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Gragg Cemetery
Meat Camp
Watauga County
North Carolina

Gragg Cemetery is located on a hill in the middle of a cow pasture behind a little dairy farm on Clay Hodges Road near the intersection of Herbert Jones Road. This area of Watauga County is called Meat Camp. The GPS coordinates are 36 14 57 N and 81 38 07 W.

The four wheel drive on my truck came in handy because of the rough terrain leading up to the cemetery. The view of the surrounding valley from the cemetery is excellent. The cemetery is fenced within the pasture. Because this is a working farm, care must be taken to close all gates that you open to reach the cemetery.

The ownership of the cemetery is unknown. The cemetery is in pretty good shape with some minor damage caused by the elements. The earliest burial appears to be that of Dillard Burton Hodges in 1875. The last burial appears to be in 1984. This is a complete transcription of all legible stones in the cemetery. The transcription was completed on Oct 29, 2006. It was updated on Dec 30, 2010. (This cemetery was first posted on the website interment.net but it became impossible to update information on that site. They also refused to remove the cemetery from their site. This cemetery will continuously be updated on my website.)

Baird, Ralph L.; b. Aug 08, 1906 d. Feb 04, 1908, s/o Noah Stewart Baird
Brown, Gordon Lee; b. Aug 03, 1933 d. Jan 14, 1937, s/o F. J. Brown
Cornett, Marion Tony; b. Mar 13, 1943 b. Feb 02, 1962, (Probably the son of Marion Columbus and Ida Belle Dotson Cornett.)
Curtis, Bertram McKinley; b. Dec 09, 1897 d. 1956, s/o James Madison Curtis
Curtis, Pearl G.; b. 1907 d. 1946, w/o Bertram McKinley Curtis
Dotson, Albert Arron; b. Jul 01, 1902 d. Dec 08, 1953, s/o John General Dotson
Dotson, John General; b. Oct 04, 1876 d. Mar 22, 1970, s/o General Jordan Dotson
Dotson, Lloyd Earl; b. May 02, 1928 d. Mar 22, 1947, s/o Albert Arron Dotson
Dotson, Mamie G.; b. Jan 21, 1913 d. Apr 2, 1913, d/o John General Dotson
Dotson, Thersia Melisia Layell; b. Dec 27, 1873 d. Apr 04, 1951, w/o John General Dotson
Dotson, Virginia; b. Feb 09, 1889 d. Sep 23, 1914, w/o Alfred F. Dotson
Flick, Grace Gragg; b. Jan 30, 1907 d. Apr 12, 1984, w/o Leon Flick
Flick, Jimmy Gordon; b. Nov 06, 1936 d. July 6, 1982, s/o Leon Flick, military marker, U. S. Air Force
Gragg, Infant; b.& d. 1941, d/o J. A. Gragg
Gragg, John A.; b. Jun 13, 1848 d. May 18, 1924, s/o Hamilton Gragg
Gragg, Margie Matilda Billings; b. Dec 05, 1876 d. Jun 05, 1965, w/o William Webster Gragg
Gragg, Nancy Greene; b. Feb 12, 1846 d. Jun 07, 1903, aged 57y, 3m, 25d, w/o John A. Gragg
Gragg, William Webster; b. Jun 10, 1876 d. May 21, 1949, s/o John A. Gragg
Greene, Cynthia Caroline; b. Dec 06, 1845 d. March 27, 1891, aged 45y, 9m, 15d, w/o William H. Greene
Greene, Henry Albert; b. Dec 23, 1888 d. Jan 5, 1963, military marker, U. S. Army, WWI
Greene, Infant; b. Feb 22, 1907 d. Mar 08, 1907, s/o James H. Greene
Greene, James Albert; b. 1932 d. Dec 26, 2010, s/o Henry Albert Greene
Greene, James H.; b. Sep 28, 1870 d. Feb 03, 1927
Greene, Lillie V.; b. May 15, 1869 d. Oct 10, 1949
Greene, William Floyd; b. Feb 14, 1920 d. Oct 28, 1925
Hayes, Carrie M. Gragg; b. Sep 03, 1869 d. Jan 10, 1929, first w/o Joseph Harrison Hayes Jr., "Mother."
Hayes, Dora Gragg; b. 1873 d. Dec 27,1957, second w/o Joseph Harrison Hayes Jr.
Hayes, Eliza Hodges; b. Jan 06, 1829 d. Aug 03, 1887, w/o Joseph Harrison Hayes Sr., married Oct 10, 1848, Ashe Co., NC
Hayes, George Hamilton; b. Jan 05, 1868 d. Aug 12, 1953, s/o Joseph Harrison Hayes Sr., "At Rest."
Hayes, Infant; b.& d. Dec 19, 1893, s/o Joseph Harrison Hayes Jr.
Hayes, Joseph Harrison Sr.; b. Oct 23, 1828 d. Apr 28, 1907, aged 78y, 6m, 5d, s/o Ransom Hayes, (Co. I, 58 NC Infantry, CSA*)
Hayes, Joseph Harrison Jr.; b. Apr 10, 1865 d. Jul 11, 1954, s/o Joseph Harrison Hayes Sr., "God is our refuge and strength."
Hayes, Mary C. Moody; b. Mar 24, 1868 d. Jan 18, 1907, w/o George Hamilton Hayes, married Aug 04, 1909, Watauga Co., NC
Hayes, Roy Gragg; b. Apr 20, 1907 d. Jun 16, 1932
Hodges, Calloway; b.1845 d. Mar 07, 1890, s/o John Jack Hodges, (Co. I, 58 NC Infantry, CSA*, Co. C., 5 Battalion NC Cavalry, CSA* and Co. H, 6 NC Cavalry, CSA*)
Hodges, Cora; b. 1875 d. 1896, w/o Leonard Hodges
Hodges, Cordie L; b. Mar 15, 1896 d. Mar 25, 1896, d/o Joseph Marion Hodges
Hodges, Dillard Burton; b. Apr 03, 1820 d. Jan 31, 1875
Hodges, Eliza Northern; b. Dec 14, 1826 d. February 7, 1877, w/o Dillard Burton Hodges
Hodges, Emma L. Hodges; b. Feb 22, 1879 d. Jun 5, 1938, w/o Joseph Marion Hodges, d/o Calloway Hodges
Hodges, Ethel Day; b. 1891 d. (no date), w/o Thomas Clingman Hodges
Hodges, General Grant; b. Nov 14, 1895 d. Apr 16, 1896, s/o James Patterson Hodges
Hodges, General Lafayette; b. Jan 28, 1874 d. Dec 21, 1942, s/o Calloway Hodges
Hodges, Grant T.; b. Jan 29, 1869 d. Dec 23, 1895, s/o Dillard Burton Hodges
Hodges, Hardie Lee; b. Sep 15, 1876 d. Jun 27, 1962, s/o Calloway Hodges
Hodges, Infant; b. Sep 22, 1910 d. Sep 23, 1910, s/o General Lafayette Hodges
Hodges, Infant; b. Jan 19, 1906 d. Mar 06, 1906, s/o Hardie Lee Hodges
Hodges, Infant; b.& d. Aug 13, 1918, d/o General Lafayette Hodges
Hodges, John Millard; b. 1869 d. 1943, s/o Calloway Hodges
Hodges, Joseph; b. Jun 18, 1859 d. Dec 26, 1910, s/o William Marion Hodges
Hodges, Dr. Joseph Marion; b. Apr 16, 1866 d. Jul 18, 1941, s/o Larkin Hodges
Hodges, Josephine Augusta Hodges; b. Jul 22, 1860 d. Apr 28, 1909, w/o Joseph Hodges, d/o Dillard Burton Hodges
Hodges, Rev. Larkin; b. Feb 03, 1806 d. May 26, 1887, s/o William Hodges
Hodges, Thomas Leonard; b.1877 d. 1892, s/o William Morris Hodges
Hodges, Lula E. Adams; b. Jun 09, 1886 d. (no date), w/o General Lafayette Hodges
Hodges, Martha; b. Nov 29, 1848 d. 1876, d/o Dillard Burton Hodges
Hodges, Mary Green; b. 1854 d. 1911, w/o William Hodges
Hodges, Mattie V. Smith; b. Nov 16, 1882 d. May 11, 1952, w/o Hardie Lee Hodges, married Aug 03, 1905
Hodges, Oscar; b. Oct 18, 1889 d. Nov 01, 1913, s/o Joseph Marion Hodges
Hodges, Sarah "Sallie" Greene; b. 1847 d. 1928, w/o Calloway Hodges
Hodges, Sallie O. Adkins; b. 1876 d. (no date), w/o John Millard Hodges, married Dec 23, 1896
Hodges, Thomas Clingman; b. 1883 d. 1960, s/o Calloway Hodges
Hodges, Dr. William B.; b. May 27, 1863 d. Feb 06, 1941, s/o Dillard Burton Hodges
Hodges, W. C.; b. Oct 01, 1918 d. Dec 07, 1925, s/o Carrie Hodges
Hodges, William Morris; b. Oct 1838 d. Jan 10, 1910, s/o John Jack Hodges, (Co. I, 58 NC Infantry, CSA*)
Houser, Sallie H.; b. 1910 d. 1974
Johnson, Tommy; b. Jan 13, 1963 d. Mar 07, 1979
McLean, Lillie Cloe Dotson Robbins; b. Jun 24, 1914 d. Apr 14, 1978, w/o John Henry Robbins, w/o Unknown McLean
Robbins, June Lee; b. Feb 23, 1939 d. Jul 18, 1979, d/o John Henry Robbins
Trivett, Albert S.; b. Jun 13, 1905 d. Jul 30, 1905, s/o C. A. TRIVETT
Vannoy, Allen; b. Apr 24, 1903 d. Aug 29, 1903, s/o James Gilbert Vannoy
Vannoy, infant; b. Apr 12, 1893 d. Apr 18, 1893, d/o James Gilbert Vannoy
Vannoy, Caladonia "Dona" Martha Hodges; b. May 29, 1871 d. Mar 16, 1952, w/o James Gilbert Vannoy, married Feb 25, 1892, Watauga Co., NC
Vannoy, Lizzie; b. Mar 02, 1899 d. May 10, 1900, d/o James Gilbert Vannoy
Vannoy, James Gilbert; b. May 8, 1869 d. May 5, 1932

* North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865, Vol’s. II and XIV.

Note: The preparer of this document has utilized North Carolina death records, the Social Security Death Data Base, WWII U. S. Army Enlistment Records and WWI Draft Registration Cards to supplement or to verify some entries. Family members have also provided helpful information.
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