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Ellard Cemetery
1751 Gadsden Highway
Birmingham Alabama 35235 Show map

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Ellard Cemetery is presently located behind 1751 Gadsden Highway, Birmingham, Alabama 32235. The cemetery adjoins Jefferson Memorial Gardens. It is fenced and well maintained. The gate is usually locked. Although this area has a Birmingham address, it is actually located in Trussville. According to Ellard descendants, this cemetery was established on March 14, 1888 by deed. Daniel J. Eastis (1861-1887) had already been buried on the property at this time according to the Ellard family. The remains of Nancy Ellard (1822-1958) were moved there at a later date from her original burial place at the Barton Farm. The Ellard Family and Barton Family are connected by marriage. I transcribed this cemetery on Jun 28, 2008. It is a complete inventory of the readable headstones in the cemetery. I have utilized various data bases to verify and amplify the information presented on the headstones. The transcriber has utilized various data bases to verify or enhance the information provided on the stones themselves. I would like to express my appreciation to the Ellard Family for the information they provided about the establishment of this cemetery. This information was updated on July 13, 2009.

-Carl W. Dykes

Armstrong, Guy Randall, "Guy", "Bo", b. Sep 04, 1980 d. Sep 30, 1982, "Runs and plays now."
Black, James Daniel, b. Jul 24, 1896 d. Nov 24, 1948, (WWI Draft Registration Cards indicate he was living in Birmingham, AL.)
Brasfield, Ann Elizabeth Ellard, b. Jan 12, 1922 d. Oct 13, 2000, w/o Raymond Lewis Brasfield, d/o Claude Montgomery Ellard
Brasfield, Raymond Lewis, b. Mar 31, 1918 d. (Nov 14, 2007) (Death date is from Social Security Death Index (SSDI), may not be buried here.)
Eastis, Annie Catherine, b. Jan 29, 1842 d. Jun 26, 1919, w/o John W. Eastis, married Jan 06, 1859, Jefferson Co., AL
Eastis, Daniel J., b. Sep 04, 1861 d. Aug 28, 1887, s/o John W. Eastis
Eastis, John W., b. Mar 12, 1837 d. Jan 30, 1906, (Co. G, 43 AL Infantry, Confederate States of America, Source: Alabama Department of Archives and History, Civil War Database.)
Eastis, William Washington, b. Oct 25, 1865 d. Dec 23, 1940, s/o John W. Eastis, "Honor above all."
Ellard, Alvin S. Ray, b. Jul 19, 1885 d. Dec 18, 1967, w/o George Gambell Ellard, married Jan 22, 1914, Jefferson Co., AL
Ellard, Claude Montgomery, b. Jul 12, 1882 d. Jan 07, 1966, "Father"
Ellard, Ellen, b. 1934 d. 1934, d/o Claude Montgomery Ellard
Ellard, Felix Jonathan, b. Mar 14, 1914 d. May 29, 1982, "Precious Lord, take my hand."
Ellard, Felix Jonathan "Earl" b. Jul 18, 1937 d. Jan 15, 1983, "The Lord is my Shepard"
Ellard, Felix Jonathan, b. Mar 17, 1855 d. Mar 18, 1912, s/o William Washington Ellard, "Father"
Ellard, George Gambell; b. Jul 11, 1887 d. Jan 08, 1963, s/o James A. Ellard
Ellard, Helen, b. 1934 d. 1934, d/o Claude Montgomery Ellard
Ellard, James A, b. Nov 27, 1849 d. Dec 30, 1904, s/o William Washington Ellard, (James married Susan Ophelia Barton, b. Aug 20, 1851 d. Feb 19, 1920, d/o George Barton)
Ellard, James Albert, b. May 21, 1926 d. Oct 28, 1994, s/o George Gambell Ellard, MOMM3, U. S. Navy, WWII, Battalion Chief, Birmingham Fire Department
Ellard, Martha Alice Russell, b. Feb 24, 1859 d. Oct 21, 1913, w/o Felix Jonathan Ellard, married 13 Nov 1874, Jefferson Co., AL, "Mother"
Ellard, Nancy Collister Montgomery, b. 1822 d. 1858, w/o William Washington Ellard, married Apr 22, 1941, Jefferson Co., AL., "Mother."
Ellard, Norma Lee, b. 1918 d. 1919, d/o Claude Montgomery Ellard
Ellard, Ora Etta Woods, b. Jun 20, 1892 d. Mar 31, 1937, w/o Claude Montgomery Ellard, "Mother"
Ellard, Robert Earl, b. Jan 06, 1924 d. Dec 27, 1944, s/o Claude Montgomery Ellard, Gunners Mate First Class, U. S. Navy, WWII, U. S. S. John Burke*, "Let not your heart be troubled, neither be afraid. St. John 14.27", "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life. St. John 14:6.
Ellard, William Washington, b. Sep 29, 1821 d. May 15, 1897, Masonic Emblem, "Father."
Gibbs, Harris F., b. Nov 28, 1880 d. Jul 29, 1936, "Absent from home, present with the Lord."
Gibbs, Nancy Alice Snider, b. Sep 24, 1884 d. Jul 15, 1938, w/o Harris F. Gibbs, d/o John Wesley Snider, "None knew thee but to love thee."
Groover, Margileene, b. Jan 23, 1905 d. Dec 07, 1918, "Gone but not forgotten.", (Spelling is best guess as stone has eroded due to elements.)
Hamlin, Mona W., b. Jul 16, 1956 d. Dec 25, 2005, " I have fought the good fight. I have finished the course. I have kept the faith. Henceforth, there is laid up for me a crown of righteous, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, shall give me at that day."
Hand, Mildred Estelle, b. May 04, 1922 d. Mar 13, 1925, "Our Darling."
Johnson, Bryant B., b. Feb 14, 1896 d. Dec 21, 1937, Alabama, Private, 360 Bakery Company, U. S. Army, WWI), (WWI Draft Registration Cards indicate he was residing in Cleburne Co., AL), "Gone but not forgotten."
Johnson, H. S., b. Jul 26, 1889 d. May 20, 1923, "Our Son.", "We will meet to part no more."
Lacey, Anna Calista, b. Mar 03, 1907 d. Jul 12, 1907, d/o John William Lacey, "A little bud of life."
Lacey, John William, b. Apr 02, 1873 d. Apr 06, 1940, s/o William Joshua Lacey
Lacey, Lola May, dates unreadable, d/o John William Lacey
Lacey, Lula B., b. Dec 02, 1910 d. Feb 16, 1998, w/o Wilmer Grey Lacey, married Jan 03, 1947, Jefferson Co., AL
Lacey, Mary Edith, b. Feb 23, 1908 d. Jul 05, 1908, d/o John William Lacey, "In heaven there is one angel more."
Lacey, Snowy Anna Ellard, b. Jan 04, 1877 d. May 16, 1965, w/o John William Lacey, married Apr 04, 1896, Jefferson Co., AL.
Lacey, Wilmer Grey, b. Jul 26, 1903 d. May 25, 1976, Private First Class, U. S. Marine Corps, WWII, "Whither thou goest I will go."
Lykes, James Dixon III, b. Oct 04, 1903 d. Sep 27, 1905
McDonald, Infant, b.&d. Jul 12, 1888, d/o N. J. McDonald
McDonald, Lucille, b. Jun 21, 1889 d. Mar 22, 1891
Noble, Richard Allen, b. Sep 09, 1953 d. Jul 24, 1994, "Cremated, Dallas, TX."
Reed, Luther R., b. Dec 20, 1914 d. Jul 09, 2001
Reed, Mae Dean, b. Mar 28, 1916 d. Oct 10, 2004, w/o Luther R. Reed
Rogers, Mark Edward, b. Jun 24, 1970 d. Sep 07, 1998, "Rest in Peace."
Rowe, Doris Montgomery Ellard, b. Oct 19, 1930 d. (Jun 26, 2007), w/o J. Harrison Rowe, "Blessed Assurance", (The death date is taken from the Social Security Death Data Base, she may or may not be buried here)
Rowe, J. Harrison, b. Feb 13, 1928 d. Mar 02, 1995, Sgt., U. S. Air Force
Snider, Aver Nell, b. Jul 07, 1924 d. Jul 27, 1973, w/o Edgar Gassaway Snider, "Rest in Peace."
Snider, Edgar Gassaway, b. Jun 03, 1915 d. Mar 17, 1978, s/o George Wesley Snider, "Rest in Peace."
Snider, Edward Wesley, b. Jun 03, 1915 d. Oct 26, 1997
Snider, George Wesley, b. Jan 03, 1881 d. Mar 19, 1954, s/o John Wesley Snider, "Father."
Snider, Harold M., b.& d. Aug 01, 1919, s/o John Wesley Snider
Snider, Harriett Malena Hames Nichols, b. Sep 27, 1881 d. Oct 15, 1940, w/o (1) Will Nichols, married Feb 18, 1905, w/o (2) George Wesley Snider, married Aug 30, 1914, Jefferson Co., AL, d/o Gassaway Hames of South Carolina, "Mother"
Snider, John Wesley, b. Dec 18, 1856 d. May 29, 1931, s/o George A. Snider
Snider, Lena E., b.&d. Jul 11, 1917, d/o John Wesley Snider
Snider, Martha Jane Eastis, b. Nov 12, 1959 d. Sep 30, 1945, d/o John W. Eastis
Snider, Martha Kelly, b. Dec 01, 1916 d. Mar 26, 2003, w/o Edward Wesley Snider
Snider, Willie Jewel Taylor, b. Mar 27, 1905 d. Dec 09, 1935, first w/o Fred Marvin Snider
Turner, Martha B. Ellard, b. Apr 22, 1845 d. Nov 14, 1915, w/o A. Jackson Turner, d/o William Washington Ellard, "Gone but not forgotten."
Whitten, Jonathan Scott, b. Jun 25, 1964 d. Aug 23, 2005, "Beloved husband, son and brother."

*(While operating in a convoy, the Liberty Ship S. S. John Burke, loaded with ammunition to supply troops in the Philippines, was hit by a Japanese suicide plane. The ship was completely destroyed from the resulting explosions. All hands were lost. There is a memorial to the crew at Fort William McKinley, Manila, The Philippines)
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