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Garden of the Old Rugged Cross H-P
1591 Gadsden Highway
Birmingham Alabama 35235 Show map

Phone: 205-322-0543

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Garden of the Old Rugged Cross is a section of Jefferson Memorial Gardens East. Jefferson Memorial Gardens East is located on approximately 100 acres, several blocks of which fronts U. S. Highway 11 or Gadsden Highway. The cemetery was founded in 1949 and it is privately owned. It is an active cemetery providing resting places for some 650 citizens each year. It is well maintained and has a full time staff providing excellent care to those in need of their services. Only one section in the cemetery has above ground monuments. This transcription is a complete and accurate accounting of the legible markers in this section. This transcription was conducted by me during September, 2008. Information in parenthesis is from the monument itself while information in brackets has been supplied by the transcriber. If I can determine that a person is deceased and an obituary indicates they were buried here, I will add the death date in brackets or if buried elsewhere, I will try to provide that information as well.

-Carl W. Dykes

(Editor’s Notes: Items in quotation marks are from the memorial. Military information is from the memorial unless otherwise specified. Items in parenthesis have been added by the editor from other sources. U. S. Army enlistments are available but U. S. Navy and U. S. Marine Corps enlistments are not. If an ancestor served in either of these two branches, it would be hard to determine that to any certainty based on records currently available. There is some information available which is taken from the muster rolls of U. S. Carriers and Marine Detachments on some ships during the war but the data sometimes does not contain enough personal data to positively identify any individual unless there is some other corroborating evidence.)

Hagwood, Georgie F. (Leggett); b. (Sep 07)1902 d. (Feb)1978, w/o Luster Homer Hagwood
Hagwood, Luster Homer; b. (Jul 22)1897 d. (Jan 17)1959, (s/o James H. Hagwood), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL, name given Luster Homer Hagood)
Hailey, Bobby F. Sr.; b. Aug 14, 1927 d. Oct 17, 2006, "Your Word is a Lamp to my Feet and a Light for my Path. Psalms 119:105."
Hailey, Elsie M.; b. Feb 09, 1929 d. (living), w/o Bobby F. Hailey Sr.
Halley, Pauline Caraway; b. Jun 04, 1916 d. Feb 21, 1997
Hallmark, Ola L.; b. (Nov 29)1911 d. (Nov 19)1988, w/o Ronald L. Hallmark
Hallmark, Ronald L.; b. (Apr 09)1901 d. (May)1975
Hamilton, Judy Lane; b. Apr 19, 1942 d. Feb 12, 2007
Hamm, James Nicholas; b. Sep 21, 1976 d. Oct 08, 1976, "Our Precious Son."
Hammett, Michael R.; b. Jul 26, 1977 d. Jun 15, 1985, "Our Little Boy, We Love You."
Hamrig, H. Guy; b. Oct 28, 1896 d. Dec 24, 1974, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Cullman County, AL, name used H. G. Hamric)
Hamrig, Mary E.; b. Aug 10, 1907 d. Mar 22, 1978, w/o H. Guy Hamrig
Hannah, Edward Labron; b. Jan 31, 1935 d. May 19, 2002, Aviation Structural Mechanic First Class, U. S. Navy, Vietnam
Hardemon, Geneva A.; b. (Feb 14)1907 d. (Sep)1986, w/o Louie M. Hardemon
Hardemon, Louie M.; b. (Jul 16)1902 d. (Jul 19)1957
Harden, Ethel C.; b. 1903 d. 1960
Harmon, Harvey; b. 1904 d. (Feb 01)1971, "Shrine Symbol."
Harmon, Mabel Johnson; b. Jun 09, 1910 d. Jan 18, 1996, w/o Harvey Harmon
Harper, Margaretta; b. (Apr 08)1892 d. (Aug)1967, (Native of Tennessee)
Harris, Arthur Bryan; b. Dec 24, 1937 d. Jan 05, 1996
Harris, H. Elizabeth Irish; b. Mar 25, 1905 d. Dec 11, 2007
Harris, Judy C.; b. Sep 20, 1940 d. (living), "Beloved Wife and Mother."
Harris, Lula M. "Mama"; b. May 16, 1881 d. Jun 12, 1957
Harris, Sadie Holloway; b. Jul 16, 1932 d. Oct 27, 1985
Harris, Teresa Lee; b. Feb 05, 1960 d. Dec 05, 1964, "Our Darling Daughter."
Hawk, Betty Trapp; b. Jun 01, 1935 d. Jan 21, 2000, w/o Charles W. Hawk, "Beloved Wife and Mother."
Hawk, Charles W.; b. Sep 13, 1929 d. Apr 06, 2003, Sergeant First Class, U. S. Army, Korea
Haynes, Alice Nancy (Gaines); b. 1921 d. 1981, w/o Troy E. Haynes
Haynes, Geraldine H.: "Gerry"; b. May 02, 1935 d. Jul 09, 1994
Haynes, (James) Arvel; b. (Apr 16)1898 d. (Jul)1972, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Blount County, AL, date of birth given Apr 10, 1898)
Haynes, Olive E. (Hallmark); b. (Nov 09)1904 d. (Dec 01)1990, w/o James Arvel Haynes
Haynes, Troy (Ernest); b. (May 06)1922 d. (Jul 08)2005, (s/o Charles B. Haynes), "In Loving Memory.", (Enlisted in the U. S. Army Coast Artillery Corps at Birmingham, AL on Feb 10, 1941)
Haynes, Vera Ethridge; b. Aug 26, 1927 d. May 27, 2007, "In Loving Memory."
Haynes, William R. Jr.; b. Sep 18, 1961 d. Dec 09, 1984
Haynie, Addie (Mae); b. Nov 30, 1915 d. Nov 23, 2000, w/o Vesper Hubert Haynie
Haynie, Vesper (Hubert); b. Mar 09, 1914 d. Aug 23, 1986, (s/o Lewis Grady Haynie)
Head, James Arthur; b. Jan 20, 1915 d. Apr 24, 2003, (s/o William Brantley Head), (Career with Barber Pure Milk Company)
Head, Mary Elizabeth; b. May 15, 1917 d. Jun 30, 1990, w/o James Arthur Head, married Jul 22, 1934
Head, Pearl (Ganelle Keel); b. Jul 21, 1894 d. Oct 29, 1961, w/o William Brantley Head
Head, William (Brantley); b. Dec 28, 1892 d. Jul 17, 1973, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL)
Heermans, Mavis Cofield; b. Aug 10, 1914 d. May 08, 2001, w/o Sylvanus Chester Heermans, "Mama."
Heermans, Sylvanus Chester; b. Sep 26, 1904 d. Apr 15, 1997, "Pappy."
Hellums, Millard A.; b. Oct 18, 1911 d. Apr 06, 1973, Alabama, Corporal, U. S. Marine Corps, WWII
Helton, Paul B.; b. 1908 d. 1964
Henson, Dora Belle; b. (Apr 10)1900 d. (Jun)1974, w/o Richard Leslie Henson
Henson, Lola Bell; b. (Aug 21)1910 d. (Feb 22)2002, w/o William Travis Henson
Henson, Richard (Leslie); b. (Jul 15)1900 d. (Nov)1981, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL)
Henson, William Travis; b. Feb 14, 1898 d. Oct 16, 1969, Alabama, Private, 168 Aero Squadron, (U. S. Army), WWI
Herren, Claude A.; b. (Dec 28)1912 d. (Jun)1979
Herren, Claude (Eugene) "Gene"; b. Jun 12, 1934 d. Mar 24, 2010
Herren, Glenn; b.& d. Apr 10, 1957, "Our Babies."
Herren, Katherine E.; b. (Dec 18)1915 d. (Apr 11)2007, w/o Claude A. Herren
Herren, Lynn; b. Apr 10, 1957 d. Apr 12, 1957, "Our Babies."
Herren, Virginia C. "Ginny"; b. Jun 04, 1932 d. (living), w/o Claude Eugene Herren
Herring, Ruby (Lenore Bass); b. (Nov 19)1893 d. 1968, w/o William Preston Herring, (d/o William Columbus Bass)
Herring, William (Preston); b. (Oct 27)1892 d. (Jan 10)1978, (s/o John William Herring)
Hess, George (Washington); b. (Jun 03)1911 d. (Jan 21, 1998), (s/o James Raiford Hess)
Hess, (Frances) Grace (Thomason); b. (Jun 26)1916 d. (May)1984, w/o George Washington Hess, (d/o Joseph Earnest Thomason)
Hester, Lewis (Franklin Jr.); b. (Nov 06)1902 d. (Feb 06)1977
Hester, Thora (Mary Brumbeloe) Pond; b. (Mar 13)1907 d. (Jan 27)1990, w/o (1) Curtis William Pond and (2) Lewis Franklin Hester, (d/o Jeptha Jerome Brumbeloe)
Hicks, Agnes (Rice); b. Dec 05, 1919 d. May 13, 2002, w/o Marshall W. Hicks, (d/o Gaines Washington Rice)
Hicks, Emory G. Sr.; b. (Nov 19)1906 d. (Jan)1981
Hicks, Glenn; b. 1935 d. (living)
Hicks, Jo Ann; b. 1936 d. (living), w/o Glenn Hicks
Hicks, Marshall (Walton); b. Oct 25, 1922 d. Aug 26, 1974, (s/o Marshall Hicks)
Hicks, Steven; b. 1961 d. (living)
Hicks, Thelma (Ray); b. (Jan 14)1910 d. (Jul 28)2003, w/o Emory G. Hicks Sr.
Higginbotham, Bobbie J.; b. Nov 01, 1932 d. (living), w/o James E. Higginbotham, married Nov 13, 1948, "Mama Higg."
Higginbotham, James E.; b. Feb 18, 1925 d. Nov 04, 1997, (s/o Horace Dunham Higginbotham), "Papa Higg", (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on May 13, 1943)
Higginbotham, James M.; b. Jan 25, 1950 d. Dec 14, 2000, Personnelman Second Class, U. S. Navy
Hines-Burruss, Inez B.; b. Sep 06. 1901 d. Nov 30, 2000
Hines-Burruss, Marinelle R.; b. Oct 14, 1924 d. (living)
Hodges, Charles Doyle; b. Mar 19, 1946 d. Sep 07, 1995, (s/o Charles Harden Hodges), U. S. Marine Corps, Vietnam
Hodges, Charles (Harden); b. May 30, 1916 d. Aug 16, 1971, Alabama, Staff Sergeant, 3547 Service Command Unit, (U. S. Army), WWII, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Mar 28, 1941)
Hodges, Ursula Watkins; b. Oct 16, 1924 d. Feb 14, 2007, w/o Charles H. Hodges, Private First Class, U. S. Army
Holland, Carrie A. (Warren); b. 1894 d. 1968, w/o Charles Dennis Holland, (married Jun 23, 1912, Blount County, AL), (d/o Levi Paul Warren)
Holland, Charles (Dennis); b (Sep 04)1889 d. (Sep 11)1957, (s/o James Holland), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Cullman County, AL)
Holland, Cole; b. (May 14, 1915)1916 d. (Jul)1968, (s/o Charles Dennis Holland)
Holland, Olene R. (Flanangan); b. (Oct 01, 1920)1921 d. (May 11)1994, w/o Cole Holland, (Native of Mississippi)
Holley, Audie M.; b. (May 06)1912 d. (Oct)1980, w/o H. Victor Holley
Holley, David Oliver; b. Oct 11, 1924 d. Mar 25, 1994, (s/o David Hugar Holley), "Husband, Father, Grandfather."
Holley, (David Hugar) D. H.; b. (Sep 24)1895 d. (Apr)1981, (s/o David Clopton Holley), U. S. Army, WWII, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL)
Holley, (Henry) Victor; b. (May 27)1912 d. (Oct)1980
Holley, Susie (Brock); b. 1902 d. 1983, w/o David Hugar Holley
Hollingsworth, Charles (Eugene); b. (Jul 14)1894 d. (Dec 30)1975, (s/o James Coleman Reid Hollingsworth), "Daddy.", (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Blount County, AL)
Hollingsworth, Clara (Agnes Tidmore); b. (Oct 10)1902 d. (Jan 18)1964, w/o Charles Eugene Hollingsworth, (married Aug 20, 1921), (d/o Rufus J. Tidmore), "Mama."
Hollingsworth, Rose A.; b. (Oct 13)1888 d. (Aug)1967
Holloway, (Golden) H. "Hack"; b. (May 07)1920 d. (Oct 03, 2005), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Oct 10, 1944)
Holloway, Jean E.; b. (Jun 07, 1918) d. (Nov 26)2007, w/o Golden H. Holloway
Holloway, John H. Jr.; b. Dec 31, 1916 d. Jan 09, 1991, Technical Sergeant, U. S. Army, WWII, Korea
Holloway, Mattie Lou (Turner); b. Mar 08, 1909 d. Oct 23, 1999, w/o William Sherman Holloway, (married Oct 14, 1924, Jefferson County, AL)
Holloway, William Sherman; b. (Oct 07)1901 d. (19 Dec)1959, (s/o James Monroe Holloway)
Holmes, Miles (Gordon); b. (May 22)1884 d. 1962, (s/o James Houston Holmes), "In Loving Memory."
Holmes, Ora (Mae) Bentley; b. (Mar 09)1887 d. (May 15)1969, w/o Miles Gordon Holmes, (married Jul 02, 1906, Cullman County, AL)"In Loving Memory."
Holt, Farris C.; b. Sep 08, 1915 d. Oct 10, 2001, married Feb 06, 1948, "Veterans of WWII Symbol.", (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Jun 26, 1941)
Hood, Henry R.; b. (May 11)1912 d. (Nov)1977
Hood, Ruby L.; b. (Dec 28)1909 d. (Dec)1977, w/o Henry R. Hood, (Native of Georgia)
Hopson, Jerry E.; b. (Jun 07)1931 d. (Oct)1969, "In Loving Memory.", "Masonic Symbol."
Horne, Charles Thomas Jr.; b. (Aug 29)1936 d. (Oct 16)2004
Horne, Linda Lanham; b. 1940 d. (living), w/o Charles Thomas Horne Jr.
Horsley, Eola Gladys; b. (Apr 19)1905 d. (Dec)1976, w/o Manley Horsley, "Beloved Mom."
Horsley, Manley; b. (Feb 22)1900 d. (Dec)1966, "Beloved Dad."
Horsley, Nell J.; b. Aug 05, 1930 d. (living), w/o Norman M. Horsley, married May 27, 1951
Horsley, Norman M.; b. Mar 22, 1930 d. Dec 10, 1998
Horton, Gloria P.; b. Jun 24, 1942 d. (living), w/o Thomas J. Horton, "Beloved Wife, Mother and Grandmother."
Horton, Thomas J. "T. J."; b. Oct 19, 1930 d. Jul 29, 2009, Gunners Mate Seaman, U. S. Navy
House, James Milton; b. Jul 16, 1929 d. Feb 22, 2004, Private First Class, U. S. Army
House, Jewell Ratliff; b. Dec 13, 1934 d. Apr 09, 2009, w/o James Milton House, "Beloved Wife and Mother."
Housh, Hardy Lex Sr.; b. (Aug 05)1925 d. (Nov)1980, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Dec 22, 1943)
Howard, Grace; b. Dec 28, 1903 d. Oct 10, 1957, w/o Stanley O. Howard
Howard, Hal W.; b. Jul 04, 1904 d. Nov 08, 1986, "In Loving Memory.", "Masonic Symbol."
Howard, Hal W. Jr.; b. 1937 d. 1963
Howard, Jessie Pope; b. Mar 31, 1883 d. May 06, 1980
Howard, Robert E. Jr.; b. Apr 11, 1954 d. Sep 27, 2008, (s/o Robert E. Howard Sr.)
Howard, Stanley O.; b. Sep 22, 1892 d. Feb 24, 1978
Howard, Theresa G.; b. Jul 28, 1955 d. (living), w/o Robert E. Howard, Jr.
Howard, Tommy Ray; b. Jul 29, 1938 d. Sep 16, 1982
Hubbard, Adam H.; b. Aug 29, 1979 d. Dec 08, 1994, "Always Smiling."
Huffstutler, Hoyt M.; b. (Aug 31)1918 d. (Oct 17)2000
Huffstutler, Laverge (Prince); b. (Mar 25)1918 d. (Dec 30)2008, w/o Hoyt M. Huffstutler, (Career with Birmingham Ornamental Iron)
Hughes, Cecil V.; b. Dec 03, 1914 d. Apr 12, 2003, "Beloved Husband and Father.", (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Gadsden, Etowah County, AL on Nov 25, 1940)
Hughes, Forney (Green); b. Jan 11, 1912 d. Sep 01, 2000, Technical Sergeant, U. S. Army, WWII, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Gadsden, Etowah County, AL on Nov 25, 1940)
Hughes, Louise (Berry); b. Jan 29, 1929 d. Jan 30, 1999, w/o Cecil V. Hughes, "Beloved Wife and Mother."
Hughes, Sylesta (Otelia Trimm); b. Mar 16, 1916 d. Dec 15, 1980, w/o Forney Green Hughes
Hughey, Eva (Gross); b. (Oct 21)1898 d. (May)1967, w/o Lawton A. Hughey, (married Jul 19, 1928), (Native of Mississippi), "Eastern Star Symbol."
Hughey, Lawton A.; b. 1901 d. 1980, (s/o Sample Hughey), "Masonic Symbol."
Hunt, William Henry; b. Oct 16, 1918 d. Jan 27, 2005, (s/o William Otto Hunt), Staff Sergeant, U. S. Army, WWII, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McPherson, GA on May 13, 1944)
Hunton, James (William Jr.); b. (Apr 17)1916 d. (Sep 02)2006
Hunton, Marion (Evelyn); b. 1916 d. 1974, w/o James William Hunton Jr.
Hurst, Andrew (Tedder); b. (Oct 23)1916 d. (Jun 27)1980, (s/o George Spencer Hurst), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Apr 21, 1945)
Hurst, Virginia (Faust); b. 1922 d. 1970, w/o Andrew Tedder Hurst
Isaksson, Catherine Esslinger Parker; b. Oct 27, 1924 d. May 27, 2005, w/o (1) Theodore J. Parker and (2) Gustaf E. Isaksson
Isbell, Charles (Hansel); b. Jan 10, 1922 d. May 28, 2008, (s/o Lonnie Obediah Isbell), "The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Job 1:21.", (U. S. Army, 102nd Infantry, 381st Field Artillery Battalion, WWII), (Career as Mechanical Engineer for U. S. Steel), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Nov 06, 1942)
Isbell, Georgia (Wilhite); b. Feb 08, 1916 d. Jan 15, 1998, w/o Charles Hansel Isbell, married Sep 10, 1988, "A beautiful, gracious and loving lady. A Godly wife, mother, neighbor, friend."
Israel, Joyce Mae (Thompson); b. May 12, 1934 d. Nov 15, 2009, (d/o Thomas Thompson)
Jackson, Lois (Jane Hagwood); b. Aug 13, 1926 d. May 05, 2004, w/o Paul Jackson, (d/o Luster Homer Hagwood)
Jackson, Paul; b. Jun 04, 1921 d. Mar 11, 1997, (Career with Clow Industries), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Bellefonte, PA aon Oct 31, 1945)
Jackson, Paul W.; b. 1893 d. 1967
Jacobs, J. C.; b. Mar 05, 1929 d. Feb 04, 1983
Jacobs, Valerie M.; b. Mar 11, 1935 d. (living), w/o J. C. Jacobs
Jenkins, Carol Diane; b. Jul 03, 1957 d. Jul 30, 1957
Jenkins, Henry (Thomas); b. (Dec 12)1893 d. (Mar)1965, (s/o Thomas Newton Jenkins), "Daddy.", (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in St. Clair County, AL)
Jenkins, Howard; b. Sep 06, 1925 d. Mar 23, 2003, U. S. Navy, WWII, (Career with Southern Railroad)
Jenkins, Julia Read; b. Jul 27, 1926 d. Sep 05, 1983, w/o Howard Jenkins
Jenkins, Louise M.; b. Mar 12, 1926 d. Jun 23, 2000, w/o W. Fred Jenkins, (Career as Unit Clerk, Baptist Medical Center Princeton)
Jenkins, Pearl (Darnell); b. (Mar 03)1897 d. (Mar)1981, w/o Henry Thomas Jenkins, "Mama."
Jenkins, W. Fred; b. Mar 17, 1921 d. Dec 01, 1995, Staff Sergeant, U. S. Army Air Corps, WWII
Jernigan, Frances J.; b. (Mar 17)1915 d. (Oct 03)2005, w/o Joseph E. Jernigan, (Career with Social Security and Blue Cross Blue Shield)
Jernigan, Joseph E. Jr.; b. (Feb 07)1920 d. (Jan 12)2008, U. S. Army, WWII, (Owner & Operator of Jernigan Furniture)
Johns, Jody Ray "Jo-Jo."; b. Nov 23, 1976 d. Oct 20, 1992, "Our beloved Son, Brother and Grandson."
Johnson, Roy T.; b. (Mar 14)1922 d. (Jun)1968, "Masonic Symbol."
Jones, Annie Ruth; b. (Mar 02)1898 d. (Mar)1972, w/o William C. Jones
Jones, Colleen Reid; b. Dec 31, 1937 d. (living), w/o Kenneth A. D. Jones Sr., married Mar 17, 1962, "Eastern Star Symbol."
Jones, Constance L.; b. Dec 11, 1954 d. (living), w/o Michael R. Jones, married Apr 25, 1975
Jones, Eloise Davis; b. Aug 12, 1928 d. (living), w/o Raymond Thomas Jones
Jones, Hazel (Prince); b. Mar 10, 1922 d. Aug 05, 2008, w/o Robert Henry Jones, (married Jun 14, 1942), (d/o Dewey Prince), (Native of Texas)
Jones, Kenneth A. D. Sr,; b. Jul 03, 1937 d. (living), "Masonic Symbol."
Jones, Lewis (Edwin); (Jul 09)1919 d. (Mar 25)1995, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Apr 05, 1941)
Jones, Linda Ann; b. Dec 12, 1946 d. Jul 21, 1961, (d/o Robert Henry Jones)
Jones, Martha S. (Bowen); b. (Dec 15)1924 d. (Sep 24)2000, w/o Lewis Edwin Jones
Jones, Michael R.; b. Aug 18, 1951 d. May 03, 1996, "My Grace Is Sufficient For Thee. 2 Cor 12:19."
Jones, Raymond Thomas; b. Sep 02, 1924 d. Mar 07, 2007, U. S. Army, WWII, (Career as an Electrician, IBEW Local 136)
Jones, Robert (Henry); b. Jun 13, 1916 d. Jul 21, 1961, (s/o William Fletcher Jones)
Jones, William C.; b. (Mar 28)1910 d. (Dec)1976
Keith, E. Manton; b. 1909 d. 1961, (s/o Simeon Oscar Keith)
Keith, Gussie S.; b. (Dec 25, 1901)1888 d. (Dec 1983)1970, w/o Simeon Oscar Keith
Keith, Herman C.; b. (Aug 23)1911 d. (May)1971
Keith, Rose W.; b. Oct 05, 1912 d. Dec 16, 1987, w/o E. Manton Keith
Keith, Simeon Oscar; b. (Aug 05)1883 d. (Jan)1964
Keith, Thomas H. "Jack"; b. 1949 d. 1971
Kelley, Richard D.; b. 1926 d. (living)
Kelley, Robbie W.; b. (Mar 02)1928 d. (Jan 28)1994, w/o Richard D. Kelley, married Apr 29, 1947
Kelosky, Madolline Simpson; b. Jul 25, 1916 d. May 19, 1989, "Our Beloved."
Kendrick, Jacqueline; b. Aug 17, 1924 d. Feb 09, 1990, "Loving Mother."
Kennedy, Eugene L.; b. Jun 03, 1923 d. Jun 29, 2005, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army Air Corps at Montgomery, AL on Dec 19, 1941)
Kennedy, Mozelle (Hitchcock); b. Sep 18, 1925 d. Nov 17, 2000, w/o Eugene L. Kennedy, (married Nov 17, 1950, Jefferson County, AL)
Kerzic, Cuebelle; b. 1905 d. 1963, w/o John Kerzic Sr.
Kerzic, John Sr.; b. 1902 d. 1962
Kerzic, John Jr.; b. Jun 25, 1929 d. Oct 31, 1985, Corporal, U. S. Marine Corps, Korea, "Shrine Smybol."
Key, Beverley D.; b. Nov 10, 1949 d. (living), w/o Gerald D. Key
Key, Ethel (Elizabeth Osborne); b. (19 Aug)1897 d. (12 Jun)1981, w/o Ura Elzy Key, married Oct 18, 1913, Randolph County, AL), (d/o Lee Osborne)
Key, Gerald D.; b. Oct 05, 1950 d. (living)
Key, Ura Elzy; b. (23 Sep)1894 d. (19 Nov)1955, (s/o Wiley Martin Key), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicated he resided in Winston County, AL)
Kidd, Elesia (Ellis); b. May 22, 1909 d. Jul 17, 1995, w/o Oley C. Kidd, (Career as Educator with Birmingham School System)
Kidd, Oley C.; b. Jan 16, 1909 d. Sep 26, 1995, (Career as Baptist Minister)
Killingsworth, Christine (Hamilton); b. (Jul 25)1918 d. (Jul 11)2003, w/o James Robert Killingsworth, (married Mar 14, 1941, Cartersville, GA)
Killingsworth, Della Lee; b. Dec 03, 1910 d. Nov 02, 1996, w/o Sam Davis Killingsworth
Killingsworth, (James) Robert; b. (Feb 04)1915 d. (Mar 10)1975, (s/o Abner Sherrill Killingsworth)
Killingsworth, Sam Davis; b. Jan 14, 1906 d. Sep 27, 1969
King, Clarrine C.; b. 1915 d. (living), w/o Ellington H. King
King, Ellington H. "Bill"; b. (Oct 27)1915 d. (Jul)1982
Kirby, Hertalene Ann (Ray); b. Dec 16, 1920 d. Mar 05, 1990, w/o Thomas Edward Kirby, married Sep 13, 1942
Kirby, Mildred (McCombs); b. Jun 24, 1913 d. Feb 20, 1993, w/o Percy F. Kirby
Kirby, Percy F.; b. Apr 19, 1904 d. Feb 24, 1967, "Our Beloved."
Kirby, Thomas Edward; b. Jan 06, 1921 d. Aug 28, 2007, (s/o William Kirby), (U. S. Army, 101st Airborne Division, WWII), (Career with South Central Bell Telephone Company), (Native of Texas)
Kirksey, Clarence (Edward); b. (May 07)1892 d. (Feb 25)1974, (s/o William Egbert Kirksey), "Masonic Symbol.", (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Weakley County, TN), (Native of Tennessee)
Kirksey, Mary Snow; b. Aug 16, 1929 d. Jan 30, 1986, w/o Robert D. Kirksey, "In Loving Memory."
Kirksey, Maude A. (Sullivan); b. (May 21, 1898)1891 d. (May 18)1973, w/o Clarence Edward Kirksey, (Native of Tennessee)
Kirksey, Robert D.; b. Jul 19, 1930 d. (living), "In Loving Memory."
Kite, Burnice Edward; b. (May 30)1909 d. (Aug)1975
Kite, Mattie Ruth (Coleman); b. (Mar 19)1911 d. (Jul 24)2001, w/o Burnice Edward Kite, (Native of Mississippi)
Knowles, Claude (Earl); b. (Feb 17)1914 d. (Oct 11)1976
Knowles, Helen (Tucker); b. 1924 d. (living), w/o Claude Earl Knowles
Koenig, Gustav Arnulf; b. Dec 16, 1906 d. Sep 12, 1980
Kozlowicki, Rhonda Sue Kerlin; b. 9 Dec 03, 1955 d. Apr 23, 1983
Lambert, Allen Leonard; b. Jan 21, 1951 d. Oct 17, 1997, "In Loving Memory of an Adoring Husband and Father."
Lambert, Riley S.; b. Feb 07, 1921 d. Aug 16, 1990, (s/o Ellis B. Lambert), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Apr 13, 1943)
Lambert, Victoria W.; b. Jul 21, 1918 d. Aug 12, 2000, w/o Riley S. Lambert
Lance, James (Oscar); b. May 25, 1915 d. May 31, 1985
Lance, Vondalee; b. Jan 23, 1917 d. Mar 29, 2004, w/o James Oscar Lance, married Sep 03, 1933
LaSalle, Annie Mae (Bearden); b. (May 01)1910 d. (Jun 16)2003, w/o Sam LaSalle, married Feb 10, 1931, (d/o Columbus Allen Bearden)
LaSalle, Charles (Bernard)"Benny"; (living)
LaSalle, Georgiana Lee (Abbott); b. Oct 14, 1938 d. Feb 25, 2000, w/o Charles Bernard LaSalle
LaSalle, Ryan (Veto); b. Apr 05, 1976 d. Aug 10, 1981, (s/o Charles Bernard LaSalle), "Our Little Boy."
LaSalle, Sam; b. (Jan 07)1902 d. (Nov)1976
Latture, John (Andrew); b. 1864 d. (Aug 06)1956, (s/o Samuel Hensley Latture)
Latture, Nellie (Eliza Price); b. 1870 d. 1967, w/o John A. Latture
Lavett, Chester (Stewart); b. (Mar 26)1894 d. (May 23)1956, (s/o Edwin H. Lavette), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL)
Lavett, Claude Farley Sr.; b. Dec 24, 1924 d. Apr 06, 1997, (s/o Chester Stewart Lavett), Fireman First Class, U. S. Navy, WWII
Lavett, Dorothy Lee (Price); b. Apr 19, 1935 d. (Jun 03, 2011), w/o Claude Farley Lavett, d/o Carl Otto Price, "Beloved Wife and Mother."
Lavett, Ella (May Dobson); b. 1901 d. 1978, w/o Chester Stewart Lavett, (d/o James F. Dobson), (Native of South Carolina)
Lavier, Betty Sue; b. Dec 01, 1936 d. (living), w/o James Harold Lavier
Lavier, James Harold; b. Jun 06, 1935 d. Jan 20, 1990, "Always In Our Hearts."
Lavier, Rhonda Lynne (Davenport); b. Dec 15, 1960 d. Dec 29, 2001, (w/o William Davenport), (d/o James Harold Lavier), (Career as Critical Care Nurse), "Loving Mother of Jessica and Brittany.", (Note: This person listed under Maiden Name)
Lawson, Doris (Jean) L.; b. Apr 02, 1925 d. Jan 26, 2004, w/o Hugh Alton Lawson
Lawson, Hugh (Alton); b. Aug 27, 1919 d. May 25, 2001, (s/o Preston Garfield Lawson), (Husband and Wife Owned and Operated Lawson Cleaners), U. S. Air Force, WWII, Korea
Lawson, Jack; b. Jan 14, 1920 d. Nov 08, 1972
Lawson, Jack Dennis; b. Jun 30, 1957 d. Nov 27, 1999, (s/o Jack Lawson), "Beloved Husband and Son."
Lawson, Ruby Lee (Tucker); b. Aug 13, 1924 d. Apr 20, 2004, w/o Jack Lawson, (d/o D. C. Tucker)
Layne, Rubye (Lollar); b. (1920) d. (Aug 29, 2011), w/o Woodrow Layne, (d/o J. W. Lollar), (Career with South Central Bell Telephone Company)
Layne, Woodrow; b. (Jun 28)1917 d. (Jun)1987, (Native of Kentucky), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Cincinnati, OH on Nov 03, 1942)
Leatherwood, John L.; b. (Jul 17)1919 d. (Aug 02)2001, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Dec 16, 1943)
Leatherwood, Maxine C.; b. (Aug 27)1915 d. (Aug 08)1988, w/o John L. Leatherwood
Leberte, Jesola McCroskey; b. May 27, 1917 d. (living), w/o Nuncie A. Leberte
Leberte, Nuncie A.; b. Jan 19, 1906 d. Dec 07, 1993, (Native of New York), (Gifted Muscian, Owner Operator of Nuncies’s Music Company in Birmingham), (Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame)
Ledlow, Curtis (Esker); b. Jan 31, 1904 d. Feb 27, 1973
Ledlow, Minnie Edge; b. Jun 23, 1909 d. (Jan 15, 2003), w/o Curtis Esker Ledlow
Lee, (Mattie) Elizabeth (Butts); b. (Jul 02)1918 d. (Nov 21)1970, w/o Leroy Fred Lee, (d/o John Arkey Butts)
Lee, Frances (Cunningham); b. Dec 17, 1938 d. Dec 19, 2004, w/o Jerry O. Lee, "In Love Forever.", (Career as Hairdresser)
Lee, Jerry O.; b. Jan 07, 1944 d. (living)
Lee, Leroy Fred; b. (Jul 02)1914 d. (Aug 05)1963, (s/o Andrew Cornelius Lee), "Masonic Symbol."
Lehman, Maude Holland; b. Apr 03, 1875 d. Aug 20, 1968
Leonard, Cera (Lee Fowler); b. Mar 24, 1927 d. Jan 06, 2006, w/o William Roland Leonard, "Mother and Grandmother."
Leonard, Ottis (Marion); b. Jul 02, 1914 d. Dec 03, 1997, (s/o Francis Marion Leonard)
Leonard, Rachel L. (Reid); b. Jan 22, 1920 d. (living), w/o Ottis M. Leonard, (married Nov 22, 1936, Decatur, AL)
Leonard, Raymond Edward; b. Jun 24, 1908 d. Dec 11, 1992, "United Steelworkers of America Symbol."
Leonard, Robert E.; b. Jan 25, 1954 d. Aug 21, 1957, "Our Darling Boy."
Leonard, William Roland; b. Aug 29, 1923 d. Nov 22, 2008, Private First Class, U. S. Army, WWII
Lesley, Daisy Dean (Dunham); b. Apr 26, 1912 d. Jan 24, 2006, w/o Paul Russell Lesley, (Career as Co-Producer of a local television program "Dean and Company")
Lesley, Paul Russell; b. Apr 01, 1908 d. Jul 27, 1980, "Shrine Symbol."
Lillich, William R.; b. Nov 08, 1889 d. Nov 07, 1958, "Masonic Symbol."
Lindblad, Mary Zelda; b. Oct 28, 1891 d. May 04, 1957, w/o William Delphi Lindblad
Lindblad, William (Delphi); b. Mar 17, 1892 d. Apr 02, 1973, (s/o Peter Lindblad), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Wayne County, MI), (Native of Illinois)
Linder, Ben (William); b. Mar 11, 1917 d. Jun 22, 1990, (s/o Walton Morris Linder), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on May 23, 1945)
Linder, Pauline (Carroll); b. Feb 12, 1917 d. Dec 29, 1997, w/o Ben William Linder, (d/o Robert J. Carroll)
Lingo, Kate B.; b. (Dec 03)1895 d. (Aug)1974, w/o Willie B. Lingo
Lingo, Willie B.; b. 1902 d. 1961, (s/o Winfield S. Lingo)
Little, Alver (Leslie); b. (Apr 12)1907 d. (Sep)1979, (s/o James R. Little)
Little, Annie E. (Barnett); b. (Feb 11)1916 d. (May 19)2000, w/o Alver Leslie Little, (Career as Registered Nurse)
Littlejohn, Agnes; b. Jan 06, 1918 d. (living), w/o Ellis Earl Littlejohn, "Beloved Wife."
Littlejohn, Ellis Earl; b. Oct 05, 1920 d. Feb 28, 1980, Technician Fifth Grade, U. S. Army, WWII
Livingston, Joe R.; b. Jan 26, 1925 d. Nov 26, 1987, "My Daddy."
Lloyd, George E.; b. 1922 d. 1988, Master Sergeant, U. S. Air Force, WWII
Lloyd, Mildred D.; b. 1922 d. (living), w/o George E. Lloyd
Lock, Evelyn Mills; b. Dec 04, 1908 d. Aug 20, 2002, w/o Robert Lewis Lock
Lock, Robert Lewis; b. Sep 02, 1903 d. Oct 31, 1997
Lockhart, Christine (Naomi Smith); b. (Aug 16)1915 d. (Aug 11)2007, w/o Welton Howell Lockhart, (d/o Robert Houston Smith)
Lockhart, Welton (Howell); b. (Nov 30)1912 d. (Aug 18)1968, (s/o Perry Rodolphus Lockhart)
Logan, Elnora C.; b. Feb 01, 1921 d. Jan 20, 2009, (w/o Lewis E. Logan), "Loving Mother."
Logan, Morris (Mitchell); b. 1943 d. 1986, (s/o Lewis E. Logan)
Long, Eula Mae; b. (Mar 09)1911 d. (Jan 03)1994, w/o Thomas E. Long
Long, Gentry L. Sr.; b. Sep 04, 1908 d. Apr 05, 1991, "In Loving Memory."
Long, Thomas E.; b. (Nov 25)1899 d. (Oct)1984
Love, Olene (Pate); b. Dec 1921 d. (living), w/o Russell David Love
Love, Russell David; b. May 1914 d. d. Nov 2001, U. S. Army, WWII, (Career with Farmbest Dairy)
Love, Daniel C.; b. Sep 26, 1956 d. Sep 28, 1956
Lovell, Clarence C.; b. Sep 21, 1917 d. Nov 02, 2003, Sergeant, U. S. Army Air Corps, WWII
Lovell, (George) Finis; b. (Aug 02)1897 d. (Nov)1962, (s/o Henry G. Lovell), "Beloved Brother."
Lovell, (Otis) Gertrude (Wiggins); b. (Dec 06)1896 d. (Aug 21)1957, w/o James Arthur Lovell, (married Nov 10, 1916, St. Clair County, AL)
Lovell, James (Arthur); b. (Feb 03)1894 d. (May 07)1962, (s/o Henry G. Lovell)
Maillet, Pierre; b. (Aug 25)1891 d. (Jan)1969, (Native of Eschdorf, Luxenbourg)
Mann, Clarence E.; b. (Oct 08)1900 d. (Jun)1977
Mann, Ellaree D.; b. 1907 d. 1959, w/o Clarence E. Mann
Mann, Mary E.; b. Sep 26, 1931 d. Jan 07, 1986, "Beloved Wife and Mother."
Manning, Mary (Ellen Biles).; b. (Jan 25)1916 d. (Dec 07)2002, w/o Roy Lee Manning, (d/o James Thomas Biles)
Manning, Roy (Lee); b. (Mar 18)1911 d. (Jul 16)1989, (s/o James Allen Manning)
Markham, Arlin; b. Sep 07, 1914 d. Dec 25, 1982, (s/o William J. Markham)
Markham, Brenda Gail; b. Apr 27, 1947 d. Nov 08, 1982
Markham, Elizabeth C.; b. Sep 13, 1915 d. Nov 10, 1976, w/o Arlin Markham
Malley, Betty (Atkins); b. May 06, 1928 d. Jun 10, 2006
Marsh, James (Edward) Jr.; b. 1923 d. (living)
Marsh, Vivian Haynes; b. (May 19)1929 d. (Jul 10)1994, w/o James Edward Marsh Jr.
Martin, Beauford Edward; b. Apr 17, 1920 d. Oct 11, 2007, (s/o Bill Ellis Martin), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Oct 24, 1941)
Martin, Dale Lee; b. Feb 01, 1956 d. Jul 08, 1980, (s/o Beauford Edward Martin), "In Loving Memory."
Martin, Lois (Edna) Jones; b. Jul 09, 1919 d. Feb 11, 2001, w/o Beauford Edward Martin, (d/o William Fletcher Jones)
Martin, Nelle W.; b. 1894 d. 1981
Martin, Paul W.; b. Jan 06, 1920 d. Oct 03, 2002, Private, U. S. Marine Corps, WWII
Mashburn, James L.; b. Jun 09, 1914 d. Dec 25, 1957, Alabama, Seaman Second Class, U. S. Navy Reserves, WWII
Mashburn, Ladie (Mae Morgan); b. (May 21)1914 d. (Aug 29)2001, w/o William Freeman Mashburn, (married Apr 01, 1934, St. Clair County, AL), (d/o H. C. Morgan), "In Loving Memory."
Mashburn, William (Freeman); b. (Sep 20)1911 d. (Jul 04)1980, (s/o William Henry Mashburn), "In Loving Memory."
Mason, Frances (Overby); b. Mar 24, 1926 d. (living), w/o J. C. Mason, "Beloved Wife, Mother and Grandmother."
Mason, J. C. ; b. Oct 25, 1919 d. Oct 12, 1991, (s/o John Charles Mason), Machinist Mate First Class, U. S. Navy, WWII
Massengale, Ella (Ellen Louise English); b. Jul 26, 1901 d. Mar 28, 1988, w/o William Lawrence Massengale, (married Jan 14, 1922), (d/o Edwin Andrew English)
Massengale, William (Lawrence); b. Aug 24, 1898 d. Jul 10, 1991, (s/o William L. Massengale)
Massey, Annie S.; b. (Nov 17)1928 d. (Jan)1987, w/o George Wallace Massey
Massey, Claude Ellis; b. Sep 12, 1895 d. Mar 10, 1976, (s/o George Washington Massey)
Massey, Dorothy Jean; b. 1932 d. 1972, w/o Warner Loyde Massey Sr.
Massey, Warner Loyde Sr.; b. (Jan 14)1932 d. (Aug 01)2004
Massey, Florence (Idella Venable); b. Jul 27, 1902 d. Aug 21, 1992, w/o Claude Ellis Massey
Massey, George (Wallace); b. (Jun 04)1927 d. (living), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Feb 05, 1946)
Masterson, Anne White; b. Oct 18, 1930 d. Dec 13, 1991, w/o James E. Masterson, married Jun 17, 1967
Masterson, James E.; b. Mar 13, 1930 d. May 07, 1993
Masters, Eva; b. Nov 20, 1887 d. Jan 18, 1958
Masters, Jessie L.; b. Oct 18, 1861 d. Dec 12, 1955
Mathews, (Judge) B.; b. (Aug 08)1915 d. (Jul 22)1990
Mathews, Mary Elizabeth; b. (Sep 12)1915 d. (Dec 08)1998, w/o Judge B. Mathews
Matthews, Linda W.; b. (Apr 06, 1893)1898 d. (Dec 04)1994, w/o William Berry Matthews
Matthews, William (Berry); b. (Oct 06)1885 d. 1962, (WWI Draft Registration Card completed Sep 12, 1918 indicates he resided in Tuscaloosa County, AL)
May, Edith M.; b. 1913 d. (living), w/o Joseph A. May, married Nov 09, 1935
May, Joseph A.; b. (Jun 26)1907 d. (Aug)1986
May, Rebecca Stevens; b.& d. Mar 15, 1996, "Little Angel."
May, Ruby (Knight); b. Oct 11, 1908 d. Mar 20, 1999, "Beloved Mother."
Mayo, Gladys T.; (no dates), w/o Willie J. Mayo
Mayo, J. Clarence Sr.; b. 1902 d. 1983, "Masonic Symbol."
Mayo, Thelma; b. (Dec 06)1899 d. (Dec 27)1992, w/o J. Clarence Mayo Sr., "Eastern Star Symbol."
Mayo, Willie J.; (no dates)
McCombs, Earl L.; b. (Jan 16)1911 d. (Nov)1982
McCombs, Gracie (Leona Stephens); b. (Dec 12)1916 d. (Feb 09)2003, w/o Jewell Edward McCombs, (married Apr 21, 1935, Jefferson County, AL), (d/o James Andrew Stephens)
McCombs, Jewell (Edward); b. (Jul 11)1913 d. (Mar 28)1994, (s/o Bartlett L. McCombs)
McCombs, Luvada; b. Oct 28, 1889 d. Mar 08, 1971, "Mama."
McCombs, Pearl Lee; b. (Jun 06)1892 d. (Sep)1966
McCombs, Ruth H.; b. 1921 d. (living), w/o Earl L. McCombs
McCombs, Theodore (Arnold); b. Apr 07, 1936 d. May 05, 1986, (s/o Jewell Edward McCombs), Staff Sergeant, U. S. Army, Vietnam
McCombs, Willie Mae; b. Nov 03, 1918 d. Mar 24, 2002, "Beloved Daughter and Mother."
McCormack, Bobby; b. Jul 03, 1908 d. Jun 23, 1957
McCrory, Carl (Joe); b. Feb 15, 1933 d. Apr 22, 2004, U. S. Navy, "For God and Country."
McCrory, Emory; b. (Jan 31)1907 d. (Oct)1969
McCrory, Etta; b. (Mar 25)1907 d. (Jun)1986, w/o Emory McCrory
McCrory, Norma (Jean Lambert); b. Nov 21, 1938 d. Jul 16, 1998, w/o Carl Joe McCrory, U. S. Air Force, "For God and Country.", (Career with Social Security Administration)
McCullough, Leroy; b. Jan 09, 1892 d. Jul 21, 1971, Alabama, Private, 2nd Casual Company, (U. S. Army), WWI, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL)
McCutcheon, Carole J. (Ballinger); b. (Feb 12)1935 d. (Feb 07)2006, w/o George B. McCutcheon
McCutcheon, George B.; b. (Dec 26)1908 d. (Feb 20)1992
McCutcheon, Ruth B.; b. Aug 11, 1908 d. Jan 07, 1982
McDaniel, Katherine F.; b. May 25, 1921 d. (living), w/o Walter F. McDaniel Jr.
McDaniel, Walter F. Jr.; b. Aug 01, 1918 d. Oct 23, 2008, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McPherson, GA on Jun 17, 1944)
McKee, Charles Roy; b. (Mar 04)1909 d. (Jun)1980, (Native of Illinois)
McKee, Lottie Peterson; b. (Feb 28)1921 d. (Oct 31)1992, w/o Charles Roy McKee
McKenzie, Carrie B.; b. Jan 22, 1890 d. Aug 28, 1982, w/o William Henry McKenzie Sr., "In Loving Memory.", "Eastern Star Symbol."
McKenzie, William (Henry) Sr.; b. Mar 05, 1890 d. Jan 06, 1968, (s/o Thomas J. McKenzie), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL), "In Loving Memory.", "Masonic Symbol."
McKinney, Marian L.(Tolleson); b. (Jan 23)1932 d. (Jul 23)1999, (w/o Euel McKinney)
McKinney, Sybil E.; b. Sep 10, 1900 d. Oct 29, 1996, (Career with South Central Bell)
McLean, Alverine; b. (Mar 09)1918 d. (Dec)1986, w/o Robert F. McLean
McLean, Robert F.; b. (Dec 18)1915 d. (Nov)1993
McMurrey, Matthew Lee; b. Nov 06, 1974 d. Oct 13, 1979
McPherson, Cynthia Davey Landreth; b. Jun 23, 1934 d. Nov 01, 1998, "Beloved Daughter of Stanley G. And Audrey Davey.", "Mother of Steve G. Landreth.", "Mimi of Joel David Landreth.", "We Love You."
Mealer, Cora Etta; b. (Aug 09, 1887)1888 d. (Oct 15)1974
Medley, Minnie; b. Jul 29, 1879 d. Apr 23, 1970, "Fat Mother."
Megginson, Lee; b. (Oct 09)1887 d. (Jan)1986
Megginson, Ozella S.; b. (Nov 22, 1886)1884 d. (Feb)1975, w/o Lee Megginson
Melton, Earl A.; b. Jun 23, 1903 d. Nov 04, 1981
Melton, Elizabeth M.; b. Aug 24, 1910 d. Nov 12, 1979, w/o Earl A. Melton
Melton, Willie Winston; b. Sep 20, 1915 d. Feb 12, 1957, Alabama, Staff Sergeant, U. S. Army Air Corps, WWII
Melville, Alpha M.; b. Nov 05, 1904 d. Jul 31, 1991, w/o Frank O. Melville Sr.
Melville, Frank O. Sr.; b. Nov 12, 1903 d. Sep 15, 1963
Melvin, Hubert (William) "Brownie"; b. Aug 13, 1926 d. Dec 18, 1957
Melvin, Joshua Allen; b. Apr 10, 1989 d. Sep 30, 1992, "Now I lay me down to sleep.", "Too precious for this world."
Melvin, Terry Ronald; b. Apr 18, 1959 d. Jun 01, 1992, "In Loving Memory.", "Wavelength Vice President."
Melvin, Willie S.; b. Feb 01, 1932 d. Dec 25, 2005, "Always In Our Hearts."
Messersmith, Edwin (Charles); b. Oct 04, 1924 d. Jun 24, 1987, (s/o Arthur Henry Messersmith), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McPherson, GA on Nov 22, 1943)
Messersmith, (Lottie) Margaret (Storey); b. Mar 19, 1925 d. Apr 07, 1986, w/o Edwin Charles Messersmith, (married Mar 03, 1946, Jefferson County, AL), (d/o Orman Storey), (Native of Mississippi)
Miller, Adeline R.; b. (Aug 10)1894 d. (Dec)1977, w/o Frank Edward Miller Sr.
Miller, Eugenia McCroskey; b. Mar 23, 1922 d. Mar 20, 1979
Miller, Frank (Edward) Jr.; b. Oct 24, 1921 d. May 27, 1953, Captain, U. S. Air Force, WWII, Korea, (Killed in Action)
Miller, Frank (Edward Sr.); b. (Nov 24)1895 d. (May)1974, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL)
Miller, Richard Gardner Sr.; b. May 19, 1937 d. May 27, 2002
Milstead, Robert (Almeth); b.(May 14) 1923 d.(Oct 30)1976, (s/o Grover Cleveland Milstead Sr.)
Milstead, Virginia (Williams); b. 1922 d. (living), w/o Robert Almeth Milstead
Mitchell, James Reed; b. (May 26)1903 d. (Nov)1983
Mitchell, Rozelle T.; b. (Sep 11)1903 d. (Oct)1994, w/o James Reed Mitchell
Mize, Bertie (Lee Vandergrift); b. (Dec 27)1918 d. (Apr 08, 2009), w/o Homer Leon Mize
Mize, Homer (Leon); (Nov 28)1907 d. (May 31)1988
Mize, M. Frank Jr.; b. Jan 27, 1961 d. Dec 24, 1982
Mobley, Vernon Eugene; b. Jun 15, 1930 d, Sep 18, 1991, "A Friend to All."
Mooney, Eugene A.; b. (Apr 10)1904 d. (Sep)1982, (s/o Charles P. Mooney)
Mooney, Ida D.; b. (Dec 19)1914 d. (Apr)1984, w/o Eugene A. Mooney
Moor, James Paschal; b. (Apr 30)1894 d. (Feb)1975, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL)
Moor, John Killough Jr.; b. Jan 23, 1943 d. Nov 14, 1979
Moor, John Killough Sr.; b. Dec 28, 1919 d. Jun 18, 1995, (Career with BellSouth), "Telephone Pioneers of America Symbol."
Moor, Velma S.; b. Mar 23, 1920 d. (living), w/o John Killough Moor Sr., married Jun 28, 1941
Moor, W. Blanche; b. 1897 d. 1963, w/o James Paschal Moor
Moore, Arthur Curtis Jr.; b. Dec 07, 1941 d. May 02, 1994, "Fraternal Order of Police Symbol."
Moore, Arthur Curtis Sr.; b. Sep 12, 1917 d. Sep 07, 1994
Moore, James W.; b. Jun 21, 1917 d. Apr 25, 1963, Alabama, Corporal, 104th Army Air Corps AW Battalion, Coast Artillery Corps, WWII, (Enlisted in the Coast Artillery Corps at Birmingham, AL on Feb 10, 1941)
Moore, Nellie Virginia; b. Dec 25, 1919 d. Jun 29, 1977, w/o Arthur Curtis Moore, "Parents of Patsy, Arthur, Jack, Donna, Paula and Phillip."
Moore, Phillip Maxwell; b.& d. Oct 30, 1962
Moore, Roy S.; b. Jan 23, 1923 d. Dec 23, 1983, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Feb 25, 1943)
Morgan, Duffie (Aljin); b. Oct 01, 1895 d. Mar 10, 1965, (s/o Reuben Sylvester Morgan), Alabama, Private, 167th Infantry, Rainbow Division, (U. S. Army), WWI, Purple Heart Medal, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL)
Morgan, Estell; b. (Oct 18)1905 d. (Jan)1972, w/o Duffie Aljin Morgan
Morgan, John Perry; b. Apr 01, 1906 d. Jun 19, 1957, Florida, U. S. Navy, WWII
Morgan, Marie M.; b. (Oct 15)1897 d. (Jan)1975, w/o John Perry Morgan
Morris, Elizabeth H.; b. 1929 d. (living), w/o Helton F. Morris
Morris, Helton (Farrah); b. (Feb 05)1927 d. (Sep 15)1987, (s/o Ross Nathaniel Morris), "Seal of U. S. Navy"
Morris, (Martha Evelyn) Mattie H.; b. Feb 09, 1911 d. Sep 06, 1998, (w/o William Franklin Morris), "Beloved Wife."
Morris, William (Franklin); b. Jul 05, 1912 d. Nov 13, 2004
Morton, Albert (Baxter); b. (Mar 18)1889 d. (Jan)1967, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL, Date of Birth given Mar 18, 1890)
Morton, Mina D.; b. (Dec 30)1891 d. (Dec)1973, w/o Albert Baxter Morton
Murray, Ada; b. Dec 28, 1892 d. Nov 24, 1970, w/o Charles Murray Sr.
Murray, Albert L.; b. Jan 31, 1910 d. Nov 10, 2005, (Career with Southern Railroad)
Murray, Charles Sr.; b. May 04, 1885 d. Jun 24, 1958
Murray, Gladys E. (Wise); b. Jun 04, 1913 d. (Feb 26, 2010), w/o Albert L. Murray, married May 31, 1930, (d/o John Wise)
Nash, Elbert C.; b. Mar 28, 1905 d. Mar 03, 1981
Nash, Willene B.; b. Aug 27, 1906 d. Dec 03, 1986, w/o Elbert C. Nash
Neal, Bonnie (Mann); b. Jun 10, 1962 d. Jul 02, 2006, (w/o Don Neal), (d/o Bo Mann)
Neal, Henry W.; b. Feb 25, 1920 d. May 01, 2001, U. S. Navy, WWII
Neal, JeNan Jo; b. Aug 02, 1930 d. Oct 14, 1999, w/o Henry W. Neal, "Beloved Wife and Mother."
Neill, Henry F.; b. Jun 02, 1899 d. Jan 30, 1965, "In Loving Memory."
Neiswender, Dorothea F.; b. 1918 d. 1990, w/o Everett B. Neiswender, (Native of Ohio)
Neiswender, Everett (Bingham Jr.); b. (Jul 25)1921 d. (Apr 23)1958, (s/o Everett Bingham Neiswender Sr.), (Native of Kansas)
Nelms, Floyd (Everett); b. 1905 d. 1968, (Spouse Effie Jewell Wilder Nelms, Apr 03, 1907-Jul 11, 1931 is buried at Pine Bluff Missionary Baptist Church, Locust Fork, Blount County, AL)
Nelson, Edward (Felix); b. 1900 d. (Aug 21)1957
Nelson, Ethel (Mae) N.; b. 1903 d. 1961, w/o Edward Felix Nelson
Nelson, Maurice A. Sr.; b. (Apr 09)1915 d. (Sep)1979
Nelson, Marion ILeene; b. (Mar 24)1917 d. (Aug 02)1994, w/o Maurice A. Nelson Sr.
Nelson, Ruby Virginia; b. Feb 01, 1932 d. Dec 19, 1999, (d/o Edward F. Nelson Sr.)
Nicholson, Henry (Ford); b. Jun 17, 1917 d. Mar 03, 1992, (s/o Shepard Nicholson), (Native of Mississippi)
Nicholson, James H.; b. 1939 d. 1963, "In Loving Memory."
Nicholson, Maybelle; b. Jan 25, 1917 d. Oct 09, 1974, w/o Henry Ford Nicholson
Nix, Bessie Mae; b. 1927 d. (living), w/o Herbert Doyle Nix
Nix, (Herbert) Doyle; b. (Sep 05)1927 d. (Jan 01)1988, (William Dallas Nix)
Nixon, Arthur Tommy; b. Feb 13, 1939 d. Jun 05, 1987, "In Loving Memory."
Nixon, Cecil C.; b. (Apr 22)1899 d. (Oct)1966
Nixon, Mary L.; b. 1897 d. 1956, w/o Cecil C. Nixon
Nixon, Terry Wayne; b. Dec 29, 1965 d. Apr 06, 1990
Norman, Paul Harvey; b. Sep 02, 1969 d. Jul 23, 2005, "In God’s Loving Hands."
Norris, James Ernest; b. Sep 04, 1918 d. Jul 15, 2001
Norris, Theresa Tatum; b. May 25, 1921 d. (living), w/o James Ernest Norris
Nowlin, Faires Ray; b. (Dec 23)1903 d. 1961, (s/o David Nowlin)
Nowlin, Ina Mae; b. (Jul 21)1907 d. (Jan 08)2002, w/o Faires Ray Nowlin, (Career with Loveman’s Department Store)
Nowlin, Minnie Lue; b. Oct 03, 1927 d. Jun 16, 2009, (d/o Faires Ray Nowlin), (Career with Southern Natural Gas and El Paso Oil Company)
O’Barr, Armold K.; b. (Aug 15)1913 d. (Apr 12)1996, (Native of Georgia)
O’Barr, Lucile E.; b. (Apr 19)1911 d. (Nov 1987), w/o Armold K. O’Barr
Offutt, Robert W. Jr.; b. May 09, 1955 d. Aug 07, 1981, "Our Beloved Son."
Oliver, Beulah (Florence); b. Nov 02, 1915 d. (living), w/o Leonard Samuel Oliver
Oliver, Leonard (Samuel); b. Aug 22, 1914 d. Nov 24, 2000, "Minister, Church of the Nazarene.", (Native of Oklahoma), (President, Nazarene Bible College, Colorado Springs, CO, 1972-1984)
Oliver, L. Stanley; b. 1940 d. 1960, (s/o Leonard Samuel Oliver)
Orr, Velva W. (Stidman); b. (May 08)1921 d. (May 12)2007, (w/o Emitt T. Orr), (d/o Clinton Stidman)
Osborne, Doris H.; b. Apr 17, 1938 d. (living), w/o Max L. Osborne, married Jun 14, 1963
Osborne, Max L.; b. Jun 08, 1926 d. Oct 04, 1994, "In God’s Loving Care.", "Parents of Les, Cheryl, Darlene."
Osborne, (Margaret) Alleyne; b. 1899 d. 1976, w/o Ollie F. Osborne, (Native of Georgia)
Osborne, Ollie F.; b. (Jul 13)1893 d. (May)1966, (s/o James J. Osborne), (Corporal, U. S. Army, WWI), (Native of Georgia)
Owen, Grace Jordan; b. Jun 07, 1913 d. Dec 27, 2003, w/o James Volmer Owen, married Nov 27, 1929
Owen, James Volmer; b. Sep 09, 1910 d. Aug 05, 1998, "Minister, Pentacostal Holiness Church."
Owen, John W.; b. Feb 27, 1916 d. Jul 08, 2003
Owen, Marie F.; b. Aug 29, 1921 d. (living), w/o John W. Owen
Ozbolt, Joseph "Joe"; b. Aug 23, 1936 d. Aug 22, 2003, Specialist Fourth Class, U. S. Army, "Beloved Husband and Father."
Ozbolt, Louise Bearden Twilley; b. Jul 04, 1932 d. May 29, 2009, w/o Joseph Ozbolt, "Beloved Wife and Mother."
Padgett, Georgia (Mae Smith); b. Sep 22, 1934 d. Aug 19, 2000, w/o O. B. Padgett, married Dec 03, 1950
Padgett, O. B.; b. Mar 18, 1930 d. Jul 22, 1985
Parker, Ida M. (Warren); b. Feb 16, 1940 d. Jan 27, 2006, w/o Jimmy Dale Parker,"Beloved Wife and Mother."
Parker, Ira (Gunam); b. Feb 19, 1921 d. Sep 25, 1997
Parker, Jeffery D.; b. Aug 01, 1962 d. Jul 08, 1989, (s/o Jimmy Dale Parker)
Parker, Jimmy Dale; b. Jun 13, 1936 d. Nov 25, 1995, Aviation Electrician’s Mate Third Class, U. S. Navy, Vietnam
Parker, Mary B.; b. Dec 17, 1899 d. Dec 27, 1983, w/o Nathaniel F. Parker
Parker, Maurice P.; b. Mar 15, 1912 d. Nov 12, 1981, "We Love You Papaw."
Parker, Maurine M.; b. Mar 24, 1897 d. Sep 20, 1988, w/o W. Elmo Parker Sr.
Parker, Mildred (Hollingsworth); b. Jun 11, 1922 d. (living), w/o Ira Gunam Parker, (married Feb 02, 1942, Jefferson County, AL)
Parker, Nathaniel (Ferdinand); b. Sep 25, 1892 d. Apr 17, 1986, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Calhoun County, AL)
Parker, Theodore J. Jr.; b. (Dec 20)1923 d. (Jun)1985
Parker, (William) Elmo Sr.; b. Jun 07, 1894 d. Nov 07, 1957, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Madison County, AL)
Parris, Samuel L.; b. Apr 03, 1912 d. Apr 18, 1990, "Loving Husband, Loving Father."
Parsons, James A.; b. (May 14)1919 d. (Sep)1976
Parsons, Louise G.; b. 1922 d. 1975, w/o James A. Parsons
Parsons, Mabel (Hitt); b. (Sep 16)1891 d. (Aug)1982, w/o Samuel Hodges Parsons
Parsons, Samuel (Hodges); b. (Nov 03)1897 d. (Jun 1992), (s/o Thomas Greeley Parsons), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Pickens County, AL), "Masonic Symbol."
Paschal, Gene Wintford; b. Apr 05, 1933 d. Jun 01, 1995, "U. S. Army.", "Precious Father and Mother."
Paschal, Nina Faye; b. Jan 23, 1932 d. Jan 27, 2009, w/o Gene Wintford Paschal, "Precious Father and Mother."
Patterson, Charles B.; b. (Sep 17)1889 d. (Apr)1971
Patterson, Madeline E.; b. (Jul 13)1901 d. (Oct 11)1988, w/o Charles B. Patterson, (Native of Florida)
Payne, Barbara (Ann Lance); b. Nov 10, 1937 d. Jun 23, 2005, w/o Kelly R. Payne, married Nov 03, 1972, (d/o James Lance)
Payne, Kelly R.; b. Nov 17, 1935 d. Nov 10, 1998
Pearce, E. Hewitt; b. Jul 09, 1894 d. Jun 17, 1964, Alabama, Supply Sergeant, Battery B, 117th Field Artillery, (U. S. Army), WWI
Pearce, Louise M.; b. 1895 d. 1965, w/o E. Hewitt Pearce
Pearce, Mary Beth; b. Jun 19, 1957 d. Jun 26, 1957
Peeples, Julia (Mae) Ayres; b. (Feb 17)1890 d. (Mar)1984, w/o King Ross Peeples Sr., (married Jun 07, 1908, Buchanon, GA), (Native of Georgia), "Eastern Star Symbol."
Peeples, (King) Ross Jr.; b. Feb 19, 1912 d. Feb 17, 2000, s/o King Ross Peeples Sr.
Peeples, (King) Ross Sr.; b. (Mar 20)1886 d. (Jan 23)1960, (s/o Jesse Jenkins Peeples), "Masonic Symbol."
Peeples, Rebecca Daily; b. Oct 21, 1916 d. May 21, 2005, w/o King Ross Peeples Jr., married Sep 03, 1939
Perkins, Leta Lee; b. Jan 30, 1906 d. Jun 09, 1997, w/o Vernon V. Perkins
Perkins, Vaughn D.; b. 1926 d. 1960
Perkins, Vernon V.; b. Oct 15, 1903 d. Feb 10, 1987
Perry, Betty Jo; b. Jul 30, 1925 d. Jun 15, 1992, "My Darling Wife and ‘Honey’"
Perry, Charles W.; b. 1902 d. 1959
Perry, Katie H.; b. (Nov 04)1901 d. (Dec 21)1994, w/o Charles W. Perry
Peterson, Richard L.; b. (Feb 03)1925 d. (Jun 02)2003, "Masonic Symbol."
Peterson, Wyatt H.; b. (Jul 16)1917 d. (Aug)1978, "In Loving Memory."
Phares, Dennis (Rochelle); b. Dec 21, 1909 d. Dec 14, 1985, (s/o Thomas Harrison Phares)
Phares, Rachel (Christenberry); b. Jul 23, 1922 d. Sep 23, 2009, w/o Dennis Rochelle Phares, (married May 24, 1946)
Phillips, Karen Denise; b. Jan 17, 1963 d. Jan 19, 1963
Phillips, Mary Lou; b. (Dec 21)1892 d. (Aug)1979, w/o William Leander Phillips
Phillips, Tammy Lynn; b. Nov 15, 1965 d. May 31, 1991
Phillips, Timothy Carl; b. May 24, 1963 d. Jan 06, 1967, "Our Little Angel."
Phillips, Velma H.; b. Jan 06, 1936 d. Oct 30, 1987, "Beloved Wife and Mother."
Phillips, (William Leander) "Will L.’; b. (Jun 22)1885 d. (Oct)1966, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL)
Pickard, Mary Ann; b. Aug 30, 1962 d. Aug 31, 1962, "Our Daughter."
Pickard, Mary Arlene; b. Aug 17, 1924 d. Nov 04, 1974
Pickard, Roger L.; b. (Dec 19)1953 d. (Aug 20)2002, (s/o Robert E. Pickard)
Pickard, Robert E.; b. Dec 25, 1918 d. Apr 20, 2004, Technical Sergeant, U. S. Army, WWII, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Sep 12, 1941)
Pogue, Ann (Clardy Williams); b. 1926 d. 1963, first w/o Robert Hunter Pogue Jr., "Beloved Wife and Mother."
Pogue, Robert (Hunter) Jr.; b. (Jul 06)1921 d. (Oct 02)2004, (s/o Robert Hunter Pogue Sr.), (Flight Engineer, B-29 Bomber, U. S. Army Air Corps, WWII), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McPherson, GA on Nov 22, 1943), (Career in Civil Engineering), "Beloved Husband and Father."
Pond, Doyle (Connon); b. (Oct 31)1913 d. (Nov 21)2004, (s/o George H. Pond II)
Pond, Jerry (Melvin); b. Jan 21, 1943 d. Sep 15, 1956, (s/o Doyle Connon Pond), "In Loving Memory."
Pond, Louise (Ingram); b. (Sep 05)1918 d. (Nov 11)2000, w/o Doyle Connon Pond
Pool, James (Layfette); b. Sep 07, 1884 d. Apr 21, 1963, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL), "Beloved Father."
Pool, Mary Ella (Bearden); b. Jun 19, 1890 d. Nov 25, 1962, w/o James Layfette Pool, "Beloved Mother."
Pope, Helen (Ludington); b. Jan 07, 1909 d. Sep 15, 2000, w/o James Thomas Pope, married Mar 04, 1948, (Career with Loveman’s Department Store)
Pope, James (Thomas); b. Mar 09, 1911 d. Mar 17, 2001, (Career with Barbers Milk Company)
Power, Bessie G.; b. (Jan 29)1894 d. (Feb)1981, w/o William Lonnie Power
Power, William (Lonnie); b. (Sep 22)1892 d. (Oct)1970, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Blount County, AL)
Presley, Frances F.; b. (Oct 13)1903 d. (Feb)1986
Prestwood, Sara T.; b. Aug 16, 1915 d. Apr 23, 1993
Price, Farley W.; b. Mar 31, 1929 d. Sep 12, 1990, "Masonic Symbol."
Price, Wilma H.; b. Sep 15, 1929 d. (living), w/o Farley W. Price, married Aug 31, 1947, "Eastern Star Symbol."
Pridmore, Howard L.; b. Jan 12, 1917 d. Oct 11, 1971, (s/o Willard Pridmore)
Pridmore, Mozell (Merle Reid); b. 1894 d. 1956, w/o Willard Pridmore, (d/o Grissom Christopher Reid), (Native of Georgia), "Mom."
Pridmore, Willard; b. (Mar 10)1894 d. (Jan)1981, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Clay County, AL), (Native of Georgia), "Pop."
Prince, Arley (Dennis); b. May 14, 1921 d. Sep 04, 2008, Sergeant, U. S. Army Air Corps, WWII
Prince, Tula Love; b. Aug 10, 1926 d. Apr 24, 2006, w/o Arley Dennis Prince, "Beloved Wife and Mother."
Prinz, Elizabeth B.; b. (Apr 29)1909 d. (Sep 06)1996, w/o Henry S. Prinz
Prinz, Henry S.; b. (Feb 16)1908 d. (Oct 10)1959
Pruet, Tracey L.; b. Nov 07, 1961 d. Mar 31, 1980
Puckett, Betty Ann Leonard; b. Jan 10, 1930 d. Aug 17, 1976, w/o John Adolphus Puckett, "Bell System Symbol."
Puckett, John (Adolphus); b. Jun 04, 1926 d. Mar 14, 1972, (s/o Charles Hurt Puckett), Alabama, Sergeant, U. S. Army, WWII, Purple Heart, (Wounded in Action, European Theater)
Pugh, Eugenia B.; b. 1926 d. (living), w/o Harrod A. Pugh
Pugh, Harrod A.; b. (Sep 08)1920 d. (Jan)1987, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Jackson, MS on Jul 18, 1940)
Pullen, Doris B.; b. Jul 22, 1924 d. Apr 10, 1994, w/o William J. Pullen Jr.
Pullen, William J. Jr.; b. Mar 26, 1919 d. Sep 30, 1996, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Jan 13, 1943), "Masonic Symbol."

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