920 d. 1959
Farmer, Becky P.; b. 1934 d. (living), w/o William O. Farmer, "Eastern Star Symbol."
Farmer, Charles Asa; b. Apr 03, 1879 d. Feb 24, 1958, "At Rest."
Farmer, Edith Lucille; b. Dec 04, 1912 d. Apr 16, 1990, w/o Oscar W. Farmer, "In Loving Memory."
Farmer, John Alfred; b. Jun 01, 1926 d. May 10, 1957, Mississippi, Private, U. S. Army, WWII
Farmer, Julia S.; b. Jul 04, 1883 d. Nov 05, 1974, "Loving Memory."
Farmer, Oscar W.; b. Apr 09, 1904 d. Apr 05, 1988, "In Loving Memory."
Farmer, William (Oscar); b. (Jul 02)1932 d. (Feb 21)1992, "Masonic Symbol."
Ferguson, Juanita H.; b. (Mar 20)1901 d. (Jun)1980, w/o William Earl Ferguson, (Native of Mississippi)
Ferguson, William Earl; b. 1901 d. 1960
Ferrara, Clifford J.; b. (Mar 11)1931 d. (Sep 02)1993
Ferrara, Peggy H.; b. (Dec 07)1932 d. (Oct 11)2004, w/o Clifford J. Ferrara
Findley, Cody Ray; b. Dec 06, 1990 d. Sep 05, 2002, "Beloved Son and Brother.", "We held his hand for a while; we will hold his heart forever."
Fix, Cynthia M. (Snow); b. (Oct 18, 1894)1895 d. (Mar)1976, w/o Robert Edward Fix, (married Apr 24, 1915, Marion County, IN)
Fix, Robert (Edward); b. (Jul 17)1895 d. (Aug)1973, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Indianapolis, Marion County, AL)
Flarity, Anita Lynn; b. Feb 21, 1957 d. Aug 15, 1957, "Our Baby."
Forman, Mary Obazine (Lovell); b. Sep 27, 1911 d. Dec 01, 1993, w/o W. Elkin Forman, "In Loving Memory."
Forman, W. Elkin; b. Nov 03, 1907 d. Jul 21, 1987, "In Loving Memory."
Foster, Ardis Allie; b. Jul 20, 1912 d. Aug 05, 2004, (s/o John Franklin Foster), U. S. Army, WWII, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Feb 26, 1941)
Fowler, Betty J.; b. Dec 12, 1939 d. (living), w/o Murphree J. Fowler
Fowler, Murphree J.; b. Apr 30, 1941 d. Nov 21, 1996, "Beloved Husband and Father."
Fowler, Wesley W.; b. (Oct 13, 1899)1900 d. 1974, (Native of Georgia), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL)
Frame, Aunt Emma; b. Mar 14, 1861 d. Mar 21, 1954
Frame, Betty Crawford; b. Sep 01, 1933 d. Nov 30, 1992, w/o John Thomas Frame, "Beloved Wife and Mother."
Frame, John Thomas; b. Feb 12, 1931 d. Apr 28, 1997, Sergeant, U. S. Army, Korea, "Beloved Husband and Father."
Franco, Katherine T.; b. (Nov 02)1909 d. (Mar)1978, "Eastern Star Symbol."
Frank, Anna S. (Hardisky); b. (Sep 12)1914 d. (Aug 14)1999, w/o Joseph E. Frank, married Nov 26, 1931, (Native of Pennsylvania)
Frank, Joseph E.; b. (Oct 26)1912 d. (Jan)1987, (Native of Pennsylvania)
Friday, Charles E.; b. (Jan 21)1932 d. (Jul)1978
Friday, Sylvia K.; b. 1937 d. (living), w/o Charles E. Friday
Fuller, Herschell (Brown).; b. (Jun 24)1888 d. (Nov 19)1987, (s/o Sloan E. Fuller), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL, DOB used Mar 24, 1888)
Fuller, Thelma (Strickland); b. (Sep 03)1917 d. (Dec 24)2007, w/o H. Wayne Fuller, (Career as Nurse, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Alabama)
Fuller, (H.) Wayne; b. (Apr 08)1914 d. (Oct 13)2009, (s/o Herschell Brown Fuller)
Fuller, Willie Mae (Maske); b. (Oct 01)1891 d. (May)1985, w/o Herschell Brown Fuller, (married Oct 05, 1912, Calhoun County, AL)
Fulmer, Tommie S.; b. 1932 d. (living), w/o William A. Fulmer
Fulmer, William A.; b. (Nov 30)1932 d. (Sep)1973
Furman, Manley C. Jr.; b. Aug 23, 1943 d. Sep 24, 2004, Sergeant, U. S. Army, Vietnam
Gable, Lafaette; b. Jan 15, 1920 d. May 15, 2004, Sergeant, U. S. Army, WWII, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McPherson, GA on May 31, 1944), (Native of Georgia)
Gable, Margaret P.; b. Nov 05, 1924 d. (living), w/o Lafaette Gable, "Loving Wife, Mother and Grandmother."
Gaines, Alta Harrell; b. Aug 25, 1899 d. May 23, 1993, (Career with Alabama Power)
Galbreath, Elizabeth (Wardia); b. (Jun 29)1901 d. (Jan)1985, w/o Manley C. Galbreath, married Feb 11, 1933
Galbreath, Manley C.; b. (Apr 02)1900 d. (Jun)1986
Gambill, Charlie C.; b. Oct 04, 1900 d. Feb 25, 1957, Alabama, Private First Class, U. S. Marine Corps, WWI
Garrett, Dorothy E. (Atchison)2; b. (Jul 11)1921 d. (Dec 23)2004, w/o Lewis R. Garrett, married Jan 22, 1938
Garrett, James C.; b. Oct 10, 1914 d. Apr 21, 1991
Garrett, Lewis R.; b. (Apr 12)1917 d. (May 21)1996
Garrett, Nadine K.; b. Nov 27, 1916 d. May 17, 2003, w/o James C. Garrett
Garrett, Pauline; b. (Nov 30)1914 d. (Nov)1984, w/o Rupert I. Garrett
Garrett, Peggy Sue; b.& d. 1957
Garrett, Rubert (I); b. (Feb 03)1914 d. (Aug 08)1993
Gartman, Mary Ethelyn; b. Aug 24, 1910 d. Dec 26, 1996
Gaston, Billy (Hugh); b. (Mar 06)1924 d. (May)1989
Gaston, Clara (Louise) N.; b. (29 Mar 1931) d. (Dec 13, 2010), w/o Billy H. Gaston
Getreu, Charles J.; b. Aug 31, 1887 d. Jun 14, 1958, Maryland, Private First Class, 342nd Company, Quartermaster Corps, (U. S. Army), WWI
Gibson, Bennett (Grandville) Sr.; b. (Aug 13)1895 d. (Oct)1967, (s/o William B. Gibson)
Gibson, Margaret N.; b. (Mar 13)1904 d. (Sep)1987, w/o Bennett Grandville Gibson Sr.
Gilbert, Conrad E.; b. Mar 26, 1921 d. Jan 20, 2004
Gillespie, Clarence "AL"; b. Jul 11, 1911 d. Jun 05, 1984, "In Loving Memory."
Gillespie, Frances Thames; b. 1937 d. 1963, "In Loving Memory."
Gillespie, Marion Chandler; b. Jul 06, 1916 d. Feb 08, 1993, w/o Clarence Gillespie, "Honey."
Gilmer, William Ryan; b. Jan 25, 1987 d. Feb 04, 2009, "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. John.3:16."
Glass, Henley E.; b. Nov 08, 1895 d. Jun 19, 1965
Glenn, Jeannette B.; b. 1894 d. 1982
Glidewell, Sarah Dell (Boone); b. Jun 06, 1933 d. Nov 15, 2000
Glidewell, Terry Allen; b. Jan 03, 1953 d. Mar 01, 2006, "You filled our hearts with love."
Goble, Ernest J. T.; b. (Aug 08)1920 d. (Jul 26)2000
Goble, Lois M.; b. (Jun 01)1923 d. (Aug 11)1989, w/o Ernest J. T. Goble
Godwin, Hilda (Whitley); b. (May 10)1926 d. Oct 19, 2009, w/o John W. Godwin
Godwin, John (William); b. 1923 d. (living)
Goedert, Debra Kay; b.& d. 1957
Goodner, Edith Ryan; b. May 08, 1925 d. (living), w/o Elbert Wade Goodner, "Loving Wife and Mother."
Goodner, Elbert Wade; b. Oct 16, 1915 d. Jul 19, 2003, U. S. Navy, WWII
Goodner, Richard Wade; b. Jun 08, 1953 d. Nov 13, 1978
Gossin, Georgiana; b. Mar 13, 1901 d. Apr 26, 1984, "Beloved Mother."
Gowins, Albert F.; b. 1921 d. (living)
Gowins, Geraldine S.; b. 1924 d. 1977, w/o Albert F. Gowins
Grant, Earl (James) Sr.; b. (Jan 19)1900 d. (Sep 03, 1963)1962, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Cleburne County, AL)
Grant, Hazel (Mae Kelter); b. (Feb 28)1904 d. (Sep)1983, w/o Earl James Grant Sr., (d/o Thomas Claude Keltner)
Grant, Thomas L.; b. Nov 11, 1926 d. Aug 29, 2003, Corporal, U. S. Marine Corps, WWII
Gravette, Eddie; b. (Dec 18)1888 d. (Sep)1971, (s/o Alfred Oliver Gravette), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Lauderdale County, MS)
Gravette, Edna Ruth; b. Nov 10, 1916 d. Feb 02, 2006, (d/o Eddie Gravett), "At Peace with Jesus."
Gravette, Kate Shockley; b. Dec 19, 1894 d. Feb 02, 1982, w/o Eddie Gravette
Gregg,. Carolyn Faye; b. Aug 03, 1948 d. (living), w/o James Charles Gregg
Gregg, James Charles; b. May 28, 1941 d. (living)
Guthrie, Leonard O.; b. (Nov 01)1917 d. (Aug)1986
Guthrie, Lorene (Talley); b. (Feb 24)1918 d. (Feb 1996), w/o Leonard O. Guthrie, married Sep 20, 1936, (Career with Pizitz Department Store)

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