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Peters Cemetery

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From Highway 19E in Carter County take Roaring Creek Road to the right. Follow Roaring Creek until you come to Peters Cemetery Road to the left. This is a winding road which will dead end at the cemetery on top of the ridge. The cemetery is well kept and fenced and it is in a spectacular location on top of the ridge overlooking a beautiful valley. This cemetery was transcribed during April of 2010. Items in parenthesis are from other sources. Items with quotation marks are actually on the cemetery stone. There are a number of unmarked stones in the cemetery.

-Carl W. Dykes

Arnett, Andrew J.; b. (Dec 07)1877 d. 1947
Arnett, Infant; (no dates)
Arnett, (Anna Jennice Peters) "Jennie"; b. 1881 d. 1969, w/o Andrew J. Arnett
Arnett, John A.; b. Mar 16, 1903 d. Oct 27, 1933, s/o Andrew J. Arnett, "Gone But Not Forgotten."
Barnett, Infant; (no dates)
Bowling, Glynia J.; b. Jun 05, 1932 d. Sep 26, 1997, w/o John L. Bowling
Bowling, John L.; b. Jun 02, 1930 d. Nov 02, 2000, Seaman, U. S. Navy, Korea
Brooks, Zachary Shane; b.& d. Jul 16, 1997
Cairnes, Kenny; b. (living) d. (living)
Cairnes, Teresa Lee; b. May 04, 1964 d. Mar 17, 2006, w/o Kenny Cairnes, "Tender Loving Care."
Forbes, Florence (A. Oxendine); b. Nov 26, 1911 d. Dec 01, 2004, w/o William M. Forbes
Forbes, William M.; b. Jan 09, 1904 d. Mar 28, 1993
Guinn, Blanche J. (Arnett) ; b. Dec 25, 1900 d. May 20, 1996, (d/o Andrew J. Arnett), "Resting In Peace."
Holtsclaw, Ivalee; Mar 20, 1936 (Only Date)
Hopson, Velldora Orr Morgan "Bell"; b. 1868 d. 1908, (w/o (1) James Morgan, married Apr 30, 1882, Carter County, TN and (2) Unknown Hopson)
Hudgins, Gene A.; b. Sep 28, 1943 d. Apr 07, 2008, "Husband."
Hudgins, Patsy; b. (living) d. (living), w/o Gene A. Hudgins, "Wife."
Johnson, Bill E. H.; b. May 07, 1917 d. Mar 18, 1993, Private, U. S. Army, WWII
Johnson, Charles E.; b. Feb 17, 1947 d. Dec 04, 1986
Johnson, Daisey L.; b. Jul 15, 1924 d. Jun 27, 1962
Lyons, Landon (Earl) "Link"; b. Mar 15, 1898 d. Jun 24, 1981, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Carter County, TN)
Lyons, Ralph N.; b. Feb 06, 1926 d. Nov 24, 1967
Odom, Geneva V.; b. Nov 12, 1917 d. Jul 08, 2008
Orr, Jackson; (no dates)
Orr, Jonathan Caleb; b. Oct 08, 1975 d. Oct 16, 1975
Orr, Mary; (no dates)
Orr, Mary E.; b. 1884 d. (no date), w/o Sherdin P. Orr
Orr, Rebecca; (no dates)
Orr, Sherdin P.; b. 1870 d. 1955
Orr, William Howard; b. Dec 10, 1910 d. Nov 15, 1919, "Gone But Not Forgotten."
Oxendine, Arvil S.; b. Apr 25, 1916 d. Dec 01, 1990, (s/o Charlie Oxendine), Private First Class, U. S. Army, WWII, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Camp Shelby, MS on Mar 08, 1944)
Oxendine, Bernice; b. (living) d. (living), w/o Arvil S. Oxendine
Oxendine, Bessie (Hope Hopson); b. (Feb 23, 1894)1893 d. (Apr)1985, w/o Charlie Oxendine
Oxendine, Charlie; b. 1886 d. 1952, (s/o Larkin Oxendine)
Oxendine, Corinth H.; b. Mar 25, 1920 d. Jul 09, 1957
Oxendine, Edith; b. Sep 01, 1917 d. May 27, 2006, w/o Jack Oxendine
Oxendine, Eva Jane; b. May 09, 1900 d. Jul 09, 1990, w/o George Oxendine, "At Rest."
Oxendine, Frank; (Footstone, no dates)
Oxendine, George; b. May 02, 1892 d. Jun 27, 1954, Private, Company E, 3rd Regiment Infantry, Tennessee National Guard
Oxendine, Jack; b. Jun 11, 1918 d. Jan 12, 1994, (s/o Charlie Oxendine)
Oxendine, Jim; (Foot Stone, no dates)
Oxendine, Joann (Hanger); (Foot Stone, no date), (w/o Larkin Oxendine)
Oxendine, Larkin; b. 1814 d. 1921, Private, Company B, 37th North Carolina Regiment, Confederate States Army, Civil War, (Born in Sumpter District, South Carolina and resided in Watauga County, NC where he was by occupation a farmer prior to enlisting in Watauga County at age 26 on Sep 14, 1861. Present or accounted for until captured at or near Fort Stedman, VA on Mar 25, 1865. Confined at Point Lookout, MD until released on Jun 29, 1865 after taking the oath of allegiance. Records of the Federal Provost Marshal dated in June indicates he was blind in his left eye. Source: North Carolina Troops 1861-1865, Volume IX, Infantry)
Oxendine, Larry D.; b. Jan 28, 1942 d. Feb 08, 2008, "Precious Lord Take My Hand."
Oxendine, Patti; b. (living) d. (living), w/o Larry D. Oxendine
Oxendine, William Fred Sr.; b. Oct 09, 1920 d. Jul 13, 2002, (s/o Charlie Oxendine), Sergeant, U. S. Army, WWII, "Father and Friend."
Peters, Alvin W.; b. Sep 11, 1860 d. Feb 01, 1919, "Gone But Not Forgotten."
Peters, Rebecca; b. Sep 08, 1863 d. Apr 06, 1920, w/o Alvin W. Peters, "At Rest."
Tolley, G. V.; b. Apr 11, 1876 d. Jun 18, 1927, w/o John T. Tolley
Vines, Gertrude A.; b. Aug 17, 1925 d. Dec 27, 1986, "In Loving Memory."
Whitehead, Bonnie B.; b. Sep 30, 1913 d. May 07, 1997, "A Tender Mother-A Faithful Friend."
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