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John W. Whitehead Cemetery

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The John Whitehead Cemetery is located near the Tiger Valley community of Carter County. From Hampton, take Highway 19E (Stateline Road) and follow it about 3 miles. From 19E take Willow Lane to the right. John Whitehead Cemetery Road exits to the right from Willow Lane about a quarter mile from 19E. John Whitehead Cemetery Road makes a loop through the cemetery. Be mindful that there are homes located off this road as well. The cemetery is fenced and well kept. There appears to be no vandalism in the cemetery. This cemetery was transcribed by me in April, 2010 and it is a true and accurate transcription of the readable stones in the cemetery. I have edited these entries from other sources. Any information I have added will be in parenthesis. Information on the stones other than dates is included in quotation marks. For those persons that I feel are still living, I do not list date of birth information for privacy reasons. I will continue to update these transcriptions as information becomes available. For information purposes, I am descended from John W. Whitehead as follows:

Mother: Verna Grace Teague (Buried at Maple Lawn, Jonesborough, TN)
Grandfather: Oscar Lee Teague (Buried at Monte Vista, Johnson City, TN)
Great-Grandfather: James Michael Teague (Buried Here)
Great-Grandmother: Eliza Elizabeth Whitehead (Buried Here)
Great-Great-Grandfather: Logan Columbus Teague (Buried Mottern Cemetery, Sullivan County)
Great-Great-Grandfather: John W. Whitehead (Buried Here)

-Carl W. Dykes
Trussville, Alabama

Arnold, Hazel (Hill); b. Sep 14, 1919 d. Oct 23, 1998, w/o Howard Arnold
Arnold, Howard; b. Jan 16, 1909 d. Mar 01, 1978, (s/o John Ham Arnold), "In my Father’s house are many mansions."
Beaver, Dilard G.; b. Mar 30, 1903 d. Jul 04, 1904, s/o Steve Beaver
Beaver, Rod B.; b. Nov 22, 1902 d. Oct 05, 1909, s/o Steve Beaver
Brown, Dimple; b. Jul 17, 1918 d. Feb 05, 1994, w/o Lee Brown
Brown, Lee; b. Sep 19, 1925 d. Aug 22, 1986
Burton, Mary D.; b. Jul 07, 1885 d. Jul 08, 1960
Byrd, G. W.; b. (no date) d. Dec 20, 1920, aged 54 years, "Mother’s Darling."
Byrd, Matie; b. (no date) d. May 01, 1917, aged 60 years, w/o G. W. Byrd
Cannon, Mary Hughes; b. (Oct 13)1910 d. (Nov 10)1993, "Precious Lord take my hand."
Cates, Allen (L.); b. Jul 18, 1865 d. Dec 24, 1952
Cates, Baby Boy; b.& d. Aug 10, 1912, s/o (James Rod) Cates
Cates, Baby Boy; b.& d. Dec 29, 1929, s/o (James Rod) Cates
Cates, Baby Girl; b.& d. Sep 26, 1937, d/o (James Rod) Cates
Cates, Harry; b. Oct 03, 1923 d. Jul 21, 1992, Corporal, U. S. Army, WWII, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort Oglethorpe, GA on Feb 06, 1943), "Father."
Cates, Infant; b.& d. 1936, s/o William Nelson Cates
Cates, (Lydia) Alma Sutphin; b. Feb 28, 1914 d. (Feb 15, 2010), w/o Roy Cates, (d/o Eugene H. Sutphin)
Cates, Roy Rev.; b. Sep 22, 1913 d. Nov 22, 2002, (s/o James Rod Cates), U. S. Army, WWII, "Truly Thine."
Cates, "Sallie" (Sarah Emaline) Whitehead; b. Jun 08, 1872 d. Dec 25, 1951, w/o Allen L. Cates, married Dec 07, 1890, (d/o John W. Whitehead)
Cates, Virginia (Mae Street); b. Sep 16, 1929 d. Jul 08, 2005, w/o Harry Cates, (married Nov 29, 1952), (d/o Allen David Street), "Mother."
Cates, William (Nelson Sr.); b. Apr 24, 1901 d. Feb 21, 1966, (s/o Allen L. Cates), "Our Father which art in heaven."
Cates, Zemma (Lucille Gouge); b. Mar 22, 1914 d. Aug 19, 1989, w/o William Nelson Cates, (married Feb 19, 1935), (d/o Arthur Gouge)
Childres, Nannie; b. Nov 28, 1900 d. Sep 17, 1901, d/o W. M. Childres, "Gone to be an Angel."
Clawson, Douglas M.; b. (living) d. (living)
Clawson, Frances (Gerri) Hill; b. (living) d. (living), w/o Douglas M. Clawson, (d/o Samuel E. Hill)
Coleman, C. C.; b. Jul 17, 1849 d. May 03, 1911, "Be thou faithful until death."
Coleman, Hattie A.; b. Sep 10, 1850 d. Mar 05, 1907, w/o C. C. Coleman, married Feb 27, 1877, "Jesus Wept.", "Blessed are they that die in the Lord."
Coleman, John F. Rev.; b. May 30, 1880 d. Jun 15, 1952, "Father."
Coleman, Steward F.; b. Jun 19, 1909 d. Nov 18, 1909, s/o Josie Coleman, "Little Steward has passed through the shadows of death but now he is resting in the bright portals of Glory."
Cornett, Jack; b. Sep 06, 1929 d. Jun 25, 1955, (s/o Harry Cornett), Tennessee, Private First Class, U. S. Army
Cornett, Mae (Childress); b. Jan 01, 1890 d. Dec 01, 1969, (w/o Harry Cornett)
Deloach, Daisy Hill; b. Oct 30, 1910 d. May 02, 1968, w/o Virgil S. Deloach, (d/o William Hill)
Deloach, Larry D.; b. Aug 31, 1955 d. Sep 14, 1973, (s/o Ralph Duane Deloach), "He built a monument of love in the hearts of all who knew him."
Deloach, Lillia Mae (Presley); b. Apr 26, 1929 d. (Feb 28, 2002), w/o Ralph Duane Deloach, (d/o John Walter Presley) "Mother."
Deloach, Ralph (Duane); b. Feb 04, 1934 d. Nov 05, 1981, (s/o Virgil S. Deloach), "Father."
Deloach, Virgil (S); b. Jun 23, 1908 d. Apr 08, 1984, (s/o Emmert Thomas Deloach)
Dunn, Beulah Hill; b. Nov 08, 1907 d. Jan 12, 1937, w/o Charles Dunn, "A devoted wife."
Gouge, Mary E.; b. Oct 25, 1877 d. May 14, 1938, w/o William D. Gouge, "No pains, no grief, no anxious fear, can reach our loved ones sleeping here."
Gouge, William D.; b. Jul 04, 1889 d. Oct 10, 1982, Private, U. S. Army, WWI, "At Rest."
Harrell, Nell (Taylor); b. Feb 26, 1911 d. Jan 04, 1982, w/o Ray Harrell, "Jesus Called."
Harrell, Ray; b. Jul 14, 1913 d. Nov 01, 2002, (s/o Samuel Harrell), "Jesus Called."
Harris, Roma J. Hill; b. Jul 05, 1947 d. Jun 06, 1994
Hill, Arthur D.; b. Oct 21, 1914 d. Feb 03, 1999, (s/o James Hill), "Our Father which art in heaven."
Hill, Bill; b. Nov 30, 1942 d. May 22, 2009
Hill, Bonnie B. (Johnson); b. Dec 24, 1910 d. May 27, 2008, w/o Sam E. Hill, married Dec 24, 1929, (d/o James Johnson)
Hill, Burnie T.; b. (living) d. (living)
Hill, Carson C.; b. Sep 12, 1912 d. Aug 23, 1988, (s/o James Hill), "Daddy.", (Editor’s Note: Carson’s widow Verona N. McKeehan Aug 13, 1924-Jul 17, 2007 remarried Ralph Hopson and she is buried with him at McKeehan Cemetery in Carter County, TN)
Hill, Cartha; b. (Jan 14)1913 d. (Sep)1978, (d/o William Hill)
Hill, Celia B.Whitehead; b. Apr 06, 1883 d. Jul 31, 1951, w/o William M. Hill, (d/o John W. Whitehead)
Hill, Charlie; b. Jul 12, 1872 d. Nov 22, 1936, "Asleep in Jesus."
Hill, Charlie R.; b. Oct 08, 1904 d. Oct 23, 1909, s/o John Hill
Hill, Clergia A. Gouge; b. (no date) d. Sep 08, 1915, aged 75 years, w/o John Hill, "Peacefully sleeping."
Hill, Conley R.; b. Dec 11, 1924 d. Jul 16, 1992
Hill, Dana H.; b. (May 23)1904 d. (Dec 31)1950, (s/o William Hill), "Father."
Hill, Darrell R.; b. Jul 03, 1945 d. Oct 20, 1996, (s/o Carson C. Hill)
Hill, D. Faye; b. (living) d. (living), w/o Burnie T. Hill
Hill, Donald O.; b. Dec 12, 1932 d. Jul 05, 2007, "In His Hands."
Hill, Efford; b. (Jun 24)1905 d. (Mar)1985, (s/o Abner Hill)
Hill, Ethel L.; b. 1907 d. 1928
Hill, Goldie Gertrude; b. Aug 30, 1903 d. Dec 07, 1919, "Her star shines in heaven for her friends."
Hill, Grace; b. Apr 02, 1918 d. Jan 09, 1955, (d/o James Garfield Hill)
Hill, Harlan "Hobb"; b. May 11, 1930 d. Mar 24, 2001, U. S. Army, Korea
Hill, Hattie (Street); b. Jan 08, 1904 d. Dec 04, 1988, w/o Reece Hill, (married Jul 08, 1922, Carter County, TN), (d/o Henry M. Street)
Hill, Hazel; b. May 07, 1909 d. Jul 26, 1910, d/o of James Garfield Hill
Hill, Helen V.; b. Jan 06, 1929 d. Sep 06, 1975, "Mother.", "In Loving Memory."
Hill, Jacqueline E. (Peters); b. (living) d. (living), w/o Arthur D. Hill
Hill, James; b. 1900 d. 1928
Hill, James; b. 1878 d. 1955, (s/o Samuel Hill)
Hill, James B. "J. B."; b. Sep 15, 1940 d. Nov 21, 1998, "In Daddy’s Precious Memory.", "At home with my Saviour."
Hill, Janet; b. (living) d. (living), w/o Darrell R. Hill
Hill, (James) Garfield; b. 1864 d. 1953
Hill, John; b. 1874 d. 1946
Hill, Luther; b. (Jul 26)1910 d. (Sep 13)1996, (s/o James Hill)
Hill, Mildred; b. Aug 21, 1924 d. Feb 06, 1984, "Love remembered never dies."
Hill, Nancy J. (Tolley).; b. 1926 d. 1983, w/o Luther Hill
Hill, (Nancy Jeanette) "Nettie" (Whitehead); b. (Oct 18)1890 d. (Jul)1986, w/o James Garfield Hill, married Dec 23, 1906, Carter County, TN), (d/o Isaac Taylor Whitehead)
Hill, Porter; b. Mar 29, 1889 d. Jul 22, 1924, "Gone but not forgotten."
Hill, Reece; b. Jul 22, 1901 d. Sep 21, 1977, (s/o William Hill)
Hill, Retta C.; b. Mar 08, 1911 d. Aug 12, 1996, w/o Dana H. Hill
Hill, Robert; b. Aug 17, 1936 d. Nov 02, 1992, "Daddy, an inspiration."
Hill, Rose Mc; b. (living) d. (living), w/o Conley R. Hill, married May 15, 1978
Hill, Sam E.; b. Jun 04, 1906 d. Nov 17, 1986, "In my Father’s house are many mansions."
Hill, Steward; b. Nov 03, 1912 d. Aug 06, 1975, (s/o James Garfield Hill), Private, U. S. Army, WWII
Hill, Sylva Jelena Bell; b. Sep 15, 1917 d. Mar 27, 1932, "She was the sunshine of our home."
Hill, Texie (Anna Stephens); b. (Feb 10)1886 d. (Mar)1969, w/o James Hill, (married Sep 14, 1902, Carter County, TN), (d/o Ervin Stephens)
Hill, William M.; b. Apr 30, 1881 d. Apr 08, 1941
Hopson, Arizona Whitehead; b. May 27, 1921 d. Nov 25, 2006, (d/o Isaac Taylor Whitehead), "Her children arise up, and call her Blessed.", "Children: Garry, Donnie, Madyln."
Hopson, Donnie Issac; b. Jan 01, 1950 d. Mar 21, 2005, (s/o Arizona Whitehead Hopson)
Hyder, Charles H. V "Chad"; b. May 22, 1981 d. Sep 16, 2006, "The influence you had on all our lives will live on in our hearts for generations to come."
Hyder, Leonard; b. May 29, 1924 d. Nov 04, 2004, (s/o Nat H. Hyder)
Hyder, Lillian (Whitehead); b. Dec 30, 1926 d. Nov 21, 2004, w/o Leonard Hyder, (married Oct 17, 1942, Unicoi County, TN), (d/o Isaac E. Whitehead)
IIames, Sharon Lynn Hutton; b. Dec 27, 1944 d. Jan 30, 2008, (w/o Frank Iiames), (Native of Iowa), (Educator)
Johnson, Biddie (Blevins); b. Jun 13, 1915 d. Jun 24, 2004, w/o William A. Johnson, (d/o William Blevins)
Johnson, Edna M. (Hyder); b. (living) d. (living), w/o Nickelson W. Johnson, married Jul 28, 1971
Johnson, Elbert Lee; b. 1927 d. 1928, "Jesus Called."
Johnson, Herman (Lee); b. Oct 16, 1936 d. Jan 02, 1996, (s/o William A. Johnson), "Precious Lord take my hand."
Johnson, Jane (Hill); b. (May 30)1882 d. (Sep 17)1969, w/o John Henry Johnson
Johnson, (John) Henry; b. (May 01)1875 d. 1943, (WWI Draft Registration card indicates he resided in Carter County, TN)
Johnson, Mary A.; b. 1912 d. 1966, "To live is Christ, to die is gain."
Johnson, Nickelson W.; b. Sep 14, 1948 d. Feb 19, 2003, (s/o William A. Johnson), U. S. Army, Vietnam
Johnson, Sam B.; b. Oct 18, 1920 d. Oct 01, 2004, Private, U. S. Army, WWII, (s/o John Henry Johnson), (Name on military stone is Sam G. although he enlisted as Sam B. Johnson at Fort Oglethorpe, GA on Oct 06, 1942)
Johnson, William A.; b. Dec 13, 1905 d. Dec 25, 1986, (s/o John Henry Johnson)
Kirkpatrick, Hurbert P.; b. May 26, 1885 d. Jul 11, 1947, Tennessee, Staff Sergeant, U. S. Army
Lewis, Earl D.; b. (living) d. (living), "In God’s Care."
Lewis, Wilma Jean; b. Aug 05, 1933 d. Dec 03, 2005, w/o Earl D. Lewis
Lyons, Betty Lou (Whitehead); b. May 07, 1934 d. Aug 31, 1998, w/o Elbert Lyons, (d/o Isaac E. Whitehead), "Mom"
Lyons, Elbert; b. (living) d. (living), "Dad"
Matherly, B. Joyce; b. (living) d. (living), w/o Donald W. Matherly, married Jul 22, 1978
Matherly, Donald W.; b. Jul 08, 1947 d. Oct 05, 2005
McKinney, Earnest; b. Nov 11, 1933 d. Oct 31, 1935, "Sweetly Sleeping."
Miller, Celia E. Simerly; b. Jun 10, 1892 d. Jun 02, 1927, w/o William M. Miller, (d/o Rod B. Simerly)
Miller, Celia Mae; b. May 13, 1927 d. Nov 05, 1927, d/o William M. Miller, "Gone to be an Angel."
Miller, Ethel (Hill); b. May 25, 1921 d. Jan 01, 2011, w/o Romulus Simerly Miller, (d/o Abner Hill)
Miller, Julie (Ellen Whitehead); b. Aug 26, 1916 d. Jun 27, 2003, (w/o James Edgar Miller, married May 08, 1937, Carter County, TN), (d/o Isaac Taylor Whitehead)
Miller, Romulus (Simerly); b. (May 21)1914 d. Jan 05, 1967, (s/o William M. Miller), "Beyond the sunset."
Morton, George E.; b. Jul 12, 1900 d. Jan 09, 1965, (s/o Marion M. Morton)
Morton, Rose (Whitehead); b. Aug 08, 1910 d. Dec 16, 1990, w/o George E. Morton, (d/o James William Whitehead)
Murphy, Liddie; b. (no date) d. Nov 28, 1910
Norris, Charlotte S.; b. (living) d. (living), w/o Johnny I. Norris, married Oct 11, 1959
Norris, Johnny I.; b. May 09, 1939 d. Nov 08, 1994
Odom, Biddie B.; b.& d. Nov 14, 1903, d/o Waitsel Marion Odom, "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."
Odom, Nannie Hill; b. May 09, 1885 d. Jun 01, 1962, w/o Samuel H. Odom
Odom, Parker W.; b. Apr 07, 1903 d. Feb 28, 1933, (s/o Samuel H. Odom), "Remember Me."
Odom, (Rachel) Rhoda Whitehead; b. Feb 28, 1864 d. Dec 14, 1913, w/o Waitsel Marion Odom, (d/o John W. Whitehead), "A devoted wife and loving mother, gone to rest."
Odom, Robert; b. Apr 02, 1900 d. Jul 04, 1900, s/o Waitsel Marion Odom
Odom, Samuel H.; b. Oct 23, 1871 d. Jan 01, 1960, (s/o Waitsel Marion Odom)
Odom, Tempy E.; b. Sep 28, 1904 d. Mar 12, 1909, d/o Waitsel Marion Odom
Odom, Waitsel (Marion); b. Mar 11, 1855 d. Apr 14, 1931, "His toils are past. His work is done. He fought the fight, the victory won."
Oliver, Jerri Leann; b.& d. Mar 19, 1966, d/o Jerry Oliver
Payne, Delanie; b. Oct 29, 1913 d. Jun 19, 1986, U. S. Army, WWII, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort Oglethorpe, GA on Nov 21, 1942)
Payne, Dovie Campbell; b. (living) d. (living), w/o Delanie Payne
Perkins, Christine B.; b. Apr 18, 1928 d. Apr 03, 2004, w/o Robert G. Perkins Jr., "Precious Lord take my hand."
Perkins, Robert G. Jr.; b. (living) d. (living)
Proffitt, Nola Caroline Wiseman; b. (living) d. (living)
Roberts, Belle (Johnson); b. May 04, 1913 d. Jul 09, 2002, w/o Howard H. Roberts, (d/o John Henry Johnson)
Roberts, Donald L.; b. (living) d. (living)
Roberts, Howard H.; b. Jun 19, 1911 d. Dec 31, 1981, (Native of South Carolina)
Roberts, Nancy L.; b. Mar 20, 1935 d. Apr 04, 1999, w/o Donald L. Roberts, married Jul 08, 1953
Scholten, Bruce J.; b. Oct 24, 1961 d. Mar 25, 2007
Scholten, Pamela B.; b. (living) d. (living), w/o Bruce J. Scholten
Simerly, Arnold; b. Apr 17, 1921 d. Nov 04, 2003, (s/o Rossie S. Simerly), "Rest in Peace."
Simerly, Celia M. (Whitehead); b. 1889 d. 1959, w/o Rossie S. Simerly
Simerly, Daisy M.; b. Mar 11, 1912 d. Oct 08, 1991, w/o John David Simerly, "Beloved Wife."
Simerly, Danny R. Rev.; b. May 16, 1950 d. Oct 23, 2001, "Just one life twill soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last."
Simerly, Earl "Jay"; b. May 05, 1922 d. Mar 13, 1999, "Beyond the sunset there is rest."
Simerly, Edith F.; b. (living) d. (living), w/o Earl Simerly
Simerly, Floe; b.& d. Sep 26, 1922, d/o Rossie S. Simerly
Simerly, Janice L.; b. (living) d. (living), w/o Danny R. Simerly
Simerly, John David; b. May 19, 1894 d. Jun 23, 1962, (s/o Rod B. Simerly), Sergeant, Company E, 117th Infantry, (U. S. Army), WWI
Simerly, Julia (L. Whitehead); b. 1869 d. 1939, w/o Rod B. Simerly, (married Sep 21, 1891, Carter County, TN), (d/o John W. Whitehead), "Thy God has claimed thee as his own."
Simerly, Omar Glenn; b. Feb 19, 1945 d. Jul 20, 1987, Specialist Fourth Class, U. S. Army, Vietnam
Simerly, Ralph Allen; b. Nov 08, 1940 d. Feb 16, 1957, "Budded on earth to bloom in heaven."
Simerly, Rod B.; b. 1866 d. 1938
Simerly, Rossie S.; b. May 09, 1892 d. Mar 05, 1980, Private, U. S. Army, WWI, "In Thee O Lord have I put my trust."
Smith, Mamie Stevens; b. Mar 08, 1907 d. Aug 28, 1929, w/o Roy B. Smith, "Remember me."
Standley, Waitsel M.; b. Apr 13, 1905 d. Apr 26, 1905, s/o Charles Standley
Stevens, Flora Morton; b. Jul 12, 1909 d. Dec 24, 2000, (w/o William Stevens), (d/o James Morton)
Street, Carrie B. Cates Moore; b. Feb 16, 1896 d. Feb 03, 1980, (w/o Landon Street), (d/o Allen L. Cates)
Street, Dallas; b. Oct 04, 1919 d. Jul 28, 1985, "Father.", (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort Oglethorpe, GA on Apr 18, 1941)
Street, (Henry) M.; b. Nov 20, 1858 d. Jul 11, 1938, (s/o Peter Street), (Native of North Carolina), "Asleep in Jesus.", "Father."
Street, Martha (Jane) Honeycutt; b. Oct 16, 1861 d. Jan 19, 1928, w/o Henry M. Street, (d/o David D. Honeycutt), (Native of North Carolina), "Asleep in Jesus.", "Mother.", (Editor’s Note: Her Father died on or about May 19, 1863 in hospital at Clinton, TN while serving with Company C, 58th NC Regiment, Confederate Forces, Civil War. Source: NC Troops 1861-1865)
Street, Jeanette E.; b. Nov 18, 1915 d. Jul 25, 1991, w/o Dallas Street, "Mother."
Teague, Eliza (Elizabeth Whitehead); b. May 06, 1861 d. Jan 05, 1939, w/o James Michael Teague, (married Feb 03, 1878), (d/o John W. Whitehead)
Teague, James (Michael); b. Mar 01, 1855 d. Mar 29, 1937, (s/o Logan Columbus Teague)
Teague, Julia Ann (Kyte); b. Aug 04, 1892 d. Sep 22, 1939, (w/o James Robert Teague), "Gone but not forgotten."
Teague, Lillie; b. Feb 11, 1917 d. Jun 14, 1917, (d/o James Robert Teague)
Townsend, Alford; b. Oct 02, 1870 d. Jan 10, 1943, "He was the sunshine of our home."
Townsend, Clyde; b. Aug 28, 1909 d. Mar 06, 1979, Seaman First Class, U. S. Navy
Townsend, Emma; b. Oct 12, 1868 d. Feb 13, 1908, w/o John Townsend, married Jan 09, 1887, "Gone but not forgotten."
Townsend, Georgia; b. 1918 d. 1920, "Only Sleeping."
Townsend, Henry L.; b. 1878 d. 1952, "Jesus Called."
Townsend, Ida Ann; b. Jun 24, 1884 d. May 06, 1961, w/o Alford Townsend, "Forever with the Lord."
Townsend, James; b. May 31, 1888 d. Feb 20, 1919, (s/o John P. Townsend), "At Rest.", (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Carter County, TN)
Townsend, James (Arthur); b. (May 02)1897 d. (Nov 13)1955, (s/o Jerd Townsend)
Townsend, Nettie E.; b. 1907 d. 19xx, w/o James A. Townsend
Townsend, John William; b. May 05, 1899 d. Sep 27, 1983, (Funeral Marker)
Townsend, Rebecca Shoemaker; b. 1844 d. 1913, w/o William M. Townsend
Townsend, (William) M.; b. (no date) d. Mar 26, 1926, age 70, (s/o Peter Townsend), "Gone but not forgotten."
Whitehead, Alvin W.; b.& d. Sep 08, 1957, twin of Calvin H. Whitehead
Whitehead, Betty (Jo) Lyons; b. Oct 21, 1914 d. Apr 21, 1990, w/o Everett Whitehead, (d/o James Lyons), "Mother."
Whitehead, Calvin H.; b.& d. Sep 08, 1957, twin of Alvin W. Whitehead
Whitehead, Carmon S.; b. Apr 27, 1908 d. Nov 28, 1988, "Precious Lord Take My Hand."
Whitehead, Celia H.; b. 1881 d. 1958, "Mother."
Whitehead, Clarence; b. Jun 10, 1899 d. Oct 09, 1982, (s/o Isaac Taylor Whitehead), Private First Class, U. S. Army, WWI, "In my Father’s house are many mansions."
Whitehead, Effie (Holtsclaw); b. Dec 23, 1911 d. Apr 17, 2001, w/o Elmer Whitehead, (d/o John Holtsclaw)
Whitehead, Ellen (McNabb); b. Nov 26, 1869 d. Jun 23, 1904, w/o Isaac (Taylor) Whitehead, "Her end was peace."
Whitehead, Elmer; b. Jul 23, 1913 d. Jul 09, 1984, (s/o Isaac Taylor Whitehead), U. S. Army, WWII
Whitehead, Ethel (Mae); b. 1929 d. 1930, (d/o Frank Stewart Whitehead)
Whitehead, Everett; b. Jul 18, 1909 d. May 02, 1996, (s/o Isaac Taylor Whitehead), "Father."
Whitehead, Fate; b. Jan 21, 1926 d. Jan 10, 2005, (s/o Frank Stewart Whitehead)
Whitehead, Frank (Stewart); b. Mar 01, 1897 d. Jun 06, 1967, (s/o Isaac Taylor Whitehead), (WWI Draft Registration card indicates he resided in Carter County, TN)
Whitehead, Grace (Hazelwood); b. Feb 14, 1930 d. Mar 27, 2004, w/o John H. Whitehead
Whitehead, Hattie (Jane); b. Feb 01, 1903 d. (Oct 15, 1987), (d/o Isaac Taylor Whitehead)
Whitehead, Henry (Allen); b. Sep 17, 1892 d. Mar 09, 1961, Tennessee, Corporal, Company E, 117th Infantry, (U. S. Army), WWI
Whitehead, Henry (Edman); b. Jul 09, 1877 d. Nov 05, 1921, (s/o John W. Whitehead), (WWI Draft Registration card indicates he resided in Carter County, TN)
Whitehead, Isaac E.; b. Jun 06, 1902 d. Jan 19, 1977, (s/o Henry E. Whitehead)
Whitehead, Isaac Taylor; b. Dec 18, 1866 d. May 07, 1938, (s/o John W. Whitehead)
Whitehead, James (William); b. (Oct 25)1874 d. (Aug 10)1940, (s/o David A. Whitehead), "I know that my Redeemer liveth."
Whitehead, Jennie (Malone); b. Oct 26, 1895 d. Sep 01, 1980, w/o Frank Stewart Whitehead
Whitehead, John A.; b. Dec 05, 1906 d. Sep 16, 1912, (s/o Isaac Taylor Whitehead)
Whitehead, John H.; b. (living) d. (living)
Whitehead, John W.; b. Mar 16, 1828 d. Feb 04, 1915, (s/o James R. Whitehead)
Whitehead, Julia (Almeda Stephens); b. Apr 05, 1898 d. Aug 26, 1994, w/o Isaac E. Whitehead, (married Dec 18, 1921, Carter County, TN), (d/o Elijah S. Stephens)
Whitehead, Kara D.; b. Oct 30, 1976 d. Dec 27, 1995, "An Angel on earth now an Angel in Heaven."
Whitehead, Lester; b. 1928 d. 1929, (s/o Henry Allen Whitehead)
Whitehead, Lonnie H.; b. Feb 16, 1906 d. Nov 22, 1906
Whitehead, Lucy (Inez Morton); b. Feb 19, 1903 d. Nov 16, 1978, w/o Henry A. Whitehead, (d/o Marion M. Morton)
Whitehead, Martha Anne; b. Aug 24, 1894 d. Jan 07, 1973
Whitehead, Nancy (Ann Snyder); b. Jun 04, 1838 d. May 19, 1901, w/o John W. Whitehead, (married Dec 04, 1857), (d/o William Snyder)
Whitehead, Narvel; b. Sep 06, 1923 d. Mar 16, 2002, (s/o Henry Allen Whitehead), U. S. Army, WWII, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Camp Shelby, MS on Mar 08, 1944)
Whitehead, Pauline (Hughes); b. (living) d. (living), w/o Narvel Whitehead, married Jun 02, 1956
Whitehead, Pauline H.; b. (living) d. (living), w/o Fate Whitehead
Whitehead, Samuel (Solomon); b. Dec 31, 1899 d. May 04, 1946, (s/o James W. Whitehead), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Carter County, TN), "Gone to be with Jesus."
Whitehead, Virgie G.; b. Jul 01, 1903 d. Jul 19, 1905
Whitehead, Vista Street; b. (Oct 28)1878 d. (Jun 11)1940, w/o James William Whitehead, (married Sep 10, 1893, Carter County, TN), (d/o Henry Street)
Whitehead, Wayne; b. 1934 d. 1935, (s/o Henry Allen Whitehead)
Whitehead, W. Hobart; b. Nov 24, 1896 d. Sep 26, 1908
Willcox, John B.; b. Jun 20, 1831 d. Oct 05, 1908
Wiseman, Buddy; b. (living) d. (living)
Wiseman, Lenora; b. (living) d. (living), w/o Buddy Wiseman, "Michelle, Michael, Kimberly."
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