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Whitehead Cemetery Watauga Lake

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Whitehead Cemetery at Watauga Lake is located in Carter County, Tennessee at the intersection of Cable Hollow Road and Lakeview Drive. Take Cable Hollow Road to the left from Highway 321. Cable Hollow Road ends at the cemetery. Lakeview Drive is a dead end street leading to residences on the lake. You must exit the cemetery using Cable Hollow Road. It is a beautiful cemetery, well maintained and fenced. It is important to mention that these are only the legible markers in the cemetery. There are a number of unmarked graves and many graves with only a concrete foot stone. I did not record these because I am unsure if someone is actually buried there. This transcription was conducted in April of 2010 and it is an accurate representation of legible burials in the cemetery. I have added some information from other sources. This information is in parenthesis. Information within quotation marks is actually on the memorial stone.

-Carl W. Dykes

Adams, Matthew Isaac; b. Apr 21, 1966 d. Aug 03, 2000
Andrews, Edward E.; b. Feb 21, 1896 d. Feb 21, 1966, Tennessee, Wagoner, 9th Headquarters Troop, (U. S. Army), WWI
Bible, Carl; b. Dec 30, 1903 d. Aug 29, 1935, Private, 29th Infantry, (U. S. Army)
Bice, Zenoby Whitehead; b. 1828 d. 1875, (d/o James P. Whitehead), "Fell from cliff."
Black, Callie (Caroline Pilkton); b. (Jul 16)1875 d. (Feb 26)1960, w/o George Washington Black, (married Dec 30, 1902, Carter County, TN), (d/o Enoch E. Pilkton)
Black, Cora Ida; b. 1871 d. 1917, (w/o Thomas Mortimer Black)
Black, Ellender (Eleanor Parsons); b. Apr 17, 1827 d. Jan 12, 1908, (w/o John J. Black), (married Sep 02, 1848, Ashe County, NC)
Black, Georgia Mae; b. (Oct 12)1925 d. (Nov 20)1988, w/o Zeno Black
Black, G. W. (George Washington); b. (Jul 15, 1874)1873 d. (Mar 11, 1963), s/o Emmett Black
Black, James M.; b. Jun 01, 1849 d. Jul 06, 1915, (s/o John J. Black), "Gone But Not Forgotten."
Black, N. Emma (Eggers); b. Jul 30, 1880 d. Apr 16, 1944, w/o William F. Black, (married Apr 11, 1920, Carter County, TN), "At Rest."
Black, William F.; b. Aug 25, 1873 d. Jan 09, 1939, (s/o James M. Black)
Black, Zeno; b. (Aug 08)1920 d. (Nov)1975
Bryan, Peter M.; b. Oct 02, 1832 d. Oct 23, 1911
Bunton, Martha Catherine Hatley; b. Jan 15, 1871 d. May 11, 1927, w/o Ulysses Simpson Bunton, (married Jul 26, 1885)
Burchett, Edward; b. (May 12)1901 d. (Feb)1972, s/o John R. Burchette, "Father."
Burchette, John R.; b. 1850 d. 1914
Burchette, Ritchie Lee; b.& d. Nov 03, 1980
Cable, (William) Arthur; b. (Apr 18)1892 d. (Jan)1984, (s/o Cornelius Cable), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Carter County, TN)
Cable, Cornelius; b. 1835 d. (Dec 14)1913, (s/o Daniel Cable)
Cable, Jack Oliver; b. Apr 19, 1939 d. Jan 11, 1964
Cable, Millie (Greenwell); b. 1848 d. 1890, (second w/o Cornelius Cable)
Cable, Susie (Arnold); b. 1857 d. 1940, (third w/o Cornelius Cable)
Cable, (Victoria) "Vickie" P.; b. 1893 d. 1963, (w/o William Arthur Cable)
Caldwell, David Arthur; b. Oct 11, 1898 d. Jan 10, 1982, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Johnson County, TN)
Caldwell, Lue D.; b. Jun 21, 1909 d. Feb 27, 1986, w/o David Arthur Caldwell, "Mother."
Caldwell, Virginia; b. Aug 14, 1943 d. Aug 04, 1944
Campbell, Beulah M.; b. Jun 20, 1920 d. Oct 22, 1990
Campbell, (William) "Bill"; b. (Sep 17)1895 d. (Jun 01)1985, (s/o George W. Campbell)
Campbell, Ethel M.; b. Apr 23, 1924 d. Oct 25, 1994
Campbell, Ham; b. Apr 23, 1920 d. Apr 19, 1985, (s/o David Campbell)
Campbell, Hugh Ralph Jr. "Mickey"; b. (Nov 26)1959 d. (Mar 21)2007, (Funeral Home Marker)
Campbell, Jack C.; b. Nov 05, 1924 d. Jun 25, 2006, U. S. Army, WWII, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort Oglethorpe, GA on Apr 07, 1943), "Daddy."
Campbell, (Okie) Leota; b. (Mar 06)1922 d. (Sep 19)1960, (d/o William Powell Campbell)
Campbell, Lona (Dugger); b. Oct 09, 1924 d. Jun 19, 1989, w/o Ham Campbell, (married Apr 15, 1941, Carter County, TN)
Campbell, Norma Irick; b. (living) d. (living), w/o Jack C. Campbell, married Jun 28, 1962, "Mama."
Campbell, (Freda Melinda Hatley); b. (Jul 17)1895 d. (Apr 22)1965, w/o William Campbell, (married Jan 09, 1921), (d/o John F. Hatley)
Church, Alma L.; b. (Feb 09)1937 d. (Nov 05) 2008, (Funeral Home Marker)
Clawson, Bonnie; b. Sep 06, 1948 d. Oct 10, 1996, w/o Homer Clawson
Clawson, Gurney W.; b. Oct 20, 1909 d. Oct 25, 1973, "Father."
Clawson, Homer; b. (living) d. (living)
Clemons, Dellaray; b. Aug 04, 1919 d. Mar 10, 1993, w/o James A. Clemons, married Jun 22, 1940
Clemons, James A.; b. Aug 08, 1917 d. Sep 28, 1986
Cook, Bonnie Louise; b.& d. Jan 11, 1938, d/o Tarzan and Matilda Cook
Cook, (James) Clayton; b. (Mar 23)1900 d. 1961, (s/o Thomas Cook), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Carter County, TN)
Cook, Coy Alice (Black); b. (Mar 05)1905 d. (Aug 1982), w/o James Clayton Cook, (d/o George Washington Black)
Cook, Dora Bell; b. Jun 22, 1879 d. Apr 17, 1946
Cook, Margaret; b. Aug 26, 1845 d. Jun 23, 1928, w/o (Andrew) W. Cook, "My Mother."
Cook, Tommas; b. Feb 08, 1937 d. Feb 11, 1937, s/o Tarzan and Matilda Cook
Davenport, (Albert Monroe) "Roe"; b. Dec 24, 1873 d. Oct 1955, s/o William Davenport
Davenport, Donnie L.; b. Jan 11, 1947 d. Sep 07, 2000, "I am home.", "Father."
Davenport, George M.; b. Dec 25, 1925 d. Nov 07, 1951, Tennessee, Corporal, 3rd Marine Air Wing, (U. S. Marines), WWII
Davenport, (Louzenia L. Hatley) "Lou"; b. 1880 d. 1956, w/o Albert Monroe Davenport, (d/o Wiley Smith Hatley, (married Dec 25, 1898)
Davenport, Pearl L.; b. Feb 11, 1906 d. Dec 22, 1981, w/o Smith William Davenport Sr., "Together 57 Years."
Davenport, Peggy A.; b. (living) d. (living), w/o Donnie L. Davenport, married Sep 14, 1968, "Mother."
Davenport, Pharas H.; b. Dec 21, 1932 d. Jan 17, 1933
Davenport, Ralph E.; b. Dec 07, 1925 d. Feb 25, 1962, Tennessee, Seaman Second Class, U. S. Naval Reserves, WWII
Davenport, Smith (William) Sr.; b. Dec 10, 1899 d. Apr 30, 1990, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Carter County, TN)
Dugger, Anna Bell H.; b. Dec 30, 1929 d. Jan 26, 2005, w/o George Earl Dugger, married May 20, 1949, "Mom."
Dugger, Arthur R.; b. 1903 d. 1960, (s/o Enoch Elijah Dugger)
Dugger, Blanche (Finney); b. (Apr 03)1909 d. (Mar)1993, w/o Arthur R. Dugger, (d/o George Washington Finney)
Dugger, Carrie (Lavada); b. Jun 27, 1913 d. Nov 16, 1969, (w/o Maston A. Dugger)
Dugger, Dewey F.; b. Apr 28, 1900 d. Jan 06, 1965, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Carter County, AL)
Dugger, Dorothy L.; b. Jul 05, 1939 d. Jul 23, 2004, w/o Lloyd M. Dugger, married Oct 04, 1958
Dugger, Eliga (Enoch Elijah); b. Dec 26, 1876 d. Dec 07, 1961, (s/o James W. Dugger)
Dugger, Frances C.; b. (living) d. (living), w/o William D. Dugger
Dugger, Frances (Sheets); b. Jun 12, 1919 d. Dec 28, 1998, w/o Dewey F. Dugger
Dugger, George Earl; b. Jul 10, 1927 d. Apr 09, 1983, Seaman First Class, U. S. Navy, WWII, "Dad."
Dugger, Henry; b. 1894 d. 1951
Dugger, Hobert Kyle; b. & d. 1943, "Our Little Angel."
Dugger, Infant; b.& d. Dec 09, 1933, s/o W. M. Dugger
Dugger, J. J.; (no dates), Co. G, 13th Tennessee Cavalry, (Union Forces), Civil War
Dugger, Johnie; b. 1946 d. 1947
Dugger, Lee; b. 1933 d. 1938, "Asleep in Jesus."
Dugger, Lloyd M.; b. Feb 03, 1937 d. May 27, 1999
Dugger, Maston A.; b. Apr 20, 1888 d. Jun 11, 1968, (s/o Robert L. Dugger), Tennessee, Private, 105th Infantry, (U. S. Army), WWI
Dugger, Ray; b. 1923 d. 1937, (s/o Arthur Dugger)
Dugger, Roy; b. Oct 14, 1893 d. May 12, 1935, (s/o Robert L. Dugger), "Father."
Dugger, Sarah Hicks; b. Apr 14, 1881 d. Oct 29, 1946, (w/o Enoch Elijah Dugger), (d/o Mathias Hicks), "They are at rest with the Redeemer."
Dugger, Sarah Whitehead; b. 1832 d. 1910, w/o J. J. Dugger, (married Feb 02, 1852, Johnson County, TN), (d/o James P. Whitehead)
Dugger, Spencer Albert; b. Mar 02, 1918 d. Feb 06, 1998,(s/o Thomas Carter Dugger), Private First Class, U. S. Army, WWII, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort Oglethorpe, GA on Jan 17, 1942)
Dugger, William D.; b. Dec 24, 1924 d. Dec 02, 1983, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort Oglethorpe, GA on Feb 06, 1943)
Eggers, Alzenia; b. Dec 26, 1859 d. Dec 17, 1931
Eggers, Eliza C. (Greenwell); b. (Jan 22)1879 d. (Jan 05)1974, w/o James Monroe Eggers
Eggers, Gracie R.; b. Nov 06, 1923 d. Sep 09, 1924
Eggers, Isaac; b. 1854 d. 1925
Eggers, James (Monroe); b. (Oct 12)1868 d. 1951, (s/o Alexander Eggers)
Eggers, Minnie M.; b. Sep 22, 1894 d. Apr 17, 1931, "In Loving Memory."
Finney, Alvin; b. May 12, 1905 d. Nov 22, 1907, (s/o George Washington Finney)
Finney, D. C.; b. Feb 08, 1931 d. Jan 26, 1992, (s/o Donald C. Finney), "Precious Memories."
Finney, Delmer; b. Jul 12, 1921 d. Feb 02, 1995, (s/o J. Garfield Finney), "Precious Lord Take My Hand."
Finney, Donald (Carl); b. (May 03)1906 d. (Jan 15)1971, (s/o James Garfield Finney), "The Hours Part Us But They Bring Us Together Again."
Finney, Doris K.; b. 1918 d. 1955
Finney, Edith; b. (living) d. (living), w/o Delmer Finney
Finney, E. L. (Eliza); b. Oct 07, 1876 d. Oct 05, 1963, w/o George Washington Finney
Finney, Floria (Christmas Hatley); b. (Dec 25)1897 d. (Jul 20)1991, w/o Robert Andrew Finney, (married Dec 29, 1919), (d/o John F. Hatley), "Mother."
Finney, G. W. (George Washington); b. Dec 02, 1866 d. Mar 12, 1949, (s/o Phillip Finney)
Finney, Ida B. (Bailey); b. 1884 d. 1963, w/o James Garfield Finney, "Mother."
Finney, Ida (Camaline) Tester; b. (Mar 28) 1909 d. (Oct 10)2007, w/o Donald Carl Finney, (d/o Eli Finley Tester)
Finney, Infant; (dates unreadable), d/o George Washington Finney
Finney, (James) Garfield; b. (Nov 02)1880 d. 1967, (s/o Phillip Finney), "Father.", (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Carter County, TN)
Finney, John L.; b. Feb 07, 1931 d. Jul 02, 1932, s/o Robert Andrew Finney, "Asleep in Jesus."
Finney, Katherine (Greenwell); b. Aug 15, 1846 d. Feb 03, 1929, w/o Phillip Finney, (married Sep 10, 1865, Johnson County, TN), (d/o Elias Wilson Greenwell), "A tender Mother and faithful friend."
Finney, Lockie W.; b. (living) d. (living), w/o D. C. Finney, married Dec 23, 1958
Finney, Minnie B.; b. May 05, 1926 d. Jan 26, 1933, d/o Robert Andrew Finney
Finney, Phillip; b. Aug 30, 1820 d. Oct 13, 1903, (s/o Joshua Finney), (Native of North Carolina)
Finney, Robert (Andrew); b. (Apr 12)1897 d. (Sep)1983, (s/o George Washington Finney), "Father."
Green, Anna Belle Montgomery; b. (Dec 15)1922 d. (Sep 07, 2014), w/o Herbert R. Green, d/o Roosevelt Montgomery
Green, Herbert R.; b. Jul 01, 1911 d. Mar 03, 1969, Fireman First Class, U. S. Navy Reserves, WWII
Green, Dessie Hannah; Infant d/o Herbert R. Green
Greenwell, Amanda (Black); b. Aug 26, 1869 d. Jul 19, 1955, (w/o Thomas Greenwell), (married Oct 18, 1908, Carter County, TN), (d/o Emmett Black), erected by Henry Black
Greenwell, Bobby A.; b. Nov 26, 1937 d. May 17, 1970, Tennessee, Private, U. S. Marine Corps
Greenwell, Dola; b. Mar 07, 1909 d. Aug 19, 1959, (d/o Thomas Greenwell)
Greenwell, Margaret D.; b. Jan 06, 1912 d. Jun 06, 1998
Greenwell, William Leonard; b. Oct 29, 1941 d. Feb 16, 1968, Platoon Sergeant E-7, U. S. Army, Vietnam, Purple Heart Medal (Killed in Action in Vietnam while serving in the 4th Infantry Division, Vietnam Memorial Panel 39E-Line 60)
Greer, Sarah F.; b. Mar 03, 1874 d. Dec 17, 1935, w/o Thomas M. Greer, "Mother."
Greer, Thomas M.; b. Nov 18, 1867 d. Nov 08, 1938, "Father.", "Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal."
Gryder, Anna M.; b. Apr 30, 1930 d. Jan 04, 1979, w/o Dan L. Gryder, married Nov 20, 1953
Gryder, Arlie Otis; b. Jul 13, 1888 d. Jul 05, 1976, (s/o John Roswell Gryder), Private, U. S. Army, WWI
Gryder, Bertha (Ellen Arnold); b. (Sep 02)1897 d. (Dec 09)1936, w/o Arlie Otis Gryder, (d/o John Ham Arnold)
Gryder, Dan L.; b. Nov 24, 1929 d. Apr 22, 2001
Gryder, E. L. (Emma Lou Simmons); b. Jun 12, 1856 d. Jun 08, 1931, (w/o John Roswell Gryder), (married Feb 22, 1877, Alexander County, NC), (Native of North Carolina)
Gryder, Jerry L.; b. Jul 17, 1956 d. Nov 19, 1987
Gryder, John "J. R."; b. Jul 02, 1931 d. Oct 04, 2005, "In Loving Memory.", "Forever Loved."
Gryder, J. R. (John Roswell); b. Mar 19, 1855 d. Jan 31, 1948, (s/o Leander R. Gryder), (Native of North Carolina)
Gryder, Terry A.; b. Jun 12, 1954 d. Feb 07, 2004, "In Loving Memory."
Guy, Donald Scott; b.& d. Mar 26, 1976, "A Little Bud of Love, to Bloom with God above."
Harrell, Sidney C. H.; b.& d. Nov 02, 2005
Hartley, Rosia Lee; b. Jan 23, 1923 d. Sep 10, 1989
Hatley, Anna Ford; b. May 1815 d. Jul 1880, w/o William Hatley, "At Rest."
Hatley, Barbara H.; b. (living) d. (living), w/o Johnnie E. Hatley
Hatley, Buster F.; b. Sep 05, 1917 d. Nov 01, 1976, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort Oglethorpe, GA on Dec 02, 1942)
Hatley, (Edith) Catherine Greene; b. Jul 11, 1847 d. Mar 16, 1912, w/o Wiley Smith Hatley
Hatley, Eliza (Ellen Pilk).; b. (Jan 22)1892 d. (Jan 31)1956, w/o Gaither Edward Hatley, (married Apr 10, 1913, Carter County, TN)
Hatley, Fannie (Davenport); b. 1883 d. 1969, w/o William Skyles Hatley
Hatley, Gather E. (Gaither Edward); b. (Jul 12)1890 d. (Aug 04)1940, (s/o John F. Hatley), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Carter County, TN)
Hatley, Jack J.; b. Feb 21, 1928 d. Nov 14, 1991, "Precious Lord Take My Hand.", "Your Testimony Will Live Forever."
Hatley, James Monroe; b. (Mar 30)1900 d. (Dec)1978
Hatley, Johnnie E.; b. Feb 16, 1947 d. Mar 11, 1975, "Gone But Not Forgotten."
Hatley, Larry Mack; b. Aug 29, 1953 d. Jul 28, 1994, "Gone But Never Forgotten."
Hatley, Leota L.; b. Oct 31, 1923 d. Aug 04, 1993, w/o Buster F. Hatley, married Oct 20, 1942
Hatley, Margaret L.; b. (living) d. (living), w/o Jack J. Hatley, married Oct 09, 1951
Hatley, Nancy E.; b. 1883 d. 1886, d/o Wiley Smith Hatley
Hatley, Roxie Mae (Pierce); b. (Aug 11)1902 d. (Sep 15)1974, w/o James Monroe Hatley, (married Oct 23, 1920, Carter County, TN)
Hatley, Unreadable; b. 1886 d. 1887, d/o Wiley Smith Hatley
Hatley, (Wiley) Smith; b. Mar 15, 1844 d. Mar 20, 1919, s/o William Hatley, (Private, Company D, 58th North Carolina Regiment, Confederate Forces and Sergeant, Company E, 13th Regiment Tennessee Cavalry, Union Forces, Civil War) (Source: North Carolina Troops 1861-1865 Vol. XIV)
Hatley, William; b. Dec 25, 1807 d. Jan 09, 1893, "Gone But Not Forgotten."
Hatley, Worley S.; b. May 22, 1923 d. Jan 09, 1969, Tennessee, Technician Fifth Grade, 1393 Engineering Construction Battalion, (U. S. Army), WWII
Hatley, W. S. (William Skyles); b. (May 10)1874 d. (Apr 05)1953, s/o Wiley Smith Hatley
Heaton, James I.; b. (Dec 10, 1907)1908 d. (Jan)1978
Heaton, Pearly D.; b. 1913 d. 1945, w/o James I. Heaton
Hicks, Alice; b. 1881 d. 1959, w/o C. L. "Charlie" Hicks
Hicks, C. L. (Charles); b. (Nov 15)1881 d. (May)1973, (s/o Merritt L. Hicks), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Carter County, TN)
Hicks, Edith Irene; b. Feb 25, 1921 d. Mar 07, 1921
Hicks, Gladys Mae; b. May 12, 1931 d. Jul 27, 1932,
Hicks, Hattie (Cook); b. Sep 01, 1907 d. Aug 12, 1994, w/o Lawrence H. Hicks, "A Light From Our Household Is Gone, A Voice We Loved Is Still. A Place Is Vacant In Our Home Which Never Can Be Filled."
Hicks, Lawrence (H.); b. May 21, 1898 d. Aug 16, 1985, (s/o Mathias T. Hicks), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Carter County, TN)
Hicks, Mathias T.; b. Feb 16, 1823 d. Mar 02, 1903, Company D, 58 North Carolina Regiment, Confederate Forces, (Civil War)
Hicks, Willard E.; b.& d. Apr 09, 1940, s/o Lawrence H. Hicks, "Our Darling."
Hicks, William Carl; b. Aug 29, 1924 d. Aug 05, 1929, "Gone But Not Forgotten."
Higgins, Edna B.; b. Jul 03, 1919 d. Dec 22, 1976, "Mother."
Higgins, Walter H.; b. Aug 12, 1942 d. Apr 04, 1977, Private First Class, U. S. Army
Holden, Abzana; b.& d. May 04, 1904), (d/o John E. Holden), "With The Angels."
Holden, Alice (Adelade); b. (Aug 16, 1876) d. (Nov 15, 1896), (d/o John E. Holden)
Holden, (Joanna) "Anna"; b. Mar 15, 1873 d. Dec 25, 1906, (d/o John E. Holden)
Holden, Bell (Zura); b. (Jul 03, 1879) d. 1902, (d/o John E. Holden)
Holden, Mary (Ellen Cable); b. (Aug 04, 1837) d. Aug 03, 1907, (w/o John E. Holden), (d/o Daniel Cable), "At Rest.", (Editor’s Note: John E. Holden, a native of North Carolina, served in Companies D and B of the 2nd North Carolina Mounted Infantry, Union Forces, Civil War. His burial place is unknown but he is probably buried in this cemetery)
Holloway, George; (no dates), s/o G. A. Holloway
Honeycutt, Bertie A.; b. Mar 03, 1900 d. Jun 27, 1978, "Mother."
Isaacs, Baby; b.& d. May 24, 1924, "Our Darling."
Isaacs, Charlie G. W.; b. Mar 30, 1936 d. Jan 15, 2000, "In My Father’s House are many Mansions."
Isaacs, Eula C.; b. Feb 22, 1899 d. Nov 11, 1953, "We will meet again."
Isaacs, (Suffrana) Eveline; b. 1874 d. 1957, (d/o Elias Isaacs), (Native of North Carolina), (Editor’s Note: Elias Isaacs served in Company A, 3rd Tennessee Mounted Infantry, Union Forces, Civil War)
Isaacs, Lester Lee; b. May 24, 1940 d. Jan 05, 2001
Isaacs, Stella B.; b. (living) d. (living), w/o Charlie G. W. Isaacs
James, Ethel M.; b. 1921 d. 1953, w/o Jesse W. James
James, Jesse W.; b. 1917 d. 1958
Johnson, Jenny Hatley; b. Apr 22, 1977 d. Mar 24, 2003, "Loved Forever."
Lewis, Edward A.; b. Jun 18, 1911 d. Dec 08, 1994, "Precious Lord Take My Hand."
Lewis, George M.; b. Mar 28, 1928 d. Dec 27, 1989, "Going Home."
Lewis, Hattie N.; b. 1889 d. 1971, w/o J. Lewis
Lewis, J. "Loss"; b. 1886 d. 1958
Lewis, Karen Ann; b. Jan 19, 1952 d. Apr 23, 1952
Lewis, Liddie P.; b. (living) d. (living), w/o George M. Lewis, married Aug 05, 1956
Lewis, Mary E.; b. (living) d. (living), w/o Rex R. Lewis
Lewis, Rex Ross; b. May 09, 1925 d. Aug 03, 1997, (s/o Loss Lewis), Private First Class, U. S. Army, WWII
Lewis, Sidney B.; b. Feb 12, 1931 d. Apr 17, 1991, Corporal, U. S. Army, Korea
Louis, Hanah; b. Oct 25, 1908 d. Oct 20, 1911, d/o George Louis, "Gone But Not Forgotten."
Lunceford, Andrew T.; b. 1929 d. 1983
Lunceford, Andy; b. 1878 d. 1947
Lunceford, Carrie Hicks; b. 1882 d. 1912, w/o Andy Lunceford
Lunceford, Dealie; b. Jun 12, 1888 d. May 28, 1973, "Mother."
Lunceford, John L.; b. 1902 d. 1964
Lunceford, Joseph A "Joe".; b. (May 25)1909 d. (Apr)1980
Lunceford, Louie; b. Sep 21, 1923 d. Mar 14, 1977
Lunceford, Major P.; b. Nov 08, 1882 d. Jan 10, 1967, "Father."
Lunceford, Minnie L.; b. 1913 d. 1986, w/o John L. Lunceford, "Precious Memories."
Lunceford, Nora P.; b. 1910 d. 2003, w/o Joseph A. Lunceford
Main, Emma H (Waggoner).; b. Oct 01, 1859 d. Jul 21, 1921, w/o John Emanuel Main
Main, John M. (Emanuel); b. Jul 01, 1852 d. Jul 08, 1900
Main, Nettie C.; b. Mar 05, 1897 d. Oct 12, 1988, w/o Parker G. Main, married Jan 23, 1924, "Mother."
Main, Parker G.; b. Oct 04, 1887 d. Nov 08, 1964, (s/o John Emanuel Main), "Father.", "In God We Trust."
Main, William K. "Bob"; b. Nov 01, 1930 d. Apr 10, 1982, (s/o Parker G. Main)
Manis, Brenda Caldwell; b. May 15, 1948 d. Apr 16, 2008, "In Loving Memory.", "Muff."
Marlow, Rufus L.; b. (living) d. (living)
Marlow, Shirley J.; b. Aug 10, 1939 d. Aug 04, 2003, w/o Rufus L. Marlow, married Jul 01, 1960
Mays, Nikki Lynn; b. Mar 23, 1990 d. Apr 26, 1990, "Our Little Angel."
McCloud, Fred; (no dates), Cook, Company M, 4th Illinois Infantry, (U. S. Army), Spanish American War, (Native of Illinois)
McNeal, (Arie Clemetine Black); b. Aug 27, 1907 d. Sep 23, 1987, w/o Robie Albert McNeal, (d/o George Washington Black), "Mom."
McNeal, George F.; b. Sep 30, 1930 d. Apr 29, 2007, (s/o Robie Albert McNeal), "Loving Brother and Uncle."
McNeal, Robie (Albert); b. Jun 26, 1907 d. May 02, 1964, "Dad."
Montgomery, David; b. Oct 04, 1926 d. Jun 30, 1944
Montgomery, Flora (Deray Cook); b. (Sep 20)1901 d. (Mar 19)1969, w/o Roosevelt Ellis Montgomery, (d/o Thomas Cook)
Montgomery, Marjorie Lee; b. Mar 07, 1935 d. Dec 18, 2009, w/o William H. Montgomery, "Mother."
Montgomery, Mildred R.; b. (living) d. (living), w/o Warren G. Montgomery, "Mother", "He maketh me to lie down."
Montgomery, Robert H.; b. 1892 d. 1954
Montgomery, Roosevelt (Ellis); b. (May 13)1900 d. (Oct 29)1983, (s/o William C. Montgomery), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Carter County, TN)
Montgomery, Rosa Ann; b. 1902 d. 1977
Montgomery, Rosa H.; b. 1899 d. 1970, w/o Robert H. Montgomery
Montgomery, Warren G.; b. Sep 22, 1922 d. Jan 24, 1991, "Father."
Montgomery, William H.; b. Feb 02, 1935 d. Jan 26, 2000, "Father."
Norris, Julie; b. 1886 d. 1918, "Beyond The Sunset."
Perkins, Hosea E.; b. Jul 07, 1897 d. Feb 25, 1971, Tennessee, Private, U. S. Army, WWI
Perkins, Laney; b. 1878 d. (no date), w/o William Perkins
Perkins, Mamie G.; b. Jul 15, 1903 d. Nov 02, 1980, w/o Hosea E. Perkins, "Our Loving Mother."
Perkins, (Sidney) Skyles; b. Jul 16, 1899 d. May 26, 1948, s/o William Perkins, (WWI Draft Registration indicates he resided in Carter County, TN with a Date of Birth of Jul 07, 1899)
Perkins, William; b. 1878 d. 1944, "Gone But Not Forgotten."
Pierce, Emma (Eggers); b. 1866 d. 1918, (w/o Andy Pierce), "Mother."
Pierce, (Joseph) W.; b. Jul 14, 1899 d. Dec 23, 1937, (s/o Andy Pierce)
Pilk, Acey; b. 1897 d. 1901
Pilk, Lacy; b. 1922 d. 1986, "At Home With My Savior."
Pilkington, Ruthie E.; b. 1867 d. 1955
Pilkton, Clementine (Norris); b. 1860 d. 1922, (w/o Enoch E. Pilkton)
Pilkton, Enoch E.; b. 1850 d. 1939
Potter, Hessie Ann; b. Dec 26, 1889 d. Jun 14, 1983, w/o John H. Potter
Potter, John H.; b. Nov 04, 1892 d. Dec 02, 1967
Potter, William H.; b. Jul 09, 1919 d. Oct 07, 1959, Tennessee, Technical Sergeant, 450th Bomb Group, U. S. Army Air Corps, WWII, Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal w/2 Oak Leaf Clusters
Renfro, W. B. (William Bert); b. Apr 27, 1839 d. Mar 16, 1912, (s/o John Renfro), (Company A, 22nd Virginia Cavalry, Bower’s Regiment Virginia Mounted Rifles, Confederate Forces, Civil War), (Native of North Carolina), (May have also served in Company D, 37th Virginia Regiment Infantry, Confederate Forces, Civil War)
Sheffield, Charles Alex; b. Apr 26, 1888 d. May 30, 1911
Sheffield, Clara L. Stout; b. Sep 10, 1843 d. Mar 18, 1915, w/o William Elkanah Sheffield, (married Jul 25, 1861, Johnson County, TN)
Sheffield, Clinton E.; b. 1884 d. 1960
Sheffield, Earl Vaught; b. Jul 09, 1915 d. Mar 20, 1917, s/o W. D. Sheffield, "From Mother’s arms to the arms of Jesus."
Sheffield, Elizabeth; b. Aug 02, 1829 d. May 06, 1890
Sheffield, George; b. May 17, 1904 d. Oct 22, 1888
Sheffield, Laurenda Lillie; b. Apr 12, 1879 d. Dec 30, 1890, (d/o William Elkanah Sheffield)
Sheffield, Oscar; b. Sep 19, 1878 d. Jan 26, 1947, Private, 78th Company CAC, (U. S. Army)
Sheffield, William (Elkanah); b. Jan 08, 1839 d. Feb 18, 1917, (Sergeant, 13th Tennessee Cavalry, Union Forces, Civil War, Enlisted under last name Shuffield)
Shell, Ellen; b. Jan 06, 1929 d. Jan 01, 1980, "Daughter.", "Resting In The Hope Of A Glorious Resurrection."
Shell, Eva Finney; b. Apr 03, 1869 d. Sep 04, 1924, w/o John B. Shell
Shell, John B.; b. 1866 d. 1925
Sheppard, Carolyn; b. Dec 21, 1955 d. May 24, 1999, "Precious Lord Take My Hand."
Slemp, Callie F.; b. 1875 d. 1930, w/o M. Jordon Slemp
Slemp, M. Jordon; b. 1867 d. 1932
Stanton, James J.; b. Dec 24, 1934 d. Mar 12, 1967, "Father."
Stanton, Judy Kay; b. Aug 29, 1961 d. Sep 01, 1961, (d/o James J. Stanton)
Trivett, Helen M.; b. (living) d. (living), w/o Mirl T. Trivett, married Feb 17, 1956
Trivett, Loretta L.; b. Jan 17, 1967 d. Oct 22, 1995
Trivett, Mirl T.; b. (Dec 03, 1934)1933 d. (Apr 22) 1995
Trivett, Nannie Main; b. May 28, 1886 d. Apr 11, 1916
Trivett, Willie (Willard); b. Nov 17, 1914 d. Dec 18, 1968
Trivette, Clyde E.; b. 1936 d. 1958
Trivette, Effie (Mae Black); b. May 25, 1917 d. Jun 12, 1988, w/o Willard Trivette, d/o George Washington Black
Trivette, Richard I. Kinley; b. Apr 28, 1953 d. Mar 06, 1997
Trusler, Barbara Ann; b. (Mar 03)1956 d. (Dec 24)2004, (Funeral Marker)
Turbyfill, Doran W.; b. Jan 27, 1937 d. Feb 21, 1985
Turbyfill, Gurney L.; b. 1892 d. 1965, (s/o John Wesley Turbyfill), (Native of North Carolina)
Turbyfill, Lockie A. (Pilk); b. (May 03, 1904)1903 d. (May 23)1998, w/o Gurney L. Turbyfill, (married Feb 03, 1939, Carter County, TN)
Vines, Carrie A.; b. Jul 11, 1905 d. Dec 12, 1980, w/o Thomas J. Vines, "Earth Has No Sorrow Heaven Cannot Heal."
Vines, Thomas J.; b. Aug 18, 1893 d. Nov 28, 1975
Vines, William; b.& d. 1921, "Budded on Earth to Bloom in Heaven."
Ward, Hannah E.; b. 1884 d. 1967
Ward, Henry T.; b. May 17, 1866 d. May 27, 1927
Ward, Jane; b. Jun 01, 1916 d. (date unreadable)
Whaley, Bobby (G.); b. (Jun 08)1967 d. (Dec 04)2005, (Funeral Home Marker)
Whaley, Nora Dove (Campbell); b. (May 13)1923 d. (Jun 20)1973, w/o Ray Herbert Whaley, (married Aug 15, 1942, Carter County, TN), (d/o William Powell Campbell), "Mother.", "Rest in Peace."
Whaley, Ray Herbert; b. (Aug 11)1919 d. (Jan 12)1998, Technician Fourth Grade, U. S. Army, WWII, "Father", "Rest in Peace.", (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort Oglethorpe, GA on Jul 08, 1944)
White, Christi Lee; b. Oct 25, 1990 d. Jan 11, 1991, (Funeral Home Marker)
White, Katie O.; b. Jan 18, 1914 d. May 13, 1996, "Beloved Mother."
White, Linda D.; b.& d. Sep 15, 1947
Whitehead, Catherine (Stout); b. 1797 d. 1890, w/o James P. Whitehead
Whitehead, Daniel; b. 1825 d. 1871, (s/o James P. Whitehead)
Whitehead, E. D.; b. Jul 17, 1856 d. Oct 05, 1920, "He was a kind and affectionate husband and father and a friend to all."
Whitehead, Granville W.; b. (no dates), (s/o James P. Whitehead), Company G., 13th Tennessee Cavalry, (Union Forces), Civil War
Whitehead, James P.; b. 1797 d. 1880
Whitehead, Thomas; b. 1823 d. 1903, (s/o James P. Whitehead), Private, Company L, 2nd Regiment Tennessee Cavalry, (Union Forces), Civil War
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