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Garden of the Old Rugged Cross Q-Z
1591 Gadsden Highway
Birmingham Alabama 35235 Show map

Phone: 205-322-0543

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Garden of the Old Rugged Cross is a section of Jefferson Memorial Gardens East. Jefferson Memorial Gardens East is located on approximately 100 acres, several blocks of which fronts U. S. Highway 11 or Gadsden Highway. The cemetery was founded in 1949 and it is privately owned. It is an active cemetery providing resting places for some 650 citizens each year. It is well maintained and has a full time staff providing excellent care to those in need of their services. Only one section in the cemetery has above ground monuments. This transcription is a complete and accurate accounting of the legible markers in this section. This transcription was conducted by me during September, 2008. Information in parenthesis is from the monument itself while information in brackets has been supplied by the transcriber. If I can determine that a person is deceased and an obituary indicates they were buried here, I will add the death date in brackets or if buried elsewhere, I will try to provide that information as well.

-Carl W. Dykes

(Editor’s Notes: Items in quotation marks are from the memorial. Military information is from the memorial unless otherwise specified. Items in parenthesis have been added by the editor from other sources. U. S. Army enlistments are available but U. S. Navy and U. S. Marine Corps enlistments are not. If an ancestor served in either of these two branches, it would be hard to determine that to any certainty based on records currently available. There is some information available which is taken from the muster rolls of U. S. Carriers and Marine Detachments on some ships during the war but the data sometimes does not contain enough personal data to positively identify any individual unless there is some other corroborating evidence.)

Rainey, Prentiss M.; b. Nov 30, 1930 d. Oct 14, 1976
Ramsey, Louie (Henderson); b. Sep 07, 1912 d. May 13, 2002, (Career with U. S. Steel Corporation)
Ramsey, Naomi M. (Smith); b. Feb 14, 1914 d. Sep 03, 1995, w/o Louie Henderson Ramsey, married Dec 24, 1938, "Parents of Allen ‘Buddy’ and Carol.", (Career with Baptist Medical Center-Princeton)
Rand, Charles P. "Chuck."; b. Oct 02, 1947 d. May 03, 1965
Ratliff, Lillie E.; b. (Sep 21)1887 d. (Dec)1971, "Mother."
Rayburn, Harold (Junior); b. (Jun 15)1927 d. (Jan 30)1991
Rayburn, Jan (Rose) M.; b. 1929 d. (living), w/o Harold J. Rayburn
Reagan, Howard (Kenneth) "Pat"; b. (Jun 14)1924 d. (Jul)1985, (s/o Horace Tolbert Reagan), (Native of Georgia), (Enlisted in the Alabama Army National Guard at Birmingham, AL on Nov 25, 1940)
Reagan Peggy S.; b. 1929 d. (living), w/o Howard Kenneth Reagan, (married Nov 24, 1949, Jefferson County, AL)
Reddick, Ethel C.; b. Apr 21, 1899 d. Aug 11, 1973, w/o William Barney Reddick
Reddick, William (Barney); b. (Sep 25)1890 d. (Apr)1965, (s/o William James Reddick), (Native of Tennessee), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL)
Reid, Travis G.; b. Jun 22, 1933 d. Jul 02, 1974, Culinary Specialist Third Class, U. S. Navy
Reinhardt, Doris E.; b. Jan 31, 1912 d. Jan 20, 2003, w/o Hubert E. Reinhardt
Reinhardt, Hubert E.; b. Jan 24, 1913 d. May 08, 1993, (s/o Horace Ward Reinhardt)
Reinhart, George; b. Jul 22, 1911 d. Jun 13, 1959
Reinhart, Jewell D.; b. Jan 28, 1918 d. Aug 31, 1962, w/o George Reinhart
Reynold(s), Danny (Myron); b. Jul 17, 1954 d. Apr 23, 1961, (s/o Myron Gordon Reynolds)
Reynolds, Kirby G.; b. Sep 25, 1915 d. (09 Oct 2002), (Native of Michigan), (Death date is from Social Security Death Database, may not be buried here, died in Florida)
Reynolds, Myron (Gordon); b. Feb 12, 1929 d. Jun 18, 1970, (s/o Samuel Gordon Reynolds)
Rice, Virgil Ellis; b. Nov 25, 1920 d. May 16, 1957, Alabama, Corporal, U. S. Army
Richards, Carlton (Comer) Sr.; b. Oct 29, 1919 d. Oct 27, 2003, U. S. Navy, WWII
Richards, Gladys (Butler); b. Jan 14, 1922 d. Dec 05, 2009, w/o Carlton Comer Richards Sr., "In Loving Memory."
Richards, Tammy Marie; b. Mar 23, 1966 d. Nov 04, 1980, (d/o Carlton Comer Richards Sr.),"Our Precious Angel."
Richey, Hazel Ritch; b. Jan 02, 1928 d. Jun 19, 2008, "Our Beloved."
Ritch, John C. Jr.; b. Feb 28, 1933 d. May 24, 1978, "Our Beloved."
Rivers, Inez R.; b. May 09, 1922 d. Apr 24, 1985, "Loving You Always."
Robberson, Edmond (Harrison) Sr.; b. (Jan 07)1883 d. (Dec 27)1960
Robberson, Exa Mae (Smith); b. (Mar 20)1883 d. (Jul 15)1958, w/o Edmond Harrison Robberson Sr.
Roberson, Nellie S.; b. Oct 16, 1903 d. Mar 21, 1996, "Beloved Mother and Grandmother."
Roberts, Arthur (Eldridge); b. (Apr 06)1888 d. (Aug)1969, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL), (Native of North Carolina)
Roberts, Charlotte (Virginia Scott); b. (Jul 04)1888 d. (Aug)1978, w/o Arthur Eldridge Roberts, (Native of Mississippi)
Roberts, Elsie H.; b. (Jun 16)1919 d. (Nov 23)1994
Roberts, James E.; b. Dec 16, 1916 d. Mar 26, 1972, Alabama, Private First Class, U. S. Army Air Corps, WWII
Roberts, Thomas Ryan; b. Jun 02, 1937 d. Jul 10, 1985
Robertson, Gladys B.; b. 1903 d. 1973, w/o William Robertson
Robertson, William; b. 1906 d. (living)
Robinson, Dorothy; b. Feb 19, 1914 d. Dec 04, 1986, w/o Ernest Robinson
Robinson, Ernest; b. Oct 10, 1917 d. Dec 27, 1974
Robison, Reuben O. Jr.; b. Jul 20, 1931 d. May 19, 2004, Specialist Fourth Class, U. S. Army, Korea
Robison, (Nellie) Ruth (Peoples); b. Jun 10, 1933 d. (living), w/o Reuben O. Robison Jr., "Beloved Wife, Mother and Grandmother."
Rodgers, Mae Winifred Barber; b. May 04, 1892 d. Apr 16, 1970, "Beloved Mother."
Rogers, Carl Wilson; b. Apr 11, 1918 d. Nov 22, 2006, U. S. Army, WWII, (Career as Home Designer), (Native of Maryland)
Rogers, E. B. "Cowboy"; b. 1900 d. 1970, (s/o Allen Rogers)
Rogers, Jesse Malcom; b. Dec 21, 1978 d. Jun 22, 2009, "Beloved Artist and Musician."
Rogers, Sally Ardell; b. Feb 04, 1917 d. (living), w/o Carl Wilson Rogers, married Dec 07, 1944
Rollins, Carolyn R.; b. Jan 20, 1938 d. Jul 20, 2002, w/o George D. Rollins, married Jan 21, 1963
Rollins, George D.; b. Jan 05, 1941 d. (living)
Ronsisvalle, Daniel; b. May 03, 1936 d. Nov 16, 2003, (Assemblies of God Minister, Pastor of the Huffman Assembly of God and later the Cathedral of the Cross, Founder of Cathedral Christian School)
Rotolo, Joseph S.; b. Aug 29, 1909 d. Mar 15, 1983
Rotolo, Lucille Walker; b. (Aug 19)1925 d. (Nov)1974, w/o Joseph S. Rotolo, (married Apr 13, 1944, Jackson County, AL), (d/o Clarence Bertram Walker)
Rotton, Conner M.; b. (Mar 08)1915 d. (Apr 21)1997, (s/o John Pryor Rotton)
Rotton, Ella M. (Mize); b. (Feb 02, 1894)1895 d. (May)1981, w/o Jack Pryor Rotton, Sr.
Rotton, Evelyn (Martin); b. 1919 d. (living), w/o Conner M. Rotton, "In Loving Memory."
Rotton, Jack Pryor Jr. "J. P."; b. Jun 30, 1918 d. Aug 17, 2009, s/o Jack Pryor Rotton Sr., (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Jul 22, 1944)
Rotton, Jack Pryor Sr.; b. (Aug 16)1891 d. (Jun 12)1963, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL)
Rotton, Ronald Ben; b. Oct 05, 1938 d. Mar 22, 1989, "In Loving Memory."
Rotton, Sherman "Tony"; b. Jul 04, 1938 d. Apr 23, 1980, "In Loving Memory."
Roye, Michelle Nicole; b. Jan 10, 1979 d. Jan 19, 2008, (d/o Ronald Roye), (Career with UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center), "Beloved Daughter and Sister."
Rudick, Ernest M. Sr.; b. Nov 01, 1923 d. Jun 16, 2009, (Native of Pennsylvania)
Rudick, Ola Marie; b. Aug 19, 1933 d. (living), w/o Ernest M. Rudick Sr.
Runyan, Linda Faye; b. Apr 25, 1941 d. (living), w/o Malcolm M. Runyan Jr., married Jun 30, 1959
Runyan, Malcolm M. Jr.; b. Mar 03, 1940 d. Sep 25, 2002, s/o Malcolm M. Runyan, Sr.
Runyan, Tina Marie; b. Apr 17, 1965 d. Jan 23, 1984, (d/o Malcolm M. Runyan, Jr.), "Our Precious Angel."
Russell, Edith Goodwin; b. (Nov 09)1895 d. (Jan 11)1994, w/o Thomas Grover Russell Sr., "In Loving Memory."
Russell, James R.; b. (Jan 30)1930 d. (Jul)1974, "In Loving Memory."
Russell, Thomas (Grover) Jr.; b. Sep 01, 1919 d. Jun 12, 2006, s/o Thomas Grover Russell, Sr., U. S. Marine Corps, WWII, South Pacific Theater), (Career with Southern Railroad)
Russell, Thomas (Grover) Sr.; b. (Oct 30)1885 d. 1965, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL), "In Loving Memory."
Russo, Sylvester B.; b. Nov 06, 1905 d. Dec 02, 1971, "Papa."
Russo, Sylvia (Lea Howell "Mimi."); b. Mar 14, 1916 d. Mar 07, 2010, w/o Sylvester B. Russo, (d/o Ernest Howell), (Distinguished Elementary School Teacher in the Birmingham Public Schools.)
Rutherford, Georgia (Franklin Tisdale); b. (Aug 31)1917 d. (Nov 04)2001, w/o James W. Rutherford, (d/o Frank Horation Tisdale), "Eastern Star Symbol."
Rutherford, James W. (Jr.); b. 1916 d. 1970, (s/o James W. Rutherford Sr.), "Shrine Symbol."
Rutledge, Fay B.; b. Mar 29, 1920 d. Mar 14, 1995, w/o Woodrow A. Rutledge
Rutledge, Woodrow A.; b. Jan 03, 1919 d. Jul 21, 1995, (s/o Dan Rutledge), Staff Sergeant, U. S. Army, WWII), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McPherson, GA on Jun 14, 1944), Purple Heart Medal
Ryan, Mildred Burtram; b. Sep 21, 1921 d. Nov 14, 1996
Sadler, Ada C. (Lawson); b. Sep 15, 1899 d. Dec 24, 2000, w/o James Edgar Sadler, "In Loving Memory."
Sadler, (James) Edgar; b. (Aug 09)1895 d. (Feb 16)1968, (s/o Robert Columbus Sadler), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Chambers County, AL), "In Loving Memory."
Sahm, Fannie; b. 1897 d. 197x, (d/o Hugo Sahm), (Parents are buried at Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery, Branchville, St. Clair County, AL)
Sale, Audrey H.; b. (Jul 14)1909 d. (Dec)1988, w/o Benjamin T. Sale
Sale, Benjamin T.; b. (Jul 13)1905 d. (Aug)1982, "Masonic Symbol."
Salmon, Lisa Diane; b. Feb 28, 1972 d. Mar 15, 2004, (d/o Buford Salmon), (Career as Inspector, America’s Thrift Stores), "Beloved Mother, Daughter, Sister and Aunt."
Sams, Carter (Tate); b. Mar 14, 1913 d. Feb 12, 1963, (s/o James Sams), (Native of Georgia)
Sams, Stella M. (Franklin); b. Apr 26, 1917 d. Jan 18, 1985, w/o Carter Tate Sams, (d/o John B. Franklin)
Savage, Nellie (E. Whitmore); b. Apr 20, 1894 d. Aug 17, 1981, w/o William Charlie Savage, (married Apr 16, 1911)
Savage, William (Charlie); b. Oct 15, 1892 d. Oct 05, 1972, (s/o Allen Jeremiah Savage), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in St. Clair County, AL)
Sawyer, Leon J. Jr.; b. Dec 14, 1922 d. Nov 15, 1985
Scharp, Charles; b. (Dec 14)1887 d. (Nov)1973
Scharp, Laura (Belle Black); b. (Sep 13)1904 d. (Jun 06)2005, w/o Charles Scharp, (married Aug 21, 1926, Jefferson County, AL), (d/o John Hugh Black)
Scott, Henry (Thomas) Sr.; b. (Apr 29)1898 d. (Jul)1982, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Dickson County, TN), (Native of Tennessee)
Scott, James S.; b. Mar 05, 1939 d. Sep 29, 2007, (s/o Henry Thomas Scott Sr.), "Always and Dearly Loved."
Scott, (Loma) Louise Connatser; b. (Apr 19)1904 d. (Oct 1983)1982, w/o Henry Thomas Scott Sr., (d/o Stewart Milburn Connatser), (Native of Tennessee)
Seifert, Herbert C.; b. (Jul 07)1920 d. (Feb)1987, (s/o Fred J. Seifert), (Native of Kentucky)
Seifert, Mary Elizabeth; b. 1926 d. (living), w/o Herbert C. Seifert, (married May 23, 1948, Jefferson County, AL)
Self, Guy Lewis Jr.; b. 1936 d. 1961, s/o Guy Lewis Self Sr.
Self, Guy Lewis Sr.; b. Dec 12, 1902 d. May 18, 1974, (s/o Nathaniel Hillman Self)
Self, Helen Gay; b. Apr 10, 1906 d. Jun 07, 1992, w/o Guy Lewis Self Sr.
Self, Steven L.; b. Jul 26, 1960 d. Aug 16, 2007, (s/o Calvin Self), (Career as Pool Installer), (Worship Leader, Faith Baptist Church), "Faithful and True."
Sellers, Ellis; b. (Aug 22)1902 d. (Jan)1966, (s/o Allison Sellers)
Sellers, Eva (Elizabeth Fitzsimmons) Butts; b. (Oct 05)1914 d. (Jul 08)1998, (w/o (1) George Warren Butts and (2) Herman E. Sellers), "Eastern Star Symbol."
Sellers, Rosa Lee (Bradford); b. (Dec 21)1903 d. (Jun 09)2001, w/o (1) Ellis Sellers and (2) Clavis Autry, (Founding Member, Roebuck Park Baptist Church)
Sharit, Evelyn P.; b. 1923 d. (living), w/o Grady Abner Sharit
Sharit, Grady (Abner); b. (Jun 22)1918 d. (Dec 04)2007, (s/o Hobert T. Sharit), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Jun 30, 1943)
Shafer, Glenn (Wesley); b. Feb 16, 1945 d. Mar 28, 1967, Corporal, U. S. Marine Corps, (Vietnam), (Died of non-hostile cause while serving in South Vietnam), (Vietnam Memorial Panel 17E-Line 64)
Shafer, John Wesley; b. Jun 26, 1889 d. Dec 24, 1956, Alabama, Sergeant, Field Artillery, (U. S. Army), WWI
Shaw, Ann Poe; b. 1903 d. 1980, w/o William P. Shaw
Shaw, James Anthony; b. Apr 18, 1964 d. Apr 20, 1964, "Our Baby."
Shaw, William P.; b. (Sep 17)1903 d. (Jul)1964
Shell, Billy J.; b. 1931 d. 1964
Shelton, Alma T.; b. 1899 d. 1964, w/o Lawrence N. Shelton
Shelton, Barbara Jean (Whitten); b. Sep 04, 1936 d. Mar 18, 1996, (Career with University of Alabama at Birmingham Medical Center), "Cherished Mother and Grandmother."
Shelton, Lawrence N.; b. 1884 d. 1962
Shelton, Willard C.; b. May 11, 1920 d. Nov 27, 1981, Private, U. S. Army, WWII, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McPherson, GA on Mar 31, 1944)
Shiflett, W. Marvin; b. Jan 09, 1903 d. Jul 16, 1975
Shirah, Elizabeth (Sterling); b. (Nov 03)1924 d. (Jun 05)2006, w/o Orsan Birk Shirah, (married Jul 03, 1947, Jefferson County, AL)
Shirah, Orsan Birk; b. (Nov 29)1918 d. (May)1975, (s/o Daniel Shirah), (Storekeeper Second Class, U. S. Navy, WWII, USS Long Island, CVE-1, 1941-1945)
Sikes, (Margaret) Evelyn (Simpson).; b. (Jun 26)1904 d. (Sep 01)1987, w/o Hosmer A. Sikes, (d/o Leonard Marion Simpson)
Sikes, (Hosmer) A.; b. (Apr 12)1907 d. (Oct 28)1992, (s/o Alexander Alonzo Sikes)
Silva, Bernaldo "Benny"; b. Nov 14, 1942 d. Sep 07, 2008, "Beloved Husband, Father and Grandfather."
Simmons, Haskell H.; b. May 27, 1922 d. Jul 05, 2003, Captain, U. S. Army Air Forces, WWII
Simpson, Bobbie J.; b. 1945 d. (living), w/o Thomas C. Simpson
Simpson, Craig Allen; b. Jan 10, 1961 d. Jul 02, 1961, "Precious Baby."
Simpson, Leonard (Marion); b. (Jan 22)1877 d. 1969, (Native of Georgia)
Simpson, Mary (Emma Buchanan); b. (Aug 14)1879 d. (Oct 15)1969, w/o Leonard M. Simpson, (Native of Tennessee)
Simpson, Rebecca C.; b. Mar 14, 1937 d. Oct 09, 1993, w/o Robert V. Simpson
Simpson, Robert V.; b. Feb 12, 1933 d. (living)
Simpson, Thomas C.; b. (Apr 30)1944 d. (May)1973
Sims, Deanna; b. 1940 d. 1958
Sims, Edna L.; b. (Jan 29)1919 d. (Nov 03)1999, w/o William W. Sims, (Native of Tennessee)
Sims, Emma M.; b. Feb 08, 1886 d. Sep 13, 1959, w/o Robert L. Sims
Sims, Linnie; b. (Jul 21)1907 d. (Oct 04)1988
Sims, Melvie V.; b. Apr 18, 1889 d. Mar 06, 1966
Sims, Robert (Lee); b. Mar 12, 1881 d. Nov 12, 1963, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL)
Sims, William W.; b. 1916 d. 1988
Six, Beatrice (Elaine Smith); b. (Oct 25)1902 d. (Sep 14)1973, w/o Everett Ray Six, (married Nov 17, 1923, Delaware County, OH), (d/o Jessie Bowles Smith), (Native of West Virginia)
Six, Everett Ray; b. May 23, 1894 d. Jul 12, 1971, Ohio, Battery F, 134th Field Artillery, (U. S. Army) WWI, (Native of Ohio), (Social Security Death Data Base gives date of birth as May 21, 1893)
Sligh, Doris L.; b. Aug 16, 1910 d. Feb 12, 1990
Sligh, Harold Leyden; b. Oct 17, 1919 d. Aug 01, 1995, Sergeant, U. S. Marines
Smith, Alma M.; b. (Aug 01)1917 d. (Nov 19)1998, w/o Houston Perry Smith, married Apr 21, 1935
Smith, Augustine; b. May 08, 1900 d. Aug 04, 1958
Smith, Frank Thomas; b. (Aug 18)1920 d. (Jul 02)1998
Smith, Fred M. Jr.; b. (Sep 09)1924 d. (Apr)1988, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Jun 10, 1943)
Smith, George B.; b. Jan 29, 1881 d. Nov 21, 1921
Smith, Gordon E.; b. Apr 09, 1940 d. Nov 06, 1989, "Beloved Son."
Smith, Helen L.; b. Dec 09, 1930 d. (living), w/o Roy E. Smith Sr., "Our Mom and Dad."
Smith, Houston (Perry); b. (Mar 13)1913 d. (Aug 25)1994, (Native of Georgia)
Smith, James C.; b. (May 02)1915 d. (Jan 13)2005
Smith, Jane B.; b. Sep 01, 1935 d. Sep 11, 2003
Smith, Jean R.; b. 1928 d. (living), w/o Fred M. Smith Jr.
Smith, Joe J.; b. Nov 19, 1909 d. Dec 06, 1987, "Beloved Brother of Gladys Tucker."
Smith, Kate; b. 1881 d. 1956, "In Loving Memory."
Smith, Leda A.; b. Jul 03, 1905 d. Dec 19, 1982, w/o Augustine Smith
Smith, Leila Kate; b. (Apr 30)1901 d. (Jun 02)1994, w/o Otis V. Smith, "Eastern Star Symbol."
Smith, Lillie E.; b. 1900 d. 1953, "In Loving Memory."
Smith, Minnie B.; b. Mar 08, 1882 d. May 15, 1960, w/o George B. Smith
Smith, Morris; b. Sep 06, 1910 d. Feb 29, 1996, "Masonic Symbol."
Smith, Murphy S.; b. (Aug 21)1917 d. (Oct 20)1991, w/o James C. Smith
Smith, Otis V.; b. 1897 d. 1964, "In Loving Memory.", "Masonic Symbol."
Smith, Roy E. Jr.; b. Mar 15, 1960 d. Mar 16, 1960
Smith, Roy E. Sr.; b. Apr 04, 1928 d. Apr 19, 1995
Smith, Vivian Kennington; b. 1920 d. (living), w/o Frank Thomas Smith
South, Forrest D.; b. 1936 d. 1969, "In Loving Memory."
South, Meryl F.; b. Jan 09, 1910 d. Jan 21, 1976
South, Theron A.; b. Mar 17, 1905 d. Feb 02, 1995
Spann, John (Andrew); b. Nov 14, 1946 d. Oct 04, 2009, (Firefighter, City of Birmingham)
Speakman, William David; b. (Mar 19)1942 d. (May 05)2000
Speer, Billy J.; b. Oct 29, 1931 d. Nov 03, 1999
Speer, Shirley I.; b. Jun 04, 1935 d. Jan 09, 1989, w/o Billy J. Speer, married Jul 28, 1951
Stanfield, Clyde W.; b. (Dec 16)1912 d. (Aug 13)1991, (s/o Ralph Stanfield), (Native of Montana)
Stanfield, Helen (Gartman); b. (Aug 21)1914 d. (Jun 23)2007, w/o Clyde W. Stanfield, (d/o Oscar Grady Gartman), (Native of Mississippi)
Staples, Blair (Jones); b. (Sep 17)1922 d. (Mar)1967, (s/o Frank Staples), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Feb 09, 1943)
Staples, Carlos S. Jr.; b. Jun 09, 1955 d. (living)
Staples, Carlos S. Sr.; b. Jul 26, 1924 d. Oct 11, 1999, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Mar 31, 1943)
Staples, Hazel (Elizabeth) B.; b. (May 30)1922 d. (Sep 05)1995, w/o Blair Jones Staples
Staples, Ruth C.; b. 1924 d. (living), w/o Carlos S. Staples Sr.
Starling, Christopher Jay "C.J."; b. Aug 12, 1991 d. Sep 28, 1991, "Far too precious for this world."
Staton, Minnie E. Early; b. Feb 21, 1877 d. Nov 16, 1961, w/o Robert Lee Staton, married Jun 16, 1901, Blount County, AL), (d/o John Edward Early), "Mother."
Staton, Robert Lee; b. Sep 09, 1877 d. Dec 01, 1968, (s/o John Staton), (Native of Texas), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in St. Clair County, AL), "Father."
Steeley, Christina Pool; b. May 30, 1910 d. Jan 07, 2005, w/o Otis Theophilus Steeley, "Beloved Wife and Mother."
Steeley, Otis Theophilus; b. May 22, 1907 d. Mar 02, 1999, Fireman First Class, U. S. Navy, WWII
Stephens, Frances S.; b. (Apr 23)1920 d. (Oct 15)1998, w/o Lawrence G. Stephens
Stephens, Lawrence G.; b. (Oct 31)1913 d. (Apr)1983
Stephens, Mary (Elizabeth Sahm); b. (Jan 04)1904 d. (Apr 27)2000, w/o Ralph Lee Stephens, (married May 20, 1927, Jefferson County, AL)
Stephens, Ralph (Lee); b. (May 24)1898 d. (Nov)1964, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL)
Stevens, Edgar A. Sr.; b. Feb 09, 1909 d. May 26, 1991
Stevens, Lola F.; b. Jun 12, 1907 d. Jun 16, 1991, w/o Edgar A. Stevens, Sr.
Stone, Teresa Connie Ruth; b. Jan 21, 1954 d. Jul 10, 1956, (d/o Manuel E. Stone Sr.), "Darling Daughter."
Stone, Venita C. (Shelton); b. Apr 04, 1935 d. Jan 18, 2001, (w/o Manuel E. Stone Sr.), "Beloved Wife and Mother."
Street, Elizabeth M.; b. (Jan 14)1926 d. (Nov 09)2002
Sullivan, Emma W.; b. (Mar 17)1906 d. (Apr)1976, w/o Neil J. Sullivan
Sullivan, (Nathaniel J.) "Neil"; b. (Jun 07)1904 d. (Mar 04)1994
Summerford, Florence E. (Stevens); b. Feb 22, 1929 d. Aug 29, 2001, w/o John M. Summerford, (d/o Fred Stevens), "Beloved Wife and Mother."
Summerford, John M.; b. Oct 12, 1923 d. Apr 08, 1995, Sergeant, U. S. Army, WWII, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Jan 15, 1943)
Sumner, Olive L. (Davis); b. Nov 25, 1912 d. (Aug 29, 2010), w/o Walton A. Sumner, "Beloved Wife and Mother."
Sumner, Walton A.; b. (May 10, 1911) d. (Nov 30, 2005), Technician Fifth Grade, U. S. Army, WWII
Sutter, Donald P.; b. Oct 08, 1938 d. Apr 04, 2005
Swader, Aulcie (Rea Biddle); b. Feb 22, 1911 d. Apr 11, 1990, (w/o Claude William Swader Sr.), (d/o Nicholson Edward Biddle)
Swader, Claude (William) Jr. "Bill"; b. Feb 22, 1931 d. Dec 08, 2008, Staff Sergeant, U. S. Air Force
Swader, Claude (William) Sr.; b. (Mar 20)1900 d. (Sep 24)1993, (s/o James E. Swader), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in DeKalb County, AL)
Swader, Maggie Zenobia; b. 1902 d. 1971, w/o Claude William Swader Sr.
Swango, Charles E.; b. Jul 15, 1882 d. Apr 19, 1967
Swango, Katherine B.; b. Oct 11, 1880 d. Aug 21, 1957, w/o Charles E. Swango
Swindall, Lenora (Virginia Gordon Nix); b. (Nov 02)1908 d. (Sep 14)1993, w/o (1) Marshall Franklin Nix, (married Jul 25, 1925, Jefferson County, AL) and (2) Owen Pickard Swindall, (d/o Newton Howard Gordon), "In Loving Memory."
Swindall, Owen (Pickard); b. (Nov 11)1895 d. (Feb 28)1963, (s/o Alphenius Calvin Swindall), "In Loving Memory."
Switzer, Herbert L.; b. (Dec 05)1912 d. (May)1957
Switzer, Joanne; b. 1939 d. 1986
Switzer, Joy F.; b. (Jun 30)1915 d. (Dec)1981, w/o Herbert L. Switzer
Swope, Donna F.; b. Mar 07, 1940 d. (living), w/o Walter B. Swope
Swope, Walter B.; b. Dec 15, 1935 d. Aug 10, 2000, U. S. Army, (Career as Salesman with Air Gas)
Tackett, Paul R.; b. (Dec 04)1937 d. (Oct)1955
Taggart, Cleophus (Chester); b. Nov 08, 1911 d. Jun 03, 2000, (s/o Sula Ludlow Taggart), (Native of Mississippi)
Taggart, (Annie) Lois (Elrod); b. Apr 27, 1913 d. Oct 19, 2009, w/o Cleophus Chester Taggart, (married Jun 13, 1936), (d/o Roscoe Compton Elrod)
Talley, Patsie M.; b. Jan 05, 1875 d. Aug 18, 1968
Taylor, Boyd W.; b. (May 04)1914 d. (Jul 02)1998, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Feb 01, 1943), (Career with Alabama Power)
Taylor, Charley Alton; b. Jan 02, 1923 d. Mar 23, 2004, (s/o William Reeves Taylor), Private First Class, U. S. Army, WWII, Purple Heart Medal, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McPherson, GA on Jun 17, 1944)
Taylor, Charlsie H.; b. 1928 d. (living), w/o Verne I. Taylor
Taylor, Connie Estelle A.; b. Feb 02, 1923 d. Jul 11, 2009, w/o Charley Alton Taylor, "Beloved Wife, Mother and Mamaw.", "Eastern Star Symbol."
Taylor, George D.; b. Nov 15, 1942 d. Sep 03, 1963, "Our Don."
Taylor, Hewitt F.; b. Nov 12, 1908 d. Jun 30, 1978, Ship’s Serviceman Second Class, U. S. Navy, WWII
Taylor, James Dwight; b. Oct 17, 1955 d. Mar 20, 1991, "To Die Is Gain."
Taylor, Ruby D.; b. Aug 07, 1915 d. Jul 06, 1999, w/o Hewitt F. Taylor, "We love you Mom."
Taylor, Sara Louise; b. Nov 30, 1928 d. Nov 01, 1998, w/o W. Pasco Taylor
Taylor, Todd Everette; b. Aug 8, 1988 d. Jul 19, 2006, (s/o David Taylor), "Our Bright Shooting Star."
Taylor, Verne I.; b. (Nov 30)1922 d. (Feb 16)1983, (s/o John Stein Taylor), (Native of California), "He Hath Put A New Song In My Heart."
Taylor, Virginia (Ruth); b. 1919 d. (Jul 27)1997, w/o Boyd W. Taylor, (Career with AmSouth Bank)
Taylor, W. Pasco; b. Jun 30, 1925 d. May 14, 1962
Tennant, Charles (Wilson); b. 1890 d. (May 26)1957. (s/o Eli Tennant)
Tennant, Elzie (Jane May Sims); b. (Jun 10)1892 d. (Dec 04, 1991), w/o Charles Wilson Tennant, (d/o John K. Sims)
Tennant, Gilbert B.; b. Sep 08, 1895 d. Dec 12, 1959, "Masonic Symbol."
Tennant, Walter A.; b. May 16, 1923 d. Jun 22, 1959, (s/o Charles Wilson Tennant), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Oct 17, 1940), (Native of New Mexico)
Thames, Irene Monk; b. (Jan 05)1909 d. (Nov)1974
Thomas, Dorothy S.; b. 1930 d. (living), w/o William C. Thomas
Thomas, George E.; b. Jan 08, 1893 d. Sep 29, 1966, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Saline County, IL)
Thomas, Kathryn Caldwell; b. Jun 29, 1903 d. Nov 09, 1982
Thomas, (Mildred) Gay; b. (May 29)1916 d. (Dec 16)1998, w/o Paul E. Thomas
Thomas, Paul E.; b. 1909 d. 1972
Thomas, Ruby M.; b. Jan 09, 1897 d. May 22, 1982, w/o George E. Thomas
Thomas, William C.; b. (Dec 05)1929 d. (May)1982
Thompson, Anita (Earnest); b. Dec 05, 1899 d. May 25, 1990, w/o Harry Roy Thompson, (married Sep 26, 1920, Murray County, GA), (d/o Emory A. Earnest)
Thompson, Frances Louise; b. Dec 16, 1924 d. Aug 13, 1988
Thompson, Harry (Roy); b. Sep 27, 1895 d. Jun 24, 1979, (s/o James C. Thompson), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Shelby County, AL)
Thompson, Lena Lee (Light); b. (Nov 08)1906 d. 1968, w/o Walter Richard Thompson, (married Nov 30, 1929, Morgan County, AL), (d/o Solomon Monroe Light), "Mama."
Thompson, Walter (Richard); b. (Aug 02)1899 d. (Sep)1982, (s/o John Thomas Thompson), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Cullman County, AL), "Daddy."
Thorn, Durwood Optima Jr."Dee"; b. Aug 15, 1957 d. Mar 28, 2004, "Steven & Michael’s Old Man."
Thorn, Durwood Optima Sr.; b. (Apr 18)1932 d. (Apr)1970, "Shrine Symbol."
Thornton, Arthur N.; b. Sep 02, 1884 d. Nov 23, 1957
Thornton, Lillie M.; b. Jun 07, 1897 d. Aug 04, 1968, w/o Arthur N. Thornton
Tillery, Elsie H.; b. (Jul 30)1913 d. (Nov 29)2006, w/o Richard C. Tillery
Tillery, Richard C.; b. (Oct 17)1915 d. (May)1982
Tilley, Dorothy J.; b. 1934 d. (living), w/o Gene Tilley
Tilley, Gene; b. (Mar 30)1930 d. (Nov 07)2005, "Beloved Parents and Grandparents."
Tillman, Callie; b. 1865 d. (Nov 14)1956
Tindal, R. Leland; b. 1917 d. 1967, "Our Beloved."
Tinsley, Beatrice (Ford); b. Sep 15, 1895 d. (May 27, 1998), w/o Clifford Ransom Tinsley
Tinsley, Clifford (Ransom); b. Jan 01, 1897 d. Jul 29, 1965, (s/o Roe Gaston Tinsley), (WWI Draft Registration Card completed Jun 05, 1917 indicates he resided in Cuyahoga County, OH), "Masonic Symbol."
Trammell, Larry Craig; b. Nov 17, 1960 d. Sep 05, 1989, "Our Beloved Husband, Brother and Son."
Tran, Du Thi Huynh; b. 1962 d. Jun 01, 1992, "Nguon vo yeu men."
Trautwein, Donald P.; b. Jul 11, 1936 d. Mar 19, 1995
Trautwein, Joyce L.; b. Jul 22, 1941 d. (living), w/o (1) Donald P. Trautwein, married Mar 02, 1963, and (2) Unknown Taggart
Thrasher, Edna (Deale) Helton; b. (Apr 27)1914 d. (Sep)1998, (d/o Jeptha D. Deale), married (1) Unknown Helton and (2) Unknown Thrasher)
Triplett, Anna Mae (Witt); b. Dec 11, 1918 d. Jul 08, 1995, (d/o John Collie Witt), (Native of Tennessee), "Little Mother."
Tucker, Balpha L. Jr.; b. (Oct 28)1932 d. (Feb 02)1996
Tucker, Balpha L. (Sr.); b. (Nov 03, 1901)1902 d. (Mar 21)1989, "In Loving Memory."
Tucker, Gladys Smith; b. Oct 29, 1907 d. Mar 07, 2008
Tucker, James O.; b. (Nov 12)1914 d. (May)1974
Tucker, James (Robert) "Butch"; b. (Nov 16)1948 d. (Feb)1980, (s/o James O. Tucker)
Tucker, Karen Louise; b. Mar 01, 1953 d. Dec 08, 1955, "Darling Daughter."
Tucker, Otive E.; b. 1909 d. 1963, "In Loving Memory."
Tucker, Pauline D.; b. (Nov 01)1918 d. (Aug 31)2006, w/o James O. Tucker
Tucker, Peggy A. (Skinner); b. (Jan 11)1932 d. (Nov 21)2001, w/o Balpha L. Tucker Jr., (d/o Lathell Skinner)
Tuggle, Michael Earl; b. Mar 23, 1956 d. Oct 16, 1995, "Our Beloved Son.", "Brother, Uncle and Outdoorsman."
Turner, Beris N. "Bede"; b. Dec 29, 1917 d. Jan 01, 1996, w/o Samuel W. Turner
Turner, Samuel W. "Sam"; b. Jul 12, 1916 d. Mar 04, 1998, (s/o Samuel Obediah Turner)
Tutt, Ernest E.; b. 1920 d. (living)
Tutt, Mary Ann; b. 1927 d. (living), w/o Ernest E. Tutt
Umphrey, Loraine (Keith); b. Feb 02, 1922 d. (living), w/o Ollie Gilbert Umphrey
Umphrey, Ollie (Gilbert); b. Jul 30, 1919 d. Aug 05, 2003, s/o Ollie Joshua Umphrey, U. S. Army Air Corps, WWII, Distinguished Flying Cross, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McPherson, GA on May 18, 1944), (Career as Owner Operator of Bel Aire Cleaners)
Underwood, Dorothy (Irene Tipton.); b. Nov 17, 1919 d. Aug 09, 1995, w/o Frank J. Underwood
Underwood, Frank J.; b. Apr 20, 1917 d. Jan 14, 2005, (s/o Phillip W. Underwood)
Underwood, Jack; b. Apr 07, 1923 d. Sep 04, 1991, Private First Class, U. S. Marine Corps
Underwood, James (Thomas Sr.); b. (Feb 23)1929 d. (Mar 12)2003, (s/o Lee Underwood), (Career with American Cast Iron Pipe Company)
Underwood, Mary H. "Bobbie"; b. (Feb 02)1928 d. (Mar 06)2002, w/o James Thomas Underwood
Underwood, Nellie (Mae McGlaun); b. (Mar 11)1893 d. (Jan 12)1995, w/o Phillip Washington Underwood, (d/o William Hardy McGlaun), (Native of Mississippi)
Underwood, Phillip (Washingon); b. (Apr 14)1886 d. (Dec 19)1960, (s/o John Thomas Underwood), (WWI Draft Registration Card completed Jun 05, 1917 indicates he resided in Curry County, NM, date of birth given Apr 14, 1888)
Underwood, Robbie L.; b. Oct 17, 1926 (living), w/o Jack Underwood
Upchurch, Dewey Dewitt Jr.; b. 1923 d. 1986
Upchurch, Dewey Dewitt (Sr.); b. (May 08)1898 d. (Sep 27)1979, (s/o Calvin Altonia Upchurch)
Upchurch, Elsie L.; b. (Jun 13)1900 d. (Jan)1970, w/o Dewey Dewitt Upchurch Sr.
Upchurch, Grace G. (Scott); b. (Jan 14)1923 d. (Feb 03)2002, w/o Dewey Dewitt Upchurch Jr., (d/o T. D. Scott)
Upchurch, Grace M.; b. (Jul 09)1926 d. (Jun 19)2005, w/o William J. Upchurch
Upchurch, Richard A. "Rick"; b. Aug 07, 1946 d. Feb 02, 1996, (s/o Dewey Dewitt Upchurch, Jr.), "U. S. Marine Corps Symbol."
Upchurch, William J.; b. (Aug 03)1929 d. (Feb)1975
Van Hooser, Estelle Worley "Dodie."; b. Jun 22, 1919 d. Sep 09, 2000, w/o Hershal Audrey Van Hooser
Van Hooser, Hershal Audrey "Pop."; b. Nov 26, 1906 d. Sep 03, 2000
Vann, Daniel (William); b. Jul 04, 1925 d. Nov 22, 1985
Vann, Dorothy (Mae Harper); b. (Mar 19)1926 d. (Sep 17, 2010), w/o Daniel William Vann
Vaughan, Curt L.; b. 1905 d. 1981, "Always Loved."
Vaughan, Laura Mae (Johnston) "Nanny"; b. (Mar 14)1916 d. (Aug 02)2007, w/o Curt L. Vaughan, (married Apr 20, 1940, Fort Scott, KS), (d/o Albert Johnston), (Native of Oklahoma), (Career as Educator), "Eastern Star Symbol."
Venable, Aaron; b. Oct 16, 1917 d. Oct 19, 1988, Chief Master Sergeant, U. S. Air Force, WWII, "Loving Husband, Daddy and Granddaddy.", "The Lord is my Shepherd."
Venable, Myrtle B.; b. Jan 16, 1929 d. Nov 08, 2003, w/o Aaron Venable, "Loving Wife, Mother and Goggie."
Wade, James D.; b. Sep 22, 1904 d. Feb 09, 1988
Wade, Stella C.; b. May 31, 1906 d. Dec 28, 1998, w/o James D. Wade
Waldrop, Bennie Joy; b. Feb 29, 1928 d. Sep 22, 1991
Waldrop, Hardie D.; b. (Feb 08)1901 d. (Aug 07)1998, (s/o Simeon Newton Waldrop)
Waldrop, Myrtle (Jane Cofer); b. (Oct 29)1906 d. (Dec 31)1989, w/o Hardie D. Waldrop, (married Aug 31, 1924, Chilton County, AL), (d/o Harvey G. Cofer)
Walker, Bobby H.; b. Oct 30, 1935 d. Dec 05, 2006
Walker, Mildred Brinson Pridmore; b. Dec 31, 1918 d. May 31, 1997, w/o (1) Howard L. Pridmore and (2) Carl V. Walker, (d/o Robert C. Brinson)
Walker, Shirley J.; b. Apr 06, 1942 d. (living), w/o Bobby H. Walker
Walker, Twins; (no dates), Infant Children of Bobby H. Walker
Wallace, Annie A. (Bell); b. (Dec 26, 1911)1912 d. (Aug 25)2005, w/o James I. Wallace, "In Loving Memory."
Wallace, Billy Ray; b. Aug 04, 1929 d. Sep 25, 2006, (s/o James I. Wallace), "Loving Husband and Father."
Wallace, Elsie F.; b. 1914 d. 1988, w/o Howard Houston Wallace
Wallace, Howard (Houston); b. (Nov 08)1902 d. (Aug 22)1962, (s/o Charles F. Wallace)
Wallace, Ione G.; b. Aug 25, 1903 d. Jul 14, 1992, w/o Joe E. Wallace
Wallace James I.; b. (Oct 14)1910 d. (Jan)1968, (s/o Sidney Wallace)
Wallace, Joe E.; b. Dec 22, 1903 d. Feb 21, 1992
Wallace, Sarah E.; b. 1905 d. 1983, w/o William B. Wallace
Wallace, William B.; b. 1905 d. 1957
Wallis, Albert (Richard); b. (Dec 28)1909 d. (Mar 22)1999, (Career with Republic Steel)
Wallis, Mittic A. (Lecroy); b. (Jun 09)1912 d. (Aug 04)1993, w/o Albert Richard Wallis
Walters, George (Wesley); b. (Aug 16)1893 d. (Oct)1985, (s/o Harrison Wesley Walters)
Walters, (Ludie) Irene (Mize); b. (May 07)1902 d. (Sep)1979, w/o George Wesley Walters, (d/o Thomas H. Mize)
Warnix, Helen Cline; b. Dec 27, 1933 d. Mar 06, 1989, "Fought the good Fight!"
Watkins, Mary C.; b. 1892 d. 1973
Watkins, Pat (Ballenger); b. Aug 25, 1941 d. Jun 09, 1999, (d/o Preston Eugene Ballenger), "In God’s Loving Care."
Watson, Clifford D.; b. Jun 08, 1933 d. Mar 18, 1978
Watson, Dora A.; b. 1876 d. 1964, "Beloved Mother."
Watson, Elsie (C. Marlin); b. (Jan 12)1917 d. (Oct 15)2001, w/o James Neil Watson, (married Jun 15, 1940, Shelby County, AL), (d/o Carroll Knox Marlin), (Career with Ingel Ironworks)
Watson, James (Neil); b. (Oct 18)1910 d. (Oct 20)1993, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Jan 15, 1943)
Watson, James (Wesley); b. Oct 04, 1877 d. Aug 01, 1966, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL), (Native of Georgia)
Watson, Jimmy G. Sr.; b. (Jan 31)1937 d. (Dec)1975
Watson, John W.; b. (Nov 17)1913 d. (Jul)1974, (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McPherson, GA on Jan 29, 1942)
Watson, Josephine E.; b. 1895 d. 1966, w/o William W. Watson
Watson, Margaret (Hathcock); b. (Aug 06)1925 d. (May 05, 1998), w/o Willard F. Watson
Watson, Mary L.; b. Apr 05, 1887 d. Jan 27, 1957, w/o James Wesley Watson
Watson, Maybelle W.; b. 1916 d. 1970, w/o John W. Watson
Watson, Paul E.; b. Jun 17, 1930 d. Sep 05, 1981, U. S. Army, Korea
Watson, Robert A.; b. May 09, 1928 d. Feb 05, 1989, U. S. Army, WWII
Watson, Willard F.; b. (Jan 29)1922 d. (Sep 24)1997, (Career with Dixie Pattern Company), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Dec 09, 1942)
Watson, William (Wesley); b. (Oct 08)1884 d. 1956, (WWI Draft Registration Card completed Sep 12, 1918 indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL)
Watts, Grace L.; b. 1908 d. 1981, w/o James P. Watts
Watts, James P.; b. 1904 d. 1980
Webb, Hailey Michelle; b. May 01, 1983 d. May 02, 1983, "Our Little Angel."
Webber, John S,; b. Aug 29, 1901 d. Nov 16, 1989
Webber, Kathleen K.; b. May 05, 1906 d. Aug 28, 1971, w/o John S. Webber
Weems, Mary L.; b. 1889 d. 1959, w/o Oscar L. Weems
Weems, Oscar L.; b. (Jul 02, 1892)1895 d. (Apr)1965, (s/o George Washington Weems), (WWI Draft Registration Card completed Jun 05, 1917 indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL, date of birth given Jul 02, 1893)
Wells, Pollie (Jean Garrett); b. (Dec 31)1907 d. (Jul 15, 1994), w/o Roy Draydon Wells, (Death date is from Social Security Death Data Base, may or may not be buried here.)
Wells, Roy (Draydon); b. (Jun 29)1910 d. (Jan 26)1984
Wesley, Clarence Elton Jr.; b. Feb 05, 1928 d. Nov 29, 2002
Wesley, Clarence Elton Sr. "Pop."; b. Jul 28, 1902 d. Apr 08, 1974
Wesley, Estelle R.; b. May 12, 1903 d. Sep 01, 1963, w/o Clarence E. Wesley, "Mom."
Wesley, Gladys H.; b. May 23, 1899 d. Jul 11, 1993, "In Loving Memory."
Wesley, Joy C.; b. Feb 27, 1927 d. May 07, 1982
White, James H. Jr.; b. (Oct 22)1911 d. (Jul)1972
White, Tommie H.; b. (Nov 11)1912 d. (Aug)1977, w/o William L. White
White, William L.; b. (Feb 07)1915 d. (Aug 30)1996
Whitley, Eloise W.; b. 1924 d. (living), w/o Thomas L. Whitley
Whitley, Lucille M.; b. 1915 d. 1973, "Our Beloved Mother."
Whitley, Roy Manley Sr.; b. Dec 14, 1920 d. Dec 15, 1983, U. S. Army, WWII
Whitley, Thomas L.; b. (Nov 05)1923 d. (Sep)1984
Whitson, Clara; b. 1905 d. (living), w/o Wilbur Vincent Whitson
Whitson, Wilbur (Vincent); b. (Jul 17, 1915) d. (Aug 11, 1986 ), (Birth and Death Dates are from Social Security Death Data Base, may not be buried here, died in North Carolina)
Wideman, Faye (Guthrie); b. 1922 d. (living), w/o Thomas Bradley Wideman, married Feb 21, 1940
Wideman, Thomas (Bradley); b. (Jan 27)1918 d. (Mar 18)1991, (s/o Andrew Jackson Wideman)
Wiggins, Bessie Lee; b. Aug 09, 1905 d. Jul 21, 2003, w/o Stephen Preston Wiggins
Wiggins, Charles Lee; b. Aug 01, 1966 d. Aug 05, 1969, "Our Little Boy."
Wiggins, Holly Leigh; b. Dec 09, 1978 d. Jan 20, 1991, "Mama’s Little Angel."
Wiggins, Stephen Preston Jr.; b. Jun 30, 1925 d. Feb 26, 1985
Wiggins, Stephen Preston Sr.; b. Jul 28, 1902 d. May 25, 1986
Williams, Andrew J.; b. Jun 28, 1900 d. Sep 05, 1995
Williams, Carmi B.; b. Feb 23, 1914 d. Dec 08, 1999, w/o Andrew J. Williams
Williams, Daniel Cullen; b. Jan 04, 1895 d. Feb 21, 1986, (s/o Wyley T. Williams), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Tallapoosa County, AL)
Williams, Katie R.; b. 1887 d. 1970
Williams, Naddie; b. Oct 19, 1871 d. Feb 03, 1968
Williams, Velma (Cecil Meadows); b. Jul 14, 1895 d. Jan 30, 1987, w/o Daniel Cullen Williams
Williamson, Rosa Lee; b. (Jun 11)1896 d. (Jun)1979, w/o William Washington Williamson
Williamson, William (Washington); b. (Mar 18)1886 d. (Jan)1969, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Cleburne County, AL)
Wilson, Roberta M.; b. (Jul 02, 1891)1890 d. (Mar)1970
Witherington, Josephine D.; b. Mar 05, 1905 d. Nov 24, 1988
Womble, Sandra (Ballman) "Sandy"; b. Sep 05, 1952 d. Jun 01, 2002, (d/o Howard Ballman)
Wood, Elizabeth K.; b. 1911 d. 1981
Wood, Geraldine R. (Fahr); b. Aug 20, 1918 d. Feb 16, 2008, w/o Marion E. Wood, (d/o Harold Fahr), (Native of Ohio)
Wood, Herbert L. Jr.; b. (Jul 18)1905 d. (Oct 06)1990, Corporal, U. S. Army, WWII
Wood, Jack P.; b. May 13, 1924 d. Mar 05, 1998, Staff Sergeant, U. S. Army Air Corps, WWII
Wood, Laura Cobb; b. 1909 d. 1971, "Faith, Hope, Love."
Wood, Marion E.; b. Aug 09, 1908 d. Dec 12, 2001
Wood, Nola (Perkins); b. (Jan 22)1895 d. (May 17)1978, w/o Veto Cleveland Wood, (married Mar 22, 1916), (d/o George Henry Perkins)
Wood, (Veto Cleveland) "V. C."; b. (Nov 28)1893 d. (Jul)1984, (s/o Calvin Monroe Wood), (Career as Druggist), (WWI Draft Registration Card completed Jun 05, 1917 indicates that he resided in Jefferson County, AL, last name used Woods, date of birth given Nov 29, 1893), "Masonic Symbol."
Woodard, Louise H.; b. Nov 01, 1906 d. Sep 20, 2004, w/o William L. Woodard Sr.
Woodard, William L. Sr.; b. May 25, 1902 d. Aug 29, 1958
Woodham, Gaudrey (Dean); b. Dec 12, 1926 d. Mar 30, 2007, (s/o Virgil Leland Woodham), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Mar 23, 1945), "Gone But Not Forgotten."
Woodham, Rickey (Dean); b. Aug 03, 1954 d. Nov 23, 1973, (s/o Gaudrey Dean Woodham), "Asleep in Jesus."
Wordell, Allie H.; b. Jun 10, 1910 d. Jan 01, 2000
Worthington, Beverly M.; b. Feb 16, 1922 d. Jun 04, 1998
Wright, Arah C. (Williams); b. Mar 04, 1894 d. Jul 21, 1977, w/o James Enoch Wright
Wright, James Enoch; b. Dec 31, 1888 d. Aug 02, 1983, (WWI Draft Registration Card completed Jun 05, 1917 indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL)
Wright, Lillian E.; b. (Jun 26)1898 d. (Apr)1981, w/o Otis Wright
Wright, Otis; b. (Feb 28)1899 d. (Mar)1981, (WWI Draft Registration Card completed Jun 05, 1917 indicates he resided in Jefferson County, AL)
Wynn, Ben F.; b. Sep 11, 1926 d. Jul 08, 2000, Fireman First Class, U. S. Navy, WWII
Wynn, Ernest V.; b. 1899 d. 1976
Wynn, Glenn T.; b. Oct 19, 1925 d. Aug 24, 2008, Technician Fifth Grade, U. S. Army, WWII
Wynn, Jennie Z.; b. 1905 d. 1992, w/o Ernest V. Wynn
Yarbrough, James Robert; b. Nov 27, 1922 d. Dec 09, 2006, (Storekeeper Third Class/Coxswain, Ser. 605-43-83, U. S. Navy, WWII, (Career as Sheet Metal Worker)
Yarbrough, Nellie Mae; b. Oct 20, 1926 d. (living), w/o James Robert Yarbrough, married Dec 26, 1946
Yates, Clarence E.; b. (Sep 29, 1896)1897 d. (Jan)1964
Yates, Kathryn D.; b. 1897 d. 1975, w/o Clarence E. Yates
Young, Donald M.; b. Feb 01, 1917 d. Apr 26, 2007, (Career with Alabama By Products)
Young, Lucille Y.; b. Mar 09, 1917 d. (living), w/o Donald M. Young
Zaretki, (Carl) Haywood; b. Jun 26, 1914 d. Aug 31, 1968, (s/o John Zaretki), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort McClellan, AL on Mar 13, 1943)
Zaretki, Lillie Mae (Creswell); b. Oct 17, 1914 d. Mar 19, 2000, w/o Carl Haywood Zaretki, (d/o Andy E. Creswell)
Zarzaur, Ruby W.(Lowery); b. Oct 14, 1927 d. Aug 14, 2003, "Momma and Siti."
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