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Maple Lawn Cemetery (A-F)
350 W Jackson Blvd
Jonesborough Tennessee 37659 Show map

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Maple Lawn Cemetery is located at 350 W Jackson Boulevard in Jonesborough, Washington County, TN. Jackson Boulevard is also known as U. S. Highway 11E or the Jonesborough Bypass. Although the sign at the cemetery indicates that the cemetery was established in 1882, Ellen Keebler appears to be the first burial there in 1880. There may have been earlier burials and there may have been some memorials lost over the years.

This cemetery is of particular interest to me because my parents, paternal grand-parents and a sister are buried here. Numerous other relatives on my fathers side of the family are also interred here as well as many childhood friends and classmates. The cemetery is unfenced and well maintained. It is located adjacent to the County Sheriff’s Office and Jail which combined with the presence of the Police Department, discourages vandalism.

Information within "quotation marks" has been taken from the memorial itself. Information within (parentheses) has been provided by the transcriber. While due diligence has been used in preparing this information and this document, some mistakes may occur. I have decided to not place the date of birth in this transcription of persons who are still living because of the danger of identity theft. I will update this information periodically. If your information conflicts with mine please notify me and I will attempt to reconcile the matter. My hope is to provide an accurate transcription that can be relied upon by historians and genealogists. The following abbreviations are utilized in preparing this document:

s/o (son of), d/o (daughter of), w/o (wife of)

The Jonesborough Veteran’s Memorial was recently established to honor Washington County military veterans by allowing citizens to place a granite block into the walkway of a Memorial which would provide the name of the individual and the unit in which they served. A decision was made to exclude Confederate Veterans. As one can imagine, it caused no minor stir among the descendants of our honored Confederate dead, myself being one of those descendants. Ironically, this cemetery and those buried in it exhibit the tolerance that President Andrew Johnson hoped for at the end of that conflict. Of primary import in this regard is Amanda Jane Hall. She was widowed in the Civil War when her husband Captain Mark Montgomery Pritchett died while serving in the Confederate 60th Tennessee Mounted Infantry. She would later marry Albert F. Brown. Brown served as a Private in the Union’s 6th Tennessee Infantry. William T. Pritchett, son of Mark Montgomery Pritchett, served in the 8th Tennessee Cavalry, also a Union regiment. The State of Tennessee was the most conflicted of the states when it came to the Civil War but not quite as conflicted as the Memorial Committee in Jonesborough. A recent change at the Memorial allows the placement of blocks honoring Civil War veterans of the North and South. No unit designation is allowed on the block to indicate which side they served on.

While there are some enlistment records available for the U. S. Army and the U. S. Army Air Corps, no such records are available for the Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and the Merchant Marines. As a result, some buried in this cemetery could have served in these military organizations but unless that service is indicated on the Memorial Stone itself, we have no information concerning their service. Some muster information from Naval Ships is available but this information often does not contain enough personal identifiers to absolutely identify the person involved. Military service information may also be gleaned from obituaries. WWII service dates may also come into question depending on the date of birth of the individual involved. Some mistakenly believe that WWII ended in 1945 with the surrender of Japanese forces in Tokyo Bay, however, hostilities were declared at an end in Europe by President Harry Truman on Dec 13, 1946.

As far as Civil War service is concerned, the online data base of the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System, National Park Service, has a pretty good track record on accuracy of enlistment information. The State of North Carolina has the best individual records of those who served in North Carolina units during the Civil War. These 17 volumes can be found in the local history section of most libraries.

In summation, be aware that there are a number of names which may indicate the same family line but spell their surname slightly different. Some examples are Arrowood, Arwood, Barnett, Barnette, Carder, Carter, Clark, Clarke, Daniel, Daniels, Dickson, Dickeson, Dickison, Fleman, Fleeman, Gresham, Grisham, Harshbarger, Hashbarger, Keeble, Keebler, Mathes, Mathis, Neas, Nease, Percell, Persell, Purcell, Salts, Saltz, Schucraft, Shucraft, Stewart, Stuart, Silver, Silvers, Spitser, Spitzer.

This cemetery transcription was completed on Veteran’s Day, 2009. It is a true and accurate transcription of all readable stones in the cemetery. It will be updated periodically to reflect any new information.

-Carl W. Dykes
Jonesboro High School, Class of 1963
Trussville, Alabama

Aiken, James Matthew; b. Mar 11, 1908 d. Nov 29, 1990, (s/o John Chapman Aiken)
Aiken, John Chapman; b. Feb 23, 1847 d. Dec 17, 1918, "Confederate Veteran, J. P. Lynches Battery Artillery", (Note: Enlisted in this unit on Oct 17, 1864. Captain John P. Lynch commanded this unit which had been captured during the siege of Vicksburg, MS in the summer of 1863. The unit reformed after an exchange of prisoners and thereafter operated in Southwest Virginia as a unit of the Department of East Tennessee)
Aiken, Mary Lou; b. 1871 d. 1943, (w/o John Chapman Aiken)
Aker, Emma T.; b. Nov 05, 1888 d. Aug 31, 1965, (w/o P. S. Aker), "Gone but not forgotten"
Aker, P. S.; b. Apr 24, 1888 d. Oct 19, 1973, (Native of Virginia), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Smythe County, VA)
Alexander, Howard Wayne Sr.; b. May 25, 1925 d. Aug 21, 1996, (s/o Fennell Alexander), "U. S. Navy, WWII"
Alexander, Jeanne Anne Taylor "E"; b. Jun 20, 1928 d. Apr 24, 2006, (w/o Howard Wayne Alexander Sr.)
Allen, Fornada "Nada"; b. (living) d. (living)
Allen, Jimmy; b. 1962 d. 2002, (Funeral Home Marker)
Allen, Randall Scott "Randy"; b. Aug 13, 1963 d. Oct 06, 1985, "Son"
Allison, Archibald Chester; b. May 22, 1843 d. Feb 22, 1908, "Co. D, 8th Tennessee Cavalry, (Union Forces, Civil War)"
Allison, Jessie Chester; b. Jul 25, 1852 d. Jan 22, 1933, (w/o Archibald Chester Allison)
Allison, Mary Shafer; b. Oct 07, 1897 d. Dec 05, 1980, (w/o William Chester Allison)
Allison, William Chester; b. Sep 22, 1896 d. Aug 04, 1962, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Washington County, TN), (U. S. Army, WWI)
Ambrose, Dorothy M. (Blankenship); b. (living) d. (living), (w/o William Dosson Ambrose Jr.), "Together Forever"
Ambrose, William (Dosson) ("Dubb") Jr.; b. Sep 03, 1928 d. Oct 30, 2005, (s/o William Dosson Ambrose Sr.)
Anderson, (Eliza Everton) "Eva" Mason; b. (Aug 15), 1856 d. (Oct 16), 1920, (w/o Samuel Henry Anderson), (d/o Archibald Green Mason), (Her parents are buried at Old Jonesboro Cemetery)
Anderson, George Francis; b. (Oct 18), 1904 d. (Nov 08), 1966, (s/o Henry L. Anderson)
Anderson, Henry L.; b. (Jul 27), 1873 d. (Jan 01), 1937, (U. S. Army, WWI), "Masonic Symbol""
Anderson, James Henry; b. (Jun 06), 1877 d. 1957, (s/o Samuel Henry Anderson), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Washington County, TN)
Anderson, (Charlotte Marie) Mary McPherson; b. (Dec 31), 1880 d. (Jan 06), 1966, (w/o Henry L. Anderson, married Nov 10, 1902, Washington County, TN), (d/o James Allen McPherson)
Anderson, Rachel Anita; b. 1880 d. 1915, (d/o Samuel Henry Anderson)
Anderson, Samuel (Henry); b. (Nov 15), 1849 d. (Oct 10), 1899, (s/o Henry Anderson), "He giveth His beloved sleep"
Arrants, Bertha Helena Depew; b. Feb 08, 1886 d. Sep 10, 1970, (w/o William Harmon Arrants, married Jun 04, 1905, Washington County, TN), (d/o Hugh Johnson Depew)
Arrants, Grace (Gertrude); b. Sep 10, 1919 d. Sep 23, 1923, (d/o William Harmon Arrants)
Arrants, William Harmon; b. May 06, 1875 d. Apr 27, 1928, (s/o Richard J. Arrants)
Arrowood, Reecie (Tipton); b. Jul 11, 1912 d. Aug 29, 2003, (w/o Theodore Roosevelt Arrowood), "Wife", "Safe in the arms of Jesus"
Arrowood, CSM Theodore (Roosevelt); b. Mar 06, 1906 d. Dec 09, 1994, (s/o Samuel Arrowood), (Native of North Carolina), "Husband"
Arthur, Penny Gail; b. (Apr 02), 1970 d. 1990
Arwood, Edith F.; b. Mar 17, 1906 d. Aug 25, 2001, (w/o Thomas Arwood)
Ayers, Geneva L.; b. (living) d. (living), (w/o Junior M. Ayers)
Ayers, Junior M.; b. Sep 24, 1921 d. May 03, 1995, "Precious Lord Take My Hand"
Ayers, Sidney Rouble; b. May 04, 1947 d. May 30, 2004
Bacon, Albert P.; b. Sep 28, 1930 d. Aug 12, 1994, "Husband"
Bacon, Elleanor Delinha "Ellen" Douglas; b. Apr 25, 1825 d. Nov 15, 1892, (w/o John N. Bacon, married Oct 26, 1851, Washington County, TN), (d/o Jacob Douglas)
Bacon, John D.; b. Oct 24, 1928 d. Mar 01, 1985, (s/o William Bacon)
Bacon, John N.; b. Jul 26, 1832 d. May 22, 1895, (s/o Thomas Bacon)
Bacon, Little Guy; b. Nov 15, 1880 d. Jul 22, 1885, Aged 4 years, 8 months & 7 days", "Only child of Albert & Lida Bacon", "Our Treasure’s in Heaven", "Here rests the sweetest bud of hope that ere to human wish was giveth. God plucked it from this cruel earth, to grace with smiles the court of heaven"
Bacon, Lois A.; b. (living) d. (living), (w/o John D. Bacon), "married Sep 18, 1948"
Bacon, Louise M.; b. (living) d. (living), (w/o Albert P. Bacon), "Wife"
Bailey, Charles A.; b. Jan 12, 1893 d. May 02, 1963, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Minidoka County, ID), (U. S. Army, WWI)
Bailey, Janevieve E.; b. (living) d. (living), (w/o William Eugene Bailey)
Bailey, Ronald R.; b. (living) d. (living)
Bailey, Ruby Jane Tesnear; b. Jan 16, 1940 d. Aug 18, 1994, (w/o Ronald R. Bailey)
Bailey, Ruth N.; b. Jun 13, 1905 d. May 13, 1999
Bailey, Servilla H.; b. Jan 16, 1908 d. Aug 25, 1995, (w/o Velmer Bailey), "married Oct 12, 1931", "In Loving Memory"
Bailey, Velmer; b. Mar 19, 1902 d. Mar 24, 1997, (Native of North Carolina)
Bailey, William Eugene; b. Jan 06, 1938 d. May 10, 1997
Baines, Inez A.; b. 1910 d. 1975, "A Loving Mother", "My Master Called"
Baines, J. L.; b. (living) d. (living)
Baines, Kathryn (Louise Kyker); b. Jan 29, 1944 d. Jul 22, 2000, (w/o J. L. Baines), (d/o James Bruce Kyker)
Bair, Ada M.; b. (Aug 14), 1907 d. (May), 1979, (w/o Bose D. Bair), "Mother", "In Loving Memory"
Bair, Bose D.; b. (Sep 18), 1905 d. (Feb), 1983, "Father"
Bair, James Henry; b. Sep 10, 1907 d. Jan 30, 1965, "Tennessee, Private, U. S. Army, WWII", (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort Oglethorpe, GA on May 20, 1943)
Bair, Melinda J.; b. Jul 11, 1957 d. Jun 14, 1960, "Suffer Little Children"
Bair, Sadie Sarah; b. Dec 31, 1913 d. Nov 19, 1998, (w/o James Henry Bair)
Baird, Charles Yates; b. (living) d. (living)
Baird, Sue Garst; b. Sep 17, 1943 d. Mar 06, 2008, (w/o Charles Yates Baird), (d/o Earl D. Garst), "In Loving Memory", (Class of 1961, Jonesboro High School)
Ball, Lana Jane Bowman; b. (Aug 27, 1939) d. (Apr 05, 2006), (Funeral Home Marker), (w/o (1) Bob Arrowood, (2) William Dana Bowman Sr., (3) A. J. Ball), (d/o Vernon L. Hilbert), "My beloved Mother, I will always miss you."
Barbre, David K.; b. Dec 20, 1879 d. Feb 11, 1966, "A Loving Father"
Barker, Daniel Lee; b. Jul 16, 1983 d. Nov 29, 2001, "In God’s Care"
Barkley, Benjamin (Orville Sr.); b. Feb 23, 1880 d. Jan 07, 1964, (s/o Samuel Keebler Barkley Sr.), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Washington County, TN)
Barkley, Benjamin (Orville Jr.); b. Sep 07, 1910 d. Apr 03, 1951, (s/o Benjamin Orville Barkley Sr.)
Barkley, Blanche (Jane); b. 1853 d. 1917, (d/o William Shields Barkley)
Barkley, James (Madison); b. (Jun 02), 1839 d. (Jul 07), 1914, (s/o William Shields Barkley), (Co. D, 63rd Tennessee Infantry, (Fain’s Infantry), Confederate Forces)
Barkley, Lottie Butler; b. Oct 13, 1881 d. Aug 16, 1948, (w/o Benjamin Orville Barkley Sr.)
Barkley, Nova (Orlena Haws); b. (Dec 28), 1912 d. (Nov 29), 2003, (w/o Benjamin Orville Barkley Jr.), (d/o James Roy Haws), (Educator, Sullivan County TN School System)
Barnett, Emma V. Gibbs; b. Dec 06, 1899 d. May 16, 1980, (w/o William M. Barnett)
Barnett, Hyder Gibbs; b. Mar 17, 1925 d. Dec 01, 2000
Barnett, H. Mark Elliott; b. & d. Dec 24, 1964, "Infant"
Barnett, Mary Elizabeth; b. Aug 23, 1931 d. Aug 09, 2001, (w/o Hyder Gibbs Barnett), "Love Lives On"
Barnett, Nancy (Sue) Melton; b. Dec 17, 1880 d. Aug 08, 1969, (w/o Ezekiel Barnett), (d/o David Melton), (Native of North Carolina)
Barnett, William M.; b. 1900 d. 1965, (s/o David Barnett), "Gone Home"
Barnett, (Ezekiel) "Zeak"; b. May 01, 1880 d. May 20, 1963, (s/o Joseph William Barnett), (Native of North Carolina)
Barnette, Ernest G.; b. Apr 05, 1909 d. Feb 25, 2006, (s/o Ezekiel Barnett)
Barron, Clyde Walter Sr.; b. Sep 16, 1923 d. Jan 17, 1981, "Together Forever", "U. S. Army, WWII"
Barron, Glenna M.; b. (living) d. (living), (w/o Clyde Walter Barron Sr.)
Baskett, Edith V.; b. Jun 24, 1904 d. Aug 25, 1969, "Free from pain and troubles now at rest with Jesus"
Baudinot, Jeffrey Allan; b. May 10, 1964 d. Dec 02, 1967, "Our Little Pedro"
Bayless, Nellie (Clairs) Smith; b. Aug 21, 1872 d. May 23, 1908, (w/o Luke Edward Bayless, married Jul 20, 1892 at Cherokee County, NC)
Bayless, Paul; b. 1893 d. 1931
Beard, Annie Mae; b. May 09, 1875 d. Jan 21, 1968
Beard, Mary Lillian; b. Sep 20, 1902 d. Sep 09, 1971
Beard, Mattie (Carson Duncan); b. (Feb 28), 1888 d. (Jun), 1979, (w/o Samuel Clemmons Beard Sr.)
Beard, Nancy Louise; b. Jun 27, 1900 d. Mar 20, 1996
Beard, Samuel (Clemmons) Jr.; b. Jul 29, 1915 d. Jun 16, 1948
Beard, Rev. Samuel (Clemmons) Sr.; b. Sep 01, 1886 d. Dec 12, 1959, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Smythe County, VA)
Bearfield, Ethel Jane; b. Apr 05, 1902 d. Mar 20, 2000, (w/o James Madison Bearfield)
Bearfield, James Madison; b. Mar 31, 1882 d. Jun 14, 1974
Beckett, Alvin; b. Apr 26, 1899 d. Jun 02, 1983, (s/o Charles William Beckett), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Washington County, TN)
Beckett, Camille Butler; b. Jun 11, 1900 d. Nov 19, 1982, (w/o Alvin Beckett)
Beckett, Eli Rufus; b. Jan 25, 1854 d. Feb 25, 1931, (s/o James Mordicai Beckett), (Native of Virginia)
Beckett, James (Alfred); b. Oct 04, 1862 d. May 09, 1953, (s/o James Mordicai Beckett), (Native of Virginia)
Beckett, Julia (Nora Swanner); b. Sep 26, 1874 d. Jan 31, 1954, (w/o James Alfred Beckett, married May 20, 1889, Washington County, TN)
Beil, Mary Stuart; b. (Feb 25), 1946 d. (Jul 04), 2007, (d/o Robert J. Beil), "Granddaughter""
Bennett, Charles (Marion); b. Dec 03, 1896 d. Oct 11, 1974, (s/o Marion Shell Bennett), "Seaman Second Class, U. S. Navy"
Bennett, Eula Dunn; b. Nov 02, 1906 d. Jul 02, 1982
Bennett, Luster Tranum; b. Jul 28, 1908 d. Feb 13, 1995
Berry, Harold Dean; b. Apr 20, 1935 d. Feb 27, 1994, "U. S. Navy, Korea"
Berry, Margie; b. (Apr 22), 1937 d. (Jun 30), 2003, (Funeral Home Marker)
Berry, Robert Lee; b. (May 15), 1941 d. (Dec 01), 2002
Blagg, Maude E.; b. (Jan 10), 1913 d. (Dec 22, 1989) 1990, (w/o William L. Blagg), "wed Jul 20, 1932"
Blagg, William L.; b. (Mar 03), 1905 d. (Dec 14), 1988
Blair, Donald Boyd; b. Oct 21, 1947 d. Jul 27, 1966, (Class of 1966, Jonesboro High School), (Accidentally drowned at Buddies Beach)
Blair, Dorothy Louise; b. Feb 19, 1927 d. Nov 02, 1985, (w/o Frederick B. Blair), (d/o George Washington Whitaker)
Blair, Frederick B.; b. Jul 19, 1903 d. Feb 04, 1979
Blair, George F.; b. Dec 21, 1886 d. Dec 02, xxx9, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Watauga County, NC), (Native of North Carolina)
Blankenship, Nellie; b. Apr 07, 1907 d. Dec 31, 1990, (w/o Toney Blankenship), "The hours part us but they bring us together again"
Blankenship, Toney; b. May 01, 1901 d. Apr 17, 1980
Blevins, Columbia F. Jones; b. 1863 d. 1944, (w/o W. H. Blevins), "Gone but not forgotten"
Blevins, Dora Alice Traver; b. Jul 01, 1874 d. Apr 15, 1945, "w/o James Lafayette Blevins", "Asleep in Jesus"
Blevins, Florence Ida Lyons; b. Jan 15, 1922 d. Sep 14, 1999, "In Loving Memory"
Blevins, James Lafayette; b. Jun 07, 1864 d. Apr 26, 1946, "Gone but not forgotten"
Blevins, John Henry; b. Apr 13, 1902 d. May 10, 1981, "We shall rise"
Blevins, Mary Alice; b. Mar 16, 1907 d. Jan 13, 1965, (w/o John Henry Blevins)
Blevins, Sells MD; b. Apr 18, 1920 d. Aug 06, 1967, (s/o Ira William Blevins)
Boggs, Ronald Charles; b. Aug 30, 1941 d. Dec 21, 1985, "Father", "At Peace"", "U. S. Army, Vietnam"
Boles, Daniel R.; b. Oct 06, 1913 d. Sep 05, 2004
Boles, Susie Mae; b. Apr 20, 1914 d. Nov 15, 1997, (w/o Daniel R. Boles), "married Oct 04, 1947"
Bolin, Walter Carson; b. 1878 d. 1910, (s/o W. G. Bowlin)
Booth, Jennifer Carol Boyd; b. Nov 01, 1971 d. Nov 07, 2005, "Grieve not for me, Death always comes out of season"
Bottey, Miguel A.; b. (Jan 16), 1909 d. (Oct 03), 1998, (Native of New York)
Bottey, Pura C.; b. (May 21, 1907) 1909 d. (Mar 01), 1989, (w/o Miguel A. Bottey), (Native of New York)
Bowers, Charlotte Smith (Daniel); b. (Oct 04), 1904 d. (Apr 05), 2009, (w/o Charles L. Bowers), (d/o Charles Duke Daniel), (Native of Georgia)
Bowlin, Iva McNeese; b. Aug 17, 1901 d. Feb 14, 1973, "Asleep in Jesus"
Bowman, Clyde; b. Feb 24, 1917 d. Sep 18, 2000
Bowman, Elizabeth Jane; b. Nov 27, 1892 d. May 26, 1977, (w/o George Nile Bowman Sr.)
Bowman, George Nile Sr.; b. Nov 07, 1893 d. Apr 05, 1964
Bowman, Infant; b. & d. Oct 27, 1898, "child of John H. & Jessica K. Bowman"
Bowman, Jessica Kirkpatrick; b. Apr 04, 1873 d. May 23, 1951, "beloved wife of John H. Bowman, daughter of Samuel J. & Dora Kirkpatrick", "Mother Dear"
Bowman, Lula H.; b. Jun 15, 1888 d. Mar 12, 1968
Bowman, Stanley H.; b. May 26, 1919 d. Dec 05, 1988, (s/o George Nile Bowman Sr.)
Bowman, Timothy Nile; b. Jun 12, 1959 d. Jun 14, 1959
Bowman, William Kirkpatrick; b. 1899 d. 1925, (s/o John H. Bowman)
Boyd, Ada K.; b. Sep 02, 1875 d. Feb 05, 1958
Boyd, Arthur N.; b. Apr 17, 1881 d. Jan 31, 1928, (s/o Winfield Scott Boyd), "Fatally Injured"", (Served in Company D, 4th Tennessee Volunteers, Spanish American War)
Boyd, Edmond E.; b. Jun 11, 1859 d. Aug 10, 1946
Boyd, Orpha W.; b. Mar 26, 1894 d. Jul 07, 1972
Boyd, Rebecca C. Goodin; b. May 11, 1855 d. Dec 26, 1908, (w/o Winfield Scott Boyd, married Feb 11, 1917)
Boyd, Samuel (Joseph); b. Aug 31, 1890 d. Aug 17, 1953, (s/o Winfield Scott Boyd), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Loudon, TN), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army on Mar 04, 1911)
Boyd, Winfield (Scott); b. Mar 10, 1849 d. Jul 10, 1937, (s/o John Boyd)
Bradshaw, Carlie (May Long); b. Mar 08, 1895 d. Aug 22, 1991, (w/o Neal C. Bradshaw)
Bradshaw, John Henry; b. Jul 09, 1917 d. Nov 22, 1975, (s/o Neal C. Bradshaw), "Staff Sergeant, U. S. Air Force, WWII", (Enlisted in the U. S. Army Air Corps at Roanoke, VA on Jul 26, 1941)
Bradshaw, (Neal) C.; b. Aug 16, 1897 d. Jul 22, 1977, (s/o George H. Bradshaw), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Sullivan County, TN)
Bradshaw, Oma Irene (Dixon); b. Jun 07, 1922 d. Oct 10, 2000, (w/o John Henry Bradshaw)
Brandon, Earl (Stanley); b. (Feb 06), 1902 d. (Jun 06), 1953, (s/o Andrew Jerome Brandon)
Brandon, (Olivia) "Ollie" (Delsena) Haws; b. (Oct 16), 1905 d. (Aug), 1986, (w/o Earl Stanley Brandon)
Bricker, Earline; b. (living) d. (living), (w/o Norman R. Bricker)
Bricker, Nina Margaret; b. Mar 19, 1908 d. Dec 01, 1943, (w/o Paul L. Bricker)
Bricker, Norman R.; b. Aug 20, 1936 d. Aug 06, 1993, "Precious Lord Take My Hand"
Bricker, Paul L.; b. Sep 18, 1898 d. Aug 31, 1974, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Washington County, TN, name provided on card was Paul Eugene Bricker)
Bright, Texas Marie; b. 1865 d. 1951
Britt, Barbara Sue; b. & d. Mar 07, 1941, (d/o Harry J. Britt)
Britt, Betty Lou; b. & d. Mar 07, 1941, (d/o Harry J. Britt)
Britt, Brenda R.; b. (living) d. (living)
Britt, Dorothy M.; b. Oct 07, 1910 d. Jul 07, 1984, (w/o Harry J. Britt)
Britt, Earnest; (handmade memorial, no other info)
Britt, Emma Hodge; b. May 30, 1908 d. Jul 21, 1989
Britt, Eva M.(Bright); b. (living) d. (living), (w/o J. B. Britt)
Britt, Harry J.; b. Feb 05, 1910 d. May 25, 1990
Britt, J. B.; b. Apr 28, 1936 d. Dec 27, 2003, (s/o Rufus Britt)
Britt, Rufus F.; b. (Feb 20, 1907) d. (Apr), 1977
Britton, Alice L.; b. 1863 d. 1932, (w/o Frank E. Britton Jr.)
Britton, Austin Clark; b. (Feb 03), 1866 d. (Oct 22), 1951, (s/o Theophelus P. Britton)
Britton, Fannie B.; b. 1882 d. 1958
Britton, Frank Emerson Jr.; b. Jun 25, 1893 d. May 01, 1924, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Washington County, TN)
Britton, Frank Emerson Sr.; b. Mar 07, 1859 d. Jan 24, 1941, (s/o Theophelus P. Britton), (Native of Virginia)
Britton, Fred L.; b. Oct 28, 1892 d. Apr 05, 1979, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Manhattan, NYC, NY)
Britton, James B.; b. (Sep 28), 1940 d. (Aug), 1980, "Staff Sergeant, U. S. Air Force, Vietnam"
Britton, James N.; b. Mar 03, 1868 d. Oct 29, 1941, (s/o Theophelus P. Britton), "Father"
Britton, Mollie (Anderson Seaman); b. (Jan), 1871 d. (May 20), 1923, (w/o Austin Clark Britton), (d/o Joseph P. Seaman), (Native of Ohio)
Britton, Ralph "Bud"; b. Jan 05, 1907 d. Aug 12, 1979
Britton, (Theophelus) P.; b. Oct 27, 1835 d. Mar 13, 1904, (First Sergeant, Company C, 4th Tennessee Infantry, Union Forces, Civil War)
Britton, Verna D.; b. (living) d. (living), (w/o Ralph Britton)
Broderick, Annie Gillespie; b. 1879 d. 1954, (w/o Gus Broderick)
Broderick, Gus; b. 1856 d. 1936, (Sheriff of Washington County 1902-1904 and 1918-1920)
Brooks, Billie Gale; b. & d. 1945
Brooks, Hiram; b. (Jun 12), 1890 d. (Feb 28), 1949, (s/o James Monroe Brooks), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Hawkins County, TN)
Brooks, Maude Ellen (Vermillion); b. (Oct 04), 1908 d. (Sep 17), 1986, (w/o Hiram Brooks, married Mar 06, 1930)
Brooks, Norah B.; b. Dec 17, 1888 d. Mar 13, 1922, (w/o P. N. Brooks)
Brooks, Paul Ray; b. Jul 21, 1937 d. May 02, 1997, "Private First Class, U. S. Army"
Brown, (Albert) F.; b. Jun 20, 1838 d. May 12, 1910, (Private, Company G, 6th Tennessee Infantry, Union Forces, Civil War), (Native of Virginia), "Saviour Lead Me""
Brown, Amanda (Jane Hall Pritchett); b. May 22, 1828 d. Aug 16, 1917, (w/o (1) Mark Montgomery Pritchett and (2) Albert F. Brown), (d/o Archibald Hall), "Saviour Led Me"
Brown, Charlie; (no dates)
Brown, George A.; b. Aug 08, 1877 d. Mar 14, 1945
Brown, Ida; (no dates)
Brown, Irene W.; b. (Oct 17, 1922) d. (May), 1994
Brown, (Robert) C.; b. Aug 10, 1835 d. Jun 12, 1911, (s/o John M. Brown), "Captain, born Bedford, VA"
Brown, Sudie Hodges; b. Nov 14, 1886 d. Oct 15, 1977, (w/o George A. Brown)
Broyles, Adam Painter; b. Apr 11, 1850 d. Jan 02, 1921, (s/o Jesse Broyles)
Broyles, David (Lafayette); b. (Mar 09), 1914 d. (Oct 12), 1980, (s/o Lola M. Broyles)
Broyles, (Frederick Erwin) "Fred"; b. Oct 30, 1883 d. Oct 13, 1966, (s/o Adam Painter Broyles)
Broyles, Hattie (Maude Vines); b. 1886 d. 1963, (w/o Lola M. Broyles)
Broyles, Lawrence (Herbert); b. Feb 13, 1895 d. Aug 30, 1997, (s/o Adam Painter Broyles), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Washington County, TN)
Broyles, Lola (Mitchell); b. 1884 d. 1940, (s/o Greene Lewis Broyles)
Broyles, Lou (Brown); b. Jan 10, 1898 d. Jan 26, 1971, (d/o Adam Painter Broyles)
Broyles, Mary Jane Seaton; b. May 15, 1856 d. Jul 12, 1937, (w/o Adam Painter Broyles, married May 13, 1875, Washington County, TN)
Broyles, Ruth (Lee Rutledge); b. (Jul 15), 1912 d. (Jan 17), 2002, (w/o David Lafayette Broyles, married Aug 15, 1937, Washington County, TN), (d/o Floyd Lilbern Rutledge), (Distinguished Educator, Administrator and Historian)
Broyles, Vina (Story); b. Feb 01, 1891 d. Apr 18, 1981, (w/o Lawrence Herbert Broyles)
Bruner, Lula; b. Feb 28, 1901 d. Jun 29, 1901
Buchanan, Gladys C.; b. Mar 31, 1935 d. Jul 01, 2010, (w/o Willard C. Buchanan), (d/o Charlie Shorter)
Buchanan, Willard C.; b. Apr 17, 1932 d. Apr 24, 2010, s/o Riley Buchanan
Bull, Blanche Margaret "Mee Maw"; b. Sep 03, 1913 d. Jul 26, 1983, (w/o William M. Bull, Jr.), "Loving Wife and Mother"
Bull, Rev. William M. Jr.; b. Jan 09, 1914 d. Jun 27, 1990, "A servant of the Lord", ""Seal of United Methodist Minister"
Burns, Claude O.; b. Nov 29, 1903 d. (May 18, 2009), (s/o Lonnie Albert Burns)
Burns, Frankie A.(Thomas); b. Jan 02, 1909 d. (Jan 16, 2003), (w/o Claude O. Burns), (d/o Lawrence Lee Thomas)
Butler, Albert; b. 1903 d. 1973, (s/o Jaswell Albert Butler)
Butler, Hattie Moore (Brummett); b. (Dec 05),1913 d. (Feb), 1990, (w/o John Hardin Butler), d/o Daniel Martin Brummett)
Butler, (Jaswell) Albert; b. Feb 25, 1862 d. Sep 03, 1917, (s/o Ira Ellis Butler)
Butler, Joel Armstrong; b. 1839 d. 1892, (Sergeant, Co. I, 63 Tennessee Infantry, (Fain’s Regiment), Confederate Forces, Civil War)
Butler, John Hardin; b. (Sep 20), 1915 d. (Jan), 1985
Butler, John Hugh "Jack"; b. (Jan 20), 1883 d. 1941, (s/o Joel Strong Butler), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided at Knox County, TN)
Butler, Kathryn; b. 1907 d. 1998, (w/o Albert Butler)
Butler, Lucinda L.; b. Jan 17, 1845 d. Feb 08, 1909, "She hath done what she could"
Butler, Lura (McPeak); b. Aug 02, 1877 d. May 15, 1968, (w/o Jaswell Albert Butler), (d/o Joshua J. McPeak)
Butler, Rose; b. 1884 d. 1947, (w/o John Hugh Butler)
Butler, Susan Ellen; b. 1842 d. 1918, (w/o Joel Strong Butler)
Byers, Frances M.; b. Nov 14, 1919 d. Aug 29, 1996, (w/o Frank J. Byers), "Loving Memories"
Byers, Frank J.; b. Jun 18, 1917 d. Jan 22, 1997
Byrd, (Abram) W.; b. 1860 d. 1941
Byrd, Clarence W.; b. 1893 d. 1926
Byrd, Emmert Earl M.D.; b. Jan 14, 1891 d. Apr 22, 1956, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Washington County, TN)
Byrd, George (A) "Doc"; b. Apr 11, 1906 d. Apr 11, 1992, , (s/o Abram W. Byrd), "Medical Symbol"
Byrd, Iva Seaton; b. Mar 07, 1905 d. Oct 24, 2000, (w/o George Byrd)
Byrd, Nannies F.; b. Feb 21, 18(7)3 d. Dec 22, 1910, (second w/o Abram W. Byrd)
Byrd, William Grant; b. 1865 d. 1934
Cabe, Andrew Edward; b. Apr 02, 1910 d. Oct 28, 1988
Cabs. Juanita Hyder; b. Jan 12, 1916 d. Oct 04, 1974, (d/o John D. Hyder)
Campbell, Albert (Montgomery); b. Jun 09, 1885 d. Aug 19, 1918, (s/o David Peter Campbell)
Campbell, Christopher Joel; b. Aug 25, 1962 d. Mar 18, 1978
Campbell, David (Lee); b. Apr 24, 1941 d. Sep 29, 2003, (s/o David Walter Campbell)
Campbell, David Michael; b. Jul 20, 1960 d. May 21, 1989
Campbell, (David) (Peter); b. Jun 16, 1863 d. Sep 03, 1934, (s/o Hiram G. Campbell)
Campbell, George R.; b. (living) d. (living), "Saved by Grace"
Campbell, George Robert; b. Apr 26, 1909 d. Aug 05, 1924, "Brother"
Campbell, Georgia (Anna) Williamson; b. Jun 04, 1867 d. Feb 09, 1924, (w/o David Peter Campbell, married Jun 22, 1884, Washington County, TN), (d/o Tinsley Rucker Williamson), "Mother"
Campbell, Helen (Julie) (Crowder); b. (living) d. (living), (w/o Kenneth E. Campbell), "Love Lives On"
Campbell, Hugh H.; b. (May 04), 1902 d. (Apr), 1970, (s/o David Peter Campbell)
Campbell, James M.; b. Sep 22, 1855 d. Jan 23, 1902, "Our Father", "In thee O God I put my trust."
Campbell, Joan A.(Jenkins); b. (living) d. (living), (w/o David Lee Campbell)
Campbell, Joseph; b. May 02, 1879 d. Dec 06, 1907, "At Rest"
Campbell, Kenneth E.; b. (Dec 07, 1933) d. (Nov 05, 2009), (s/o Charlie Campbell), (Master Chief Petty Officer, U. S. Navy)
Campbell, Lula E.; b. Jun 11, 1879 d. Oct 23, 1917, "w/o Joseph Campbell", "Gone Home"
Campbell, Mary R.; b. (living) d. (living), (w/o George R. Campbell), "Saved by Grace""
Campbell, Oddie D.; b. (Jun 03), 1906 d. (Jan 11), 2002, (w/o Hugh H. Campbell)
Canter, Harvey H.; b. (living) d. (living)
Canter, Patricia A.; b. (living) d. (living), (w/o Harvey H. Canter), "married Aug 02, 1965"
Carder, Allen (Hobart); b. Dec 20, 1915 d. Oct 22, 1999, (s/o David Nelson Carder)
Carder, David Allen; b. 1934 d. 1936, s/o Allen Hobart Carder
Carder, Edith (Belva Walker); b. Oct 08, 1917 d. Jun 20, 2013, w/o Allen Hobart Carder, d/o David Walker
Cardwell, (Jesse) (Allen) "Cap"; b. Oct 02, 1910 d. Oct 06, 1978, (s/o Joseph Allen Cardwell)
Carey, Albert (Thomas); b. Oct 13, 1874 d. Mar 19, 1948
Carey, Charles B.; b. Sep 02, 1925 d. May 01, 1945, (s/o Albert Thomas Carey), "Private First Class, 48th Tank Battalion, 14th Armored Division, Killed in Action in Hillpolding, Germany on May 01, 1945 while in the service of his country, Age 19 years, 8 months"
Carey, Lucy Morris; b. Feb 09, 1896 d. Jul 27, 1993, (w/o Albert Thomas Carey)
Carey, William David; b. Feb 16, 1928 d. Nov 08, 2004, (s/o Albert Thomas Carey), "U. S. Army, WWII", (Enlisted in the U. S. Army, Panama Canal Department, at Fort Oglethorpe, GA on Mar 13, 1946)
Carr, (Anna) Lura Mottern; b. (Sep 18), 1889 d. (Feb 20), 1920, (w/o Benjamin Harrison Carr, married Nov 16, 1914), (d/o George Crumley Mottern Sr.), "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord"
Carter, Mary (Rebecca) Saylor; b. Dec 05, 1906 d. May 08, 1990, (d/o Adam Bowman Saylor)
Cartwright, (George) Charles; b. (Sep 13), 1905 d. (Jul 03), 1988
Cartwright, Georgia K.; b. (Jun 03), 1911 d. (Apr 23), 2000, (w/o George Charles Cartwright)
Carver, Tilden F.; b. Oct 26, 1916 d. Jan 19, 1985, "Airman First Class, U. S. Air Force, WWII", (Enlisted in the U. S. Army, Panama Canal Department, at Fort Riley, Kansas on May 10, 1941), (Native of Missouri)
Cash, Clyde Alexander Sr.; b. Feb 07, 1886 d. Oct 30, 1953, (s/o David Vernon Cash), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in McMinn County, TN)
Cash, Clyde Alexander Jr.; b. May 26, 1940 d. Sep 01, 2002, (s/o Clyde Alexander Cash Sr.), "U. S. Air Force, Vietnam", "Masonic Symbol"
Cash, Rebecca Lynn; b. & d. Jun 19, 1970, (d/o James R. Cash)
Cash, Sarah A. Hensley; b. Jul 28, 1902 d. Dec 24, 1982, (w/o Clyde Alexander Cash Sr.), (d/o James Hensley)
Cash, Vivian LaNeith (Kinsey); b. (living) d. (living), (w/o Clyde Alexander Cash Jr.), "Eastern Star Symbol"
Chambers, Anna Thomas; b. Oct 31, 1883 d. May 26, 1960, (w/o Thomas Waller Chambers)
Chambers, Ralph J.; b. Mar 10, 1910 d. Mar 05, 1969, "Virginia, Technician Fourth Grade, 972 Quartermaster Service Company, WWII", (Enlisted in the U. S. Army on Jun 02, 1942 at Tazewell, VA)
Chambers, Thomas Waller; b. Mar 21, 1875 d. Jan 21, 1962, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in McDowell County, WV)
Chapell, Flora E. Misamore; b. Nov 22, 1886 d. Feb 05, 1960, (d/o Wiley Henderson Misamore), (Native of North Carolina)
Chapell, T. D.; b. Jun 08, 1893 d. Apr 18, 1962
Chase, Fannye Kate (Armstrong); b. (living) d. (living), (w/o Thomas R. Chase)
Chase, Fred B.; b. Jul 25, 1903 d. Mar 28, 1978
Chase, Kate (F. Jackson); b. Mar 01, 1908 d. Nov 21, 1984, (w/o Fred B. Chase)
Chase, (Thomas) Tom R.; b. Apr 15, 1927 d. Aug 27, 2005, (s/o Fred B. Chase), "U. S. Navy, WWII"
Clark, Cora Waites; b. Nov 22, 1902 d. Mar 07, 1984, (w/o Robert F. Clark), (d/o George A. Waites)
Clark, Frances B.; b. Feb 05, 1923 d. Jun 10, 1985, (w/o Glen G. Clark), "Precious Lord Take My Hand"
Clark, Glen G.; b. Mar 16, 1916 d. Jul 08, 1998
Clark, Herbert Ray; b. Mar 18, 1929 d. Jul 06, 1984
Clark, Paul Jr.; b. Feb 20, 1948 d. Jun 09, 1998
Clark, Paul J.; b. (Jul 17), 1923 d. (Mar), 1971, "Gone But Not Forgotten"
Clark, Pauline D.; b. (living) d. (living), (w/o Paul J. Clark)
Clark, Regina Dawn; b. & d. Apr 21, 1969, "Daughter of Paul & Pauline Clark"
Clark, Robert F.; b. Nov 22, 1892 d. Jan 12, 1977, "Gone but not forgotten"
Clouse, Herman Lester; b. (Jan 05), 1910 d. (Jul), 1986
Clouse, Mattie Smith; b. 1874 d. 1901, (w/o J. F. Clouse), (d/o John Crampton H. Smith)
Clouse, Sadie L. Keele; b. (Feb 22), 1910 d. (Jan), 1989, (w/o Herman Lester Clouse), (d/o Zack T. Keele)
Cloyd, Blanche; b. May 09, 1900 d. Feb 01, 1911, "daughter of Thomas J. & Lucinda Cloyd", "Her memory is blessed"
Cloyd, Jeri Nikole "Missy"; b. Jun 20, 1969 d. Apr 02, 1995
Cloyd, Lucinda D.; b. Dec 28, 1857 d. Jan 28, 1924, (w/o Thomas J. Cloyd)
Cloyd, Mary E.; b. 1889 d. 1957
Cloyd, Mary Evelyn; b. (living) d. (living), (w/o Ralph W. Cloyd)
Cloyd, Ralph W.; b. Apr 25, 1923 d. Sep 03, 1997
Cloyd, Thomas J.; b. Apr 16, 1857 d. Oct 31, 1931
Colley, Hunter H.; b. Oct 17, 1891 d. Dec 03, 1945, (s/o William Patton Colley Sr.), "Tennessee, Private, 155 Depot Brigade, WWI", (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Marion County, WV)
Colley, Mary M. Aistrop; b. Feb 24, 1859 d. Feb 08, 1932, (w/o William Patton Colley, Sr., married Feb 23, 1882, Washington County, VA), (Native of Virginia)
Colley, William (Patton) Jr.; b. Nov 05, 1895 d. May 17, 1945, "Seaman First Class, U. S. Navy Reserve Forces, WWI", (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Raleigh County, WV)
Colley, William Patton Sr.; b. Feb 12, 1859 d. Jan 13, 1908, (s/o James Colley), (Native of Virginia)
Collins, Charles; b. Jan 17, 1867 d. Jan 01, 1905
Collins, Datha Sue; b. Nov 27, 1947 d. Sep 04, 1993
Collins, Margaret R.; b. (Jul 11), 1948 d. (Jun 10), 1998, "At Rest"
Conner, Kelly Lynn; b. & d. Nov 15, 1977
Conner, Raymond (Gordon Sr.); b. Jul 08, 1923 d. Jul 19, 1982, "U. S. Army, WWII", (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort Oglethorpe, GA on Jan 04, 1943)
Conner, Violet (Bowman); b. (Apr 01), 1928 d. (Jan 21), 2009, (w/o Raymond G. Conner), (d/o Robert Joseph Bowman)
Coomer, Fannie Elizabeth; b. (Jun 30), 1934 d. (Nov 23), 2008, (w/o William E. Coomer), (d/o Thomas Jackson Delph), "Mom"
Coomer, Lester Earl; b. Mar 19, 1966 d. Jul 20, 1984
Coomer, William (Ed); b. (Mar 19), 1928 d. (Jun 16), 2004, (s/o Charles Coomer), "Dad", "Grandpa.., Thanks for every moment you lovingly gave to me. Beautiful precious memories, mine for eternity", (Native of Virginia)
Cooper, Dora Smith; b. 1876 d. 1936, (w/o William Andrew Cooper)
Cooper, Julian Silas; b. Apr 25, 1905 d. Oct 13, 1958, "Tennessee, Private First Class, Transportation Corps, WWII", (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort Oglethorpe, GA on Apr 09, 1943)
Cooper, Mary Nell; b. (living) d. (living), (w/o Virgil Cooper)
Cooper, Silas H. L.; b. May 28, 1867 d. Jun 14, 1921, "In Memoriam"
Cooper, Vandalia Fuqua; b. 1872 d. 1947, (w/o Silas H. L. Cooper), (d/o William M. Fuqua), (Native of Kentucky)
Cooper, Virgil; b. Jan 26, 1926 d. Dec 28, 2005, (s/o Joe Cooper), "Seaman First Class, U. S. Navy", (Native of Kentucky)
Cooper, William Andrew; b. 1869 d. 1940
Corlew, Joseph T.; b. Jul 03, 1845 d. Oct 10, 1927
Correll, Anna Belle; b. Jun 11, 1911 d. Sep 11, 1989
Correll, Bessie S.; b. Oct 06, 1876 d. Mar 17, 1967, (w/o Samuel B. Correll)
Correll, Charlie Lewis Jr.; b. (Dec 07), 1945 d. (Mar), 1990, "Beloved Son, Husband and Father"
Correll, Charlie Lewis Sr.; b. Oct 14, 1910 d. Nov 25, 1990
Correll, Daisy Rose; b. Apr 17, 1914 d. Jun 04, 1993, (w/o Charlie Lewis Correll Sr.)
Correll, Doug Eric; b. Apr 17, 1963 d. Oct 03, 1977
Correll, Ethel Haire Hunt; b. Jul 14, 1917 d. Apr 20, 2008, (w/o (1) Unknown Hunt and (2) Cecil Correll), (d/o Zeb Haire), "In God’s Care.", (Reserve Volunteer for the National Office of the American Red Cross)
Correll, John A.; b. Jun 24, 1876 d. Dec 30, 1952, "Father"
Correll, John W.; b. Jan 17, 1905 d. May 30, 1962, "Father"
Correll, Kimberly Susan; b. (living) d. (living), "In God’s Care."
Correll, Martha I.; b. Aug 24, 1911 d. Mar 16, 1993, "Daughter"
Correll, Martha W.; b. Sep 12, 1884 d. Sep 02, 1967, (w/o John A. Correll), "Mother"
Correll, Raymond White; b. Aug 18, 1920 d. Dec 13, 1970, "Tennessee, CM3, U. S. Navy, WWII"
Correll, Ronald Jerry; b. Feb 07, 1934 d. Apr 02, 2004, (s/o John Correll)
Correll, Samuel B.; b. Apr 28, 1872 d. Dec 09, 1929
Corum, Howard Ernest; b. Dec 23, 1918 d. Mar 28, 1944, "Died in the service of his country in the Pacific Area on USS Grampus, U. S. Navy", (Note: The USS Grampus, SS-207, a submarine was probably sunk by Japanese Destroyers off New Georgia, Solomon Islands on or about Mar 05, 1943) Purple Heart Medal
Corum, Rev. (Richard Ernest); b. (Mar 23), 1885 d. 1925, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Davidson County, TN), (Native of Kentucky)
Cox, Dorothy Kate; b. (living) d. (living), ( w/o Robert S. Cox)
Cox, Flora; b. May 31, 1906 d. Dec 09, 1972
Cox, John D.; b. Apr 28, 1828 d. Jan 13, 1903, "A Friend to Humanity", "As for me, I will behold thy face in righteousness. I shall be satisfied when I wake with thy likeness"
Cox, John D.; b. Sep 25, 1882 d. Aug 22, 1938, "I know that my Redeemer liveth. Let not your heart be troubled"
Cox, Robert (Steven Sr.); b. Sep 23, 1928 d. Aug 07, 1984, (s/o James J. Cox)
Cox, Robert (Steven Jr.); b. Sep 30, 1953 d. Oct 30, 2005
Cox, Virginia Bachman; b. Sep 11, 1846 d. Dec 13, 1915, (w/o John D. Cox), "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God"
Crain, Mitchell H.; b. Oct 13, 1915 d. Apr 06, 1995, "U. S. Army, WWII"
Crawford, (Anna) Maude Laws; b. May 28, 1880 d. Mar 22, 1944, (w/o John Aiken Crawford, married Jan 01, 1898, Washington County, TN), "Mother"
Crawford, Edna F.; b. Jan 01, 1899 d. Aug 05, 1972
Crawford, Georgia B.; b. Dec 11, 1922 d. Apr 17, 1968, (d/o John Aiken Crawford)
Crawford, Hazel; b. Nov 12, 1910 d. Nov 05, 1912, (d/o John Aiken Crawford)
Crawford, James Albert; b. Jul 20, 1934 d. Jan 06, 1984, "U. S. Army, Korea"
Crawford, Janice M.; b. (living) d. (living), (w/o John B. Crawford)
Crawford, John (Aiken); b. Apr 25, 1868 d. Mar 02, 1952, (s/o Hugh Aiken Crawford), "Father""
Crawford, John B.; b. (living) d. (living)
Crawford, Lucille "Lucy"; b. Nov 22, 1928 d. Sep 02, 1987
Crawford, Mary; b. Nov 07, 1900 d. May 23, 1958, (d/o John Aiken Crawford)
Crawford, Mildred (Louise); b. May 25, 1922 d. Dec 21, 1997, (w/o Ralph B. Crawford)
Crawford, (Ralph) B. "Zeke"; b. Sep 04, 1917 d. Nov 26, 1992, (s/o John Aiken Crawford)
Crawford, Robert (Aiken); b. Apr 07, 1908 d. May 22, 1987, (s/o John Aiken Crawford), "Technician Fifth Grade, U. S. Army, WWII"
Crouch, Clyde (Judson); b. (Nov 11), 1878 d. (Nov 01), 1966, (s/o Thomas Hiter Crouch), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in the District of Columbia)
Crouch, Lenore (Lena) Vines; b. (Sep 16), 1883 d. (Feb), 1982, (w/o Clyde Judson Crouch)
Crow, Rose Vines; b. Dec 13, 1891 d. Jan 19, 1973, (w/o Ben C. Vines), (w/o Unknown Crow)
Crowder, Flora (Augusta Howell); b. Jul 01, 1907 d. Dec 12, 1981, (w/o William C. Crowder), "Precious Lord Take My Hand"
Crowder, Michael W.; b. Nov 01, 1963 d. Jun 07, 1985, (s/o Tommie Lewis Crowder)
Crowder, (Ricky Lynn) "Rick"; b. 1966 d. 1992, (s/o William C. Crowder, Jr.), (Native of North Carolina), "Your soul is God’s, Your memory is mine"
Crowder, Tommie Lewis; b. 21 Mar 1942 d. 16 Aug 2014, (s/o William C. Crowder, Jr.), (Native of North Carolina), U. S. Marine Corps
Crowder, William C.; b. Oct 14, 1914 d. Jan 06, 2006, (s/o Lewis Crowder), (Native of North Carolina)
(Croyle), Gretchen Ethel; b. (Mar 13), 1918 d. (Dec 15), 2003
Crutchfield, Lillie D. Blevins; b. May 21, 1902 d. Mar 18, 1921, (w/o F. H. Crutchfield), "Remember me as you pass by. As you are now so once was I. As I am now, you must be. Prepare to die and follow me"
Cummings, (Augustus) B.; b. Jul 24, 1825 d. Apr 02, 1897, (Private, Company H, 60th North Carolina Regiment, Confederate Forces, Civil War and Private, Company B, 3rd Tennessee Regiment Cavalry, Union Forces, Civil War)
Cummings, Claude Ray; b. Jul 06, 1878 d. May 09, 1958
Cummings, James A.; b. May 30, 1875 d. Sep 25, 1950
Cummings, Jane F. Stewart; b. Mar 29, 1841 d. Aug 22, 1914, (w/o Augustus B. Cummings, married Jul 30, 1865)
Daniels, Anna B.; b. Apr 22, 1897 d. Apr 21, 1965, (w/o William C. Daniels)
Daniels, Anna D.; b. Aug 27, 1902 d. Nov 16, 2003, (w/o Ira D. Daniels)
Daniels, Barbara Frances (Daniel); b. (Nov 11), 1917 d. (Oct 25), 2004, (w/o Val Daniels), (d/o Joseph Jackson Daniel)
Daniels, Ira D.; b. Mar 25, 1895 d. May 31, 1935, (U. S. Army, WWI)
Daniels, John; b. Nov 01, 1859 d. Jul 29, 1927
Daniels, Leona Pearl; b. Sep 28, 1897 d. Jan 09, 1961, (w/o Sherman Orville Daniels), "How sweet to think of her in her new home"
Daniels, Mary E.; b. Jan 03, 1869 d. Jul 14, 1951, (w/o John Daniels), "At Rest"
Daniels, Sarah E.; b. Jun 17, 1847 d. Oct 02, 1922
Daniels, Sherman Orville; b. (Aug 07), 1900 d. (Jan), 1978, "Sergeant, U. S. Army, WWI, WWII", (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Washington County, TN)
Daniels, (Valverde) "Val"; b. (Oct 12), 1917 d. (living)
Daniels, William C.; b. Dec 17, 1892 d. Jun 17, 1981
Day, Evelyn Hughes Miller; b. Feb 27, 1926 d. Feb 26, 2007, (w/o (1) Aster Miller and (2) Norvan C. Day Sr.), (d/o Dolphus Hughes), "Have Faith In God"
Deakins, B. Louise (Crawford); b. Oct 05, 1905 d. Apr 13, 1995, (w/o Frank Deakins, married Oct 28, 1927, Washington County, TN), (d/o John Aiken Crawford)
Deakins, Bruce H.; b. Aug 07, 1911 d. Mar 31, 1976
Deakins, Charles B.; b. Mar 22, 1884 d. Nov 23, 1967, (s/o John C. Deakins)
Deakins, Dora R.; b. Jun 13, 1888 d. Apr 30, 1955, (w/o James R. Deakins)
Deakins, Frances T.; b. (living) d. (living), (w/o James Deakins Jr.), "married Dec 18, 1954"
Deakins, Rev. James Jr.; b. Aug 18, 1924 d. Feb 14, 1998
Deakins, James R.; b. Jan 03, 1886 d. Jul 23, 1974, (s/o John C. Deakins)
Deakins, (John) C.; b. 1859 d. 1924, (s/o James E. Deakins)
Deakins, (John Franklin) "Frank"; b. Oct 08, 1905 d. Apr 28, 1991
Deakins, Joe M.; b. Jul 15, 1893 d. Jun 18, 1923, (s/o John C. Deakins)
Deakins, Maydell ("Mamie"); b. Jan 06, 1912 d. Oct 07, 2002, (w/o Bruce H. Deakins), (d/o A. J. Ball), "Precious Memories"
Deakins, Robert Frank; b. Jun 12, 1929 d. Mar 28, 2001
Deakins, Sue S. Yoder; b. 1860 d. 19xx, (w/o John C. Deakins), (d/o Joseph S. Yoder), (Native of Pennsylvania)
Dearstone, Crystal Gail; b. May 30, 1978 d. Jul 31, 2000, "Beloved Daughter & Sister", "If tears could build a stairway...memories a lane...I’d walk right up to Heaven and bring you back home again"
Delph, Jackie; b. (Feb 13, 1938) d. (Dec 1986), (Native of Virginia), (funeral home marker)
Delph, James H.; b. (May 12), 1928 d. (Dec), 1985, (s/o Thomas Jackson Delph), (Native of Virginia)
Delph, Margaret Jane Gibson; b. (Oct 23, 2006) 1908 d. (Jun), 1982, (w/o Thomas Jackson Delph), (funeral home marker)
Delph, (Thomas Jackson) "Tom"; b. (Apr 20), 1897 d. (Sep 1971), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he was residing in Lee County, VA) (Native of Virginia) (funeral home marker)
Denney, (Bartus) "Bart O." (O.K.); b. Feb 07, 1920 d. Jul 27, 1978, (s/o Granville Denny), (Native of North Carolina)
Denney, Etta G. (Berry); b. Mar 08, 1923 d Oct 09, 2007, (w/o Bart O. K. Denney), (d/o Samuel L. Berry), "Precious Lord Take My Hand"
Dent, Isabella Ditty; b. 1843 d. 1933, (w/o William Dent), (Native of Pennsylvania)
Dent, William; b. 1841 d. 1905, (Native of Pennsylvania)
Denton, Beatrice F.; b. 1901 d. 1970, (w/o Paul S. Denton)
Denton, Paul S.; b. 1902 d. 1944
Denton, William P.; b. May 03, 1931 d. Mar 04, 1975
Depew, Juanita Dugger; b. 1923 d. 1968
Depew, Sarah F.; b. Aug 11, 1845 d. Feb 04, 1929, (w/o L. W. Depew), "Gone but not forgotten""
Depriest, David Ray; b. 1969 d. (May 12), 2008, (s/o Jesse R. Depriest)
Deward, Belva Dunn; b. Mar 11, 1901 d. Jul 11, 1961, (w/o James D. Dewald), (d/o Joseph "Joe" Dunn)
Deward, James D.; b. May 07, 1885 d. Oct 09, 1963
Deyton, Ann Lee; b. Nov 30, 1921 d. Dec 27, 1946
Dickson, Jessie May; b. Nov 11, 1916 d. Nov 25, 1921, "Planted on earth to bloom in heaven""
Dickson, Joann J.; b. (Apr 28), 1931 d. (Mar), 1989, (w/o Noah K. Dickson)
Dickson, Noah K.; b. (Apr 21), 1933 d. (Oct 25), 1994, "GMG1, U. S. Navy"
Dickison, Burnie R.; b. Jun 17, 1915 d. Apr 11, 1916, (s/o James Garfield Dickison)
Dickison, Ethel McNichols; b. Jun 13, 1885 d. Mar 20, 1922, (w/o James Garfield Dickison, married Dec 22, 1906, Washington County, TN), (Note: Spouse is buried at Fairview Methodist Church Cemetery, Washington County, TN)
Dickison, Joseph; b. (Oct 15), 1849 d. (Jul 10, 1928)1929
Dickison, Nora; b. & d. Jun 16, 1916, (d/o James Garfield Dickison)
Dickison, (Rebecca) Ellen (Pendergrass); b. (Apr 18), 1859 d. (Jan 28), 1948, (w/o Joseph Dickison, married Jul 24, 1878, Greene County, TN)
Dickison, Selmar E.; b. Jun 18, 1911 d. Sep 28, 1916, (d/o James Garfield Dickison), "Gone but not forgotten"
Diehl, Alice (Evelyn Stover).; b. Dec 03, 1884 d. Sep 23, 1984, (w/o William Polk Diehl Sr.), (d/o David L. Stover)
Diehl, William Polk Jr.; b. (Dec 05), 1911 d. (Jul 24), 1970, (s/o William Polk Diehl Sr.)
Diehl, William (Polk Sr.); b. (Mar 03), 1866 d. (Dec 29), 1948, (s/o Christian Henry Diehl)
Dillow, Hannah L.; b. Nov 16, 1894 d. Mar 02, 1973, (w/o Simpson Bishop Dillow), "Together Forever"
Dillow, Simpson Bishop; b. Jul 29, 1895 d. Feb 15, 1979, "Private, U. S. Army, WWI", (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Sullivan County, TN)
Dillworth, Charles E.; b. (1839) d. (after 1910), (s/o James A. Dillworth), (Native of Virginia), (Professor of Music, Jonesborough Female Academy)
Dillworth, James Oscar; b. Jul 28, 1869 d. Jun 30, 1935, (s/o Oscar Frederick Dillworth)
Dillworth, Mary (Evans) Kirkpatrick; b. Aug 15, 1850 d. Aug 31, 1915, (w/o Oscar Frederick Dillworth)
Dillworth, Oscar (Frederick); b. May 05, 1828 d. Apr 29, 1905, (Native of Virginia)
Dulaney, Miriam Fink; b. Jul 25, 1904 d. Oct 19, 1996, (w/o Richard W. Dulaney), (d/o John Mathes Fink)
Dulaney, Richard W.; b. Dec 27, 1904 d. May 15, 1972
Duncan, Blanche Eleanor; b. 1903 d. 1964, (d/o Robert M. Duncan)
Duncan, Robert K.; b. 1900 d. 1944, (s/o Robert M. Duncan)
Duncan, Robert M.; b. 1845 d. 1917, (Served as a Private and Wagoner in Company C, 1st Tennessee Infantry, Union Forces, Civil War)
Dunn, Clarence (Edward Sr.); b. 1928 d. 1991
Dunn, Clarence (Edward) Jr.; b. Feb 29, 1960 d. Mar 04, 2003, (U. S. Army)
Dunn, Mary (Joy Crowder); b. (Sep 07), 1935 d. (Jan 17), 1996, (w/o Clarence Edward Dunn Sr.), (d/o William C. Crowder, Jr.)
Dupre, Geoffrey David; b. (living) d. (living)
Dykes, Betty Jane (Tipton); b. May 23, 1929 d. Sep 01, 1992, (w/o Fred Monroe Dykes, Jr., "Junior"), (d/o A. W. Tipton)
Dykes, Fred (Monroe) Sr.; b. Oct 15, 1904 d. Feb 20, 1956, (s/o George W. Dykes)
Dykes, George (Elexander) Jr.; b. Oct 10, 1908 d. Aug 05, 1987, (s/o George W. Dykes)
Dykes, George W.; b. Feb 02, 1880 d. Jun 27, 1961, (s/o Samuel Wesley Dykes), (Note: Name was George Elexander Dykes Sr. but he always preferred George W. Dykes)
Dykes, Hilda (Lewis); b. Aug 23, 1930 d. Feb 09, 1974, (w/o Eugene Dykes, he is buried at Mountain Home National Cemetery, Johnson City, Washington County, TN)
Dykes, J. B.; b. Sep 12, 1924 d. Oct 26, 1987, "Brother", "Beyond the Sunset", (s/o James Monroe Dykes), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort Oglethorpe, GA on Mar 12, 1943)
Dykes, James L.; (only date) Apr 01, 1955, "I Pray thee Lord My Soul to Take"
Dykes, James (Monroe); b. (Jun 02), 1890 d. (Nov), 1971, (s/o Samuel Wesley Dykes), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Washington County, TN)
Dykes, Josephine (Dickson); b. (Feb 01), 1891 d. (Aug), 1981, (w/o James Monroe Dykes), (d/o Joseph J. Dickson), (Native of North Carolina), "Beyond the Sunset"
Dykes, Maggie B. Blakeley; b. Jun 20, 1880 d. Sep 30, 1960, (w/o George W. Dykes), "The Lord is my Shepherd"
Dykes, Maggie (Miller); b. Nov 28, 1906 d. Nov 05, 1982, (w/o Fred Monroe Dykes Sr.), "Thy Will Be Done"
Dykes, Pearl Ellen (Russell); b. Aug 30, 1911 d. Nov 27, 1992, (w/o George Elexander Dykes Jr.), (d/o George Russell)
Dykes, Raymond (Willie) Sr.; b Jul 17, 1911 d. Nov 20, 1984, (s/o George W. Dykes)
Dykes, (Verna) Grace Teague; b. Aug 03, 1915 d. Sep 08, 1987, (w/o Raymond Willie Dykes Sr.), (d/o Oscar Lee Teague), "Thy Kingdom Come"
Earnest, Arthur T.; b. Sep 24, 1871 d. Mar 28, 1963
Earnest, Bessie H.; b. Jun 09, 1907 d. Oct 12, 1969, (w/o Horace E. Earnest Sr.), "Wife", "We loved her so"
Earnest, Eva (Taylor) Burts; b. Jun 27, 1833 d. Jun 19, 1911, (w/o Felix Wells Earnest, married Feb 08, 1855, Washington County, TN), (d/o Joseph Lyle Burts)
Earnest, Felix (Wells); b. Sep 18, 1832 d. Oct 03, 1895, (Captain, Acting Quartermaster, Field and Staff, Confederate Forces, Civil War), (Note: Father Henry served in the War of 1812)
Earnest, Henry (Joseph); b. Aug 09, 1886 d. May 01, 1979, (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Washington County, TN)
Earnest, Horace Edward Jr.; b. Jan 13, 1926 d. Nov 13, 2007, "Sergeant, U. S. Army Air Forces, WWII", (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Camp Shelby, MS on Mar 18, 1944)
Earnest, Horace Edward Sr.; b. Apr 18, 1908 d. Mar 05, 1972, "Tennessee, CM2, U. S. Navy, WWII"
Earnest, Nelle K.; b. Dec 10, 1888 d. Mar 14, 1983, (w/o Henry Joseph Earnest)
Earnest, Tate L.; b. Mar 26, 1863 d. Nov 12, 1910, (s/o Felix Wells Earnest)
Edwards, Debra Darlene; b. Nov 14, 1965 d. Sep 21, 2003, (w/o Floyd L. Edwards), (d/o Clinton Odom), "In Loving Memory"
Elam, Jess W.; b. May 01, 1915 d. Feb 14, 1978, (s/o Arthur B. Elam), (Native of Virginia)
Elam, Willie Mae; b. Jul 15, 1923 d. (Mar), 1995, (w/o Jess W. Elam), "In Loving Memory"
Elsea, Nannie A. (Cartwright); b. Jun 03, 1844 d. Oct 12, 1906, (second w/o Mahlon S. Elsea)
Elsea, Mahlon S.; b. Sep 01, 1833 d. Dec 10, 1912, (s/o Isaac Elsea)
Epps, Edith E.; b. Jun 22, 1898 d. Aug 17, 1900, "Suffer Little Children to come unto Me""
Epps, James Haws; b. Apr 01, 1862 d. Nov 23, 1946, "s/o William W. Epps"
Epps, Martha Alice Snyder; b. Jan 22, 1867 d. Jan 17, 1945, "w/o James Haws Epps, married Jan 07, 1907"
Epps, Mary E. Hardin; b. Dec 22, 1866 d. Dec 17, 1899, "w/o James Haws Epps"
Epps, Sarah Malinda Haws; b. Nov 23, 1840 d. Mar 01, 1927, "w/o William W. Epps, married Jan 10, 1961", "d/o James Haws"
Epps, William Hardin; b. Jul 17, 1888 d. Oct 02, 1918, (s/o James Haws Epps), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Washington County, TN)
Epps, William W.; b. Sep 02, 1832 d. Aug 14, 1890, (Private, Company H, 21st Tennessee Infantry, Confederate Forces, Civil War), (Native of North Carolina)
Ervin, Ernest W.; b. Jan 27, 1900 d. Apr 06, 1975
Ervin, Sallie P.; b. May 11, 1896 d. Apr 29, 1989, (w/o Ernest W. Ervin)
Erwin, Franklin M. "Doc"; b. Sep 30, 1933 d. Mar 25, 1998, "State of Tennessee, Sergeant, U. S. Marine Corps, Korea"
Erwin, June Clark; b. (living) d. (living), (w/o Franklin M. Erwin)
Eskridge, Mary (Sevier) Dillworth; b. Jun 12, 1873 d. Jun 10, 1915, (w/o Thomas Joseph Eskridge, married Apr 06, 1893), (d/o Oscar Frederick Dillworth)
Estep, Carson A.; b. (living) d. (living)
Estep, Pansy Marie Gillin; b. Aug 16, 1943 d. Jul 22, 1988
Estep, Velma R.; b. Apr 16, 1925 d. Jul 09, 1994, (w/o Carson A. Estep)
Eutsler, Sylvia; b. Jul 27, 1897 d. Mar 13, 1981, (d/o Charley Eutsler)
Fair, Margaret (L. Waters Schucraft); b. Nov 03, 1914 d. Jun 15, 2001, (w/o (1) Niles T. Schucraft and (2) Hexie Fair), (d/o John Waters), (Native of Georgia)
Fannon, Carrie May; b. Apr 24, 1906 d. Aug 22, 1991, (w/o William E. Fannon)
Fannon, William E.; b. Jan 08, 1907 d. Sep 28, 1969
Farley, Lillian L.; b. Aug 31, 1888 d. Apr 28, 1977
Farris, Elsie V. Smith; b. Apr 06, 1908 d. Nov 26, 1981, (w/o Garvin B. Farris), "Mamma Elsie""
Farris, Col. Garvin B.; b. May 25, 1898 d. Jun 13, 1972, (s/o Samuel Kelly Farris), (Note: A veteran of WWI and WWII, Colonel Farris was a native of Kentucky and served in the 117th Infantry, 30th Division of the Army National Guard. In early 1941, he was placed in command of training new Army recruits at the hastily renovated Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Some 6,000 inductees reported to the Fort from four southern states for one year of combat training. Less than a year later our country would be at war with Japan and Germany and most of these men would see fighting in Europe, Africa and the Pacific. Five Tennessee Guardsmen from the 30th Division were awarded the Medal of Honor during WWII )
Farthing, Addie Mae; b. Dec 30, 1902 d. May 04, 1993, (w/o William L. Farthing)
Farthing, William L.; b. Mar 16, 1901 d. Jul 08, 1978
Feathers, Beulah Mae; b. Jun 27, 1922 d. Nov 14, 2003, (w/o Paul Edward Feathers), (d/o Henry David Hubbard), "married May 25, 1948"
Feathers, Paul Edward; b. May 12, 1925 d. Jul 07, 2003, (s/o John Feathers), "U. S. Navy, WWII"
February, Eliza Keen; b. 1849 d. 1929, (w/o Joseph A. February, married Dec 13, 1871), (d/o Lilbern Wilkerson Keen)
February, Joseph A.; b. (Sep 13), 1845 d. (Apr 17), 1915, (s/o Alexander Dominick February), (1st Lt., 4th Tennessee Infantry, Union Forces, Civil War), (Note: Joseph’s half brother Mordecai William February was killed in battle at the Battle of Chickamauga, GA while serving with Company B, 58th North Carolina Regiment, Confederate Forces, on Sep 20, 1863)
February, Lilburn W.; b. Feb 03, 1877 d. Mar 14, 1932, (s/o Joseph A. February)
February, Lilly Beil; b. Jul 17, 1879 d. Jan 23, 1968, (d/o Joseph A. February)
February, (Ann) Maria Sneyd; b. 1824 d. (Apr 05), 1911, (second w/o Alexander Dominick February, married Mar 26, 1844, Washington County, TN)
Fender, Larry V.; b. Jun 08, 1943 d. Jul 12, 1976, "Son", "At Rest", "Gone to be with Jesus"
Ferguson, Elizabeth Shipley; b. Nov 01, 1914 d. Sep 03, 1993, (w/o William Ferguson), (d/o Albert Shipley)
Ferguson, Fred; b. (Jun 17), 1911 d. (Dec 21), 1972, (s/o John Franklin Ferguson), "Precious Memories"
Ferguson, Ola Mae (Phillips); b. (Mar 02), 1920 d. (living), (w/o Fred Ferguson), (d/o Elroy Phillips)
Fiedler, Roxie W.; b. (May 29), 1889 d. (Aug), 1972, "Sister", (Native of Pennsylvania)
Fietz, Glenn W.; b. Feb 25, 1901 d. Jan 19, 1961, (s/o John Fietz), (Native of Ohio)
Fietz, (Mary) Haldine Lee; b. Sep 10, 1901 d. Mar 20, 1979, (w/o (1) Raymond Davis and (2) Glenn W. Fietz), (d/o William Monroe Lee)
Fine, Frank (Cleve); b. (Dec 29), 1892 d. 1953, "Father", (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he was residing in Washington County, TN)
Fine, Helen (Hankal); b. Mar 29, 1893 d. Feb 10, 1981, (w/o Kenneth Fraiser Fine)
Fine, Kenneth (Fraiser); b. Feb 15, 1886 d. Dec 06, 1952, (s/o Russell A. Fine), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Washington County, TN)
Fine, Mary Frances; b. 1927 d. 1945, (d/o Frank Cleve Fine), "Daughter"
Fine, Tisha M.; b. 1895 d. 1966, (w/o Frank Cleve Fine), "Mother"
Fink, John Mathes; b. (Sep 04), 1860 d. 1946, (s/o William Fink), (Native of Virginia)
Fink, Lena Louise; b. 1917 d. 1918, (d/o Paul Mathes Fink)
Fink, Lena (Dosser) Slemons; b. 1894 d. 1964, (w/o Paul Mathes Fink, married Oct 06, 1915, Anderson County, TN), (d/o Albert T. Slemons)
Fink, Louisa (Cabell) Marshall; b. 1863 d. 1949, (w/o John Mathes Fink), (d/o William H. Marshall)
Fink, Lucy Fleman; b. 1824 d. 1909, (w/o William Fink), (d/o Thomas Fleeman), (Native of Virginia)
Fink, Paul Mathes; b. (Jun 08), 1892 d. (Mar), 1980, (s/o John Mathes Fink), (WWI Draft Registration Card indicates he resided in Washington County, TN)
Fleenor, Ermine Farthing; b. Aug 20, 1933 d. May 03, 1991, "A devoted wife, mother and grandmother"
Fleenor, Joseph Maynard; b. (May 17), 1923 d. (Sep), 1987, "U. S. Army Air Corps", (s/o Earnest P. Fleenor), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort Oglethorpe, GA on Jan 04, 1943)
Fleenor, Mabel Gresham; b. (Jul 15), 1900 d. (Mar), 1974, (w/o Earnest P. Fleenor), "She devoted her life to her children"
Fleenor, Mary Elizabeth; b. Jun 11, 1920 d. Feb 10, 1988, (d/o Earnest P. Fleenor)
Forbes, Danny (Joe); b. Oct 16, 1946 d. Mar 24, 1974, (s/o Murphy Abraham Forbes), "SF3, U. S. Navy"
Forbes, Edith Hughes; b. Dec 16, 1915 d. Jan 07, 1990, (second w/o Murphy Abraham Forbes),
Forbes, Murphy (Abraham); b. Jul 05, 1901 d. Apr 29, 1985, (s/o John Wesley Forbes Sr.), (Native of North Carolina), (Note: His first wife Jessie Bell Hall is buried at Pinecrest Memorial Gardens, Clayton, NC)
Foster, Ann W.; b. May 30, 1911 d. Sep 05, 1983, (w/o Kyle Foster), "married May 26, 1929", "Together Forever"
Foster, (Robert) "Bob"; b. Nov 05, 1913 d. Jul 10, 1990, (s/o Henry Foster), (Enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort Oglethorpe, GA on Jun 03, 1942), (Native of North Carolina)
Foster, Edith (Marie); b. (living) d. (living), (w/o Robert Foster), (Native of North Carolina)
Foster, Kyle; b. Nov 06, 1908 d. May 19, 1972
Francis, Crockett Lee; b. (Dec 27), 1895 d. (Nov 15), 1948, (s/o Joseph A. Francis), (Native of North Carolina)
Francis, Cudger; b. Mar 29, 1905 d. Sep 30, 1953, (s/o Joseph A. Francis), (Native of North Carolina)
Francis, Ellis B.; b. Dec 05, 1893 d. Jan 27, 1952, (s/o Joseph A. Francis), (Native of North Carolina)
Francis, Emma Gladys; b. Jun 28, 1902 d. Mar 02, 1920, (d/o Joseph Noah Francis), "Age 17 Yrs, 8mos, 4ds", "Budded on earth to bloom in heaven"
Francis, Ernest; b. Oct 29, 1934 d. Apr 08, 2000
Francis, Georgie (Gouge); b. Sep 28, 1921 d. (living), (second w/o Cudger Francis, married Aug 26, 1949)
Francis, Ida M. Hart; b. Jan 17, 1888 d. Jun 24, 1971, (w/o Ellis B. Francis, married Dec 05, 1926), (d/o James G. Hart)
Francis, Ida Teague; b. (living) d. (living), (w/o Ernest Francis), (d/o William Teague), (Native of North Carolina)
Francis, Infant; (no dates), "child of E. B. Francis", (child of Ellis B. Francis)
Francis, Joseph Noah; b. Mar 27, 1863 d. Jul 31, 1945, (s/o Noah M. Francis), "Father", (Native of North Carolina)
Francis, Lois E. Larson; b. May 27, 1927 d. Jul 31, 1998, (w/o Norman C. Francis), "Married Oct 15, 1945", (d/o John O. Larson), (Native of Connecticut)
Francis, Mary Elvaira Coxie; b. May 30, 1871 d. Oct 18, 1951, (second w/o Joseph Noah Francis, married Oct 27, 1889), (d/o William Coxie), (Native of North Carolina), "Mother"
Francis, (Minnie) Amanda Lowe; b. (Feb 18), 1898 d. (Feb 27), 1934, (w/o Crockett Lee Francis, married May 29, 1920), (d/o James Alex Lowe)
Francis, Noah; b. May 01, 1907 d. Nov 06, 1950, (s/o Joseph A. Francis), (Native of North Carolina)
Francis, Norman C.; b. (living) d. (living)
Francis, Rosie Loutissue; b. Jun 23, 1899 d. Feb 04, 1932, (d/o Joseph Noah Francis), "Gone but not forgotten"
Freda, Kathleen C. Laws; b. Oct 14, 1925 d. Sep 13, 1998
Freeman, Charles Clinton; b. Mar 14, 1905 d. Nov 04, 2002, (s/o William Hamilton Freeman)
Freeman, Lela Pauline Constable; b. Sep 29, 1905 d. Mar 26, 1983, (w/o Charles Clinton Freeman), (d/o James Garfield Grissom Constable)
Fuqua, Eliza Vandalia Davis; b. May 20, 1840 d. Oct 13, 1926, "Born Norfolk, VA", (w/o William Morton Fuqua, married at Bedford County, VA on Feb 27, 1861)
Fuqua, Maie Peticolas; b. (no date) d. Jan 04, 1932, (w/o Victor Hugo Fuqua), "Born Charlotte County, VA", (Native of Virginia)
Fuqua, Dr. Victor Hugo; b. Feb 26, 1870 d. Nov 02, 1930, (s/o William Morton Fuqua), "Born Christian County, KY", (Native of Kentucky)
Fuqua, Dr. William Morton; b. Jan 16, 1838 d. Oct 18, 1906, (s/o William Armistead Fuqua), (Regimental Surgeon, Co. B, 14 Virginia Cavalry, Confederate Forces, Civil War), (Native of Virginia)
Furches, Calvin; b. Jun 18, 1928 d. Feb 03, 2007, (s/o Ira Furches), (U. S. Air Force)
Furches, Iva Jean; b. Aug 09, 1931 d. Oct 20, 1997, (w/o James W. Furches), "In Loving Memory"
Furches, James W.; b. (Jan 07), 1933 d. (Jun 21), 2008, (s/o Ira Furches), (U. S. Army)
Furches, Joseph Byrd; b. Sep 12, 1921 d. Apr 20, 2007, (s/o Charles Edward Furches), "BM1, U. S. Navy, WWII"
Furches, Mary A. Mottern; b. Sep 22, 1925 d. Nov 09, 2008, (w/o Joseph Byrd Furches), (d/o Horace Ernest Mottern)

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